Indexing from a text file – Registry of Deeds Index Project

How to index a deed and contribute as a volunteer for the project when you have already transcribed or abstracted the memorial

Suppose you have obtained or created the following abstract of a memorial.

To convert this to our database format we use two macro files one in Word and one in Excel. The Word file and the Excel file. These files can work together with the word file writing data into the Excel file. Data may be directly entered into the Excel file without using Word file.

The process

Start by downloading the two file above into one folder. Open the Excel file (remember to enable macros) and use the red "Clear data from form" to clear the workspace. Then open the Word file (remember to enable macros).

Run the macro taht assign the macro to the key combination {shift}{Ctrl}1 where the last character id one. Do this by going to the "View" ribbon

Select view macros and then click on "aa_stup_keys" and press the run button. This will mean the macro can be invoked when you press {crtl}{shift}1

Now copy into the Word document the abstract that you have. Now select a name or other bit of text in the abstract. Then opress the key combination {crtl}{shift}1 The following menu will appear.

It tells you what you have selecte and asks what you want to do with the selected text. In the case of "Richard Brew" we click on the "add name (new line)" button. This opens an new menue:

Pressing enter or clicking on the OK button transfers the name to the a new row on the spreadsheet. Selecting other bits of information pressing the key combination allows us to build up a comple index of the names and their roles in the deed. Additional information can be copied or typed into appropriate cells of the spreadsheet. When the complete data is in the data entry sheet pressing the "Copy to database" green button will convert the data into a standard databse format for uploading. All the information I would take from this memorial is shown nbelow:

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