St Joseph's Church Records


MARRIAGES, 1799-1808


2120 S.W. 127 AVENUE

MIAMI, FL 33175


St. Joseph's Catholic Church was organized in 1732 in Philadel­phia county, Pennsylvania (now city of Philadelphia.) The first mass in Philadelphia is said to have been celebrated in 1708.

Catholics were present around Philadelphia (English, Irish and German) by 1720-30 in large enough numbers to cause Father Joseph Greaton, a Jesuit, to come from Maryland to found the church in 1732. The church was located at Willing's Alley below Fourth, and Father Greaton first served there.

The records for St. Joseph's which are abbstracted in this work were found in the Journals of the American Catholic Historical Society, Vols 1-40+ which are held in most Diocesan Headquarters in the United States.

Marriages: 1758-1786 Vol. 2 (1886) p 276 Father Farmer

1774-1776 Vol. 4 (1893) p 125

1799-1808 Vol. 20 (1909) p 22

1809-1825 Vol. 20 (1909) p 122

1826-1836 Vol. 20 (1909) p 290




Jean Sansenbaugher Morris

18 April 1983





---, Marie Ann, see ---, Sylvain, Valere

---, Mary Catharine, see COLIN, John

---, Mary Rosa, see AZOR, Coezar

---, Sylvain Valere and Marie Anne ---, with dispensation of the three banns, a renewal of marriage vows, negroes, the said mar­riage having been celebrated (maybe before some civil authority?), on Sunday, the 11the of Jan 1801 in the presence of Laudunerry (?) Jenne, Auguste Xappe, Jean Antoine de Albarrazin.

ABRAM, Peter, non-Catholic, and Anna Devir, Catholic, 7 Aug 1801; witnesses Patrick Nowlan, Hannah Rebel.


ANTHONY, Mary Ann, see FALIONE, JOhn

ARAN, John Louis Joseph, 4 Oct 1800, and Rachael North; witnesses Philip Smith, Mary Risdel, etc.

ARDLEY, Robert Alexander, 29 Oct 1800, and Mary Josephine Rosalia Gabrielle Trouve, Catholics; witnesses (signed) Kingsmill Davany, J.M. Thornane (sic Thomas?) Barbarrouve "aine" (Senior.)

ARMAIGNAC, Marie Anne Victoire, see MORIN, Pierre

ARMOUR, Sarah, see GREADY, Thomas

ASH, Elizabeth, see CORRIN, James

ASTON, Mary, see DOGHERTY, Patrick

ATKINSON, John, 3 July 1806, and Rosanna Mulhollon, Catholics; witnesses Charles Mulhollon, James Kelly and Martha Pierce.

AZOR, Coezar (sic Casear), 10 Apr 1802, and Mary Rosa ---; witnesses John Francis Joseph, Rosalind Mary and Joseph la Violet Azor.

AZOR, Coezar (sic Caesar), 16 Jan 1806, and Silvia Miller, Catho­lics; witnesses Silveri Valer (given as Silvain Valer at a later date), John Lewis, Agnete de Vernois and Mary Silvain.

BAKER, John, Catholic, 27 Apr 1803, and Margaret Kafft, non-Catholic; witnesses Francis Sevoy (?) and Abner Tucker.

BARR, Neal, 3 Oct 1803, and Sarah Dohorty (Dougherty), Catholics; witnesses Thomas Uncleson and Mary Devenny.

BARRY, Edward John, 31 Dec 1808, and Julia Anna Isabella Sarmien­ o73 to, Catholics' witnesses the Marquis and Marchioness de Casa Yrujo and Joseph Ignatius Viar. (Don Jose Viar, consul for Spain, ahd given $100 towards the building of St. Augustine's church.)

BARRY, John, 21 June 1808, Catholic, and Louisa Heyliger, non-Catholic; witnesses William Baimbridge, Samuel Cuthbert and Richard Rush.

BARRY, Margaret, see BRADY, Lawrence

BARRY, William, 29 Mar 1808, and Frances Kane, Catholics; wit­nesses Daniel Kane, Sarah Brady and Eleanor Slicken.

BASTIAN, John, 11 Feb 1806, and Antoinette Susan Michel, Catho­lics; witnesses Charlotte Sigadin, Henry Huson, etc.

BAZELY, Charles William, 9 Aug 1807, and Agnes Eliza Connor, Catholics; witnesses Alexander Philson, Anna Fuge (?), etc.

BEATY, Margaret, see MONTGOMERY, Charles

BELIZER, Joseph, 16 Feb 1801, son of Pauline Gogo and Clementine, dau of Thisbee, a colored woman, after they had pledged their mutual consent thereto, adn with authorization. Singed: Jose­phine Daumont Corraisier, Elizabeth Henderson.

BERNADEAU, Elizabeth, see MARSHALL, Alexander

BERNARD, Catharine, see FRAISSINET, John

BEST, Mary, see ROGERS, Michael

BETAGH, Elizabeth, see CROSS, Benjamin

BIRT, Margaret, see MC GOUGH, Thomas

BLAIR, Sally, see MC GLAUGHLIN, Barny

BLANCHARD, Margaret, see MONTGOMERY, Charles

BOYAD, Mary, see BYRNE, James

BOYLE, Bernard, 28 June 1800, and Anna Gibbons, Catholics; wit­nesses Jerome Sullivan and Bridget O'Donnel.

BOYLE, Hugh, 19 May 1801, and Joanna McMullen, Catholics; wit­nesses Amos (but written "Emos") Holahan, Francis Boyle and Catharine Dunlevey, etc.

BOYLE, John, 16 Nov 1807, and Catharine Galagher, Catholics; witnesses James Cambel and Eleanor Boyle.

BOYLE, Mary, see MC GILL, James


BOYLE, "Nigellus", 3 Feb 1803, and Susan Singer, Catholics; witnesses Hugh O'Neal, John Makey and Mary Scholes.

BOYLE, Philip, 4 Nov 1806, and Elizabeth Carpenter/Capenter, Catholics; witnesses John and Sarah Carpenter, John O'Brien, Anna Boyle, etc.

BOYLE, Rosanna, see LYNCH, Francis

BRADY, Charles, 1 Oct 1808, and Margaret Green, alias Mulcahy, widow, Catholics; witnesses John Queen, Philip Reily, James and Maurice Linehan, John and F. Suares.

BRADY, Lawrence, 30 Apr 1804, and Margaret Barry; witnesses John Barry, Mary Barry, etc.

BRANNAN, Anna, see RODDIN, James

BRENNA/BRENNAN?, Neale, youth, 1 Nov 1804, and Unity Furey, widow, Catholics; witness Rev. M. Egan.

BRENN(AN), Dennis, Catholic, 7 Nov 1808, and Ann Jones, non-Catholic; witnesses Daniel and Ann Fortune.

BRIEN, Peter, youth, 3 July 1803, and Mary Anna Snider, widow, Catholics; witnesses Rev. Michael Egan and Ambrose Marshal (Marechal?)

BROGAN, Margaret, see COLLINS, William

BROWN, Elizabeth, see SMITH, Patrick

BROWN, Grace, see MC CARTY, James

BROWN, Margaret, see ROSS, Samuel

BRUTON, Bridget, see MURRAY, Edmund

BRUTON, Bridget, see O'BRIEN, Lawrence


BUCK, Joanna, see KIRBY, Edward

BURK, Elizabeth, see DONNELLY, Hugh

BURN, Joseph, 14 May 1801, ratification between Joseph and Elean­or Urvin, Catholics.

BUSHAAR, "Joe", 19 Nov 1807, and Elizabeth Hunekar, Catholics; witnesses "Joe" Snider, John Means, David Edwin and "Joe" J. Dietz.

BUTLER, Michael, 4 Nov 1804, and Anna Quigley, Catholics; wit­nesses Michael Butler, Michael Quigley, James and Philip Boyle o73 and Hugh O'Neale.

BYRNE, Arthur, 9 Feb 1805, and Eleanor Gallagher, Catholics; witnesses Mary Lecher, Elizabeth Gilman and John Byrne.

BYRNE, James, 8 Dec 1801, and Catharine Dawson, Catholics; wit­nesses John Fox, Michael Feely and Hannah Byrne.

BYRNE, James, 12 Apr 1803, and Mary Boyad (Boyd), Catholics; witnesses Patrick Boyad, Thomas Gready, William Walsh, etc.

BYRNE, James, 2 July 1805, and Margaret O'Hara, Catholics; wit­nesses Isabella Carr and Joanna Stoker.

BYRNE, John, 22 Mar 1805, ratification of marriage before a non-Catholic minister of John Byrne and Hannah McKenny; witnesses Rev. M. Egan and Elizabeth Brown.

BYRNE, Margaret, see HOUGHTON, Matthew

CAIN, John, 12 May 1808, and Mary McLaughlin, Catholics; witness­es Richard William, Michael Kane, Robert Holt, John Foyer, etc.

CAKE, Paul, 14 Aug 1800, and Mary Leatherman; witnesses John Leatherman, etc.

CALLAGHAN, ---, 8 Nov 1801, and Catharine Carney, Catholics; witnesses Patrick Gorman, Michael Shannon.

CALLAGHAN, Samuel, non-Catholic, 6 Mar 1808, and Catharine McDon­nel, Catholic; witnesses John and Mary Kelly and Lawrence Brady.

CAMMEL, Anthony, 13 Apr 1803, and Catharine Doran, Catholics; witnesses Rev. Michael Egan, James Galvin.

CAMMEL, Felix, 5 Jan 1806, and Mary McSherry, Catholics; witness­es Anthony and Neal Cammel, Henry and James McSherry and James Doran.

CANNIN, James, 6 May 1805, and Rebecca Gaskin, Catholics; married privately, without witnesses.

CAPENTER/CARPENTER, Elizabeth, see BOYLE, Philip


CARLILE, Patrick, 23 May 1801, and Eleanor Mary May, blessing of the marriage, contracted before a civil magistrate.

CARNEY, "Barney", 12 June 1806 and Bridget Higgins, Catholics; witnesses Henry Convery, Thomas Brown, John Spenser and Henry McMahon.

CARNEY, Catharine, see CALLAGHAN, ---


CARR, Anna, see FITZPATRICK, Barnard

CARR, Eleanor, see MC GAURAN, James

CARR, Hugh, 16 Jan 1800 and Anna Griffin, Catholics; witnesses Thomas McGuire and Manus Fleury.

CARR, Rosa, see WARD, Hugh


CARROLL, Charles, 17 July 1800, by Rt. Rev. John Carroll, bishop of Baltimore, Charles Carroll of Maryland, and Henrietta (Harri­et?) Chew, of Philadelphia; witnesses Benjamin Chew, father of the bride, and her brother, with Mary Caton and Catharine Car­roll, sister of the Charles Carroll aforesaid. Signed: Joannes, E'pus Baltsis.

CARROLL, Patrick, 11 July 1805, and Margaret McGuire, Catholics; witnesses Michael Calaghan, Jerome and Sarah Gavin and Thomas Murphy.

CEAN, Ann, see TRACY, Edward

CHAMBON, Marie Rose, see ROUSSET, Claude

CHATAM, Anna, see CUSACK, Richard

CHAUCEREL, Francois: 10 Mar 1801, by Rev. Jean Francis Booury, at Trenton, N.J., in virtue of permission accorded by Rev. M. Carr, vicar general of the bishop of Baltimore, and after having ob­tained a dispensation of the publication of banns, Francois Pierre Marie Chaucerel, French by descent, and a resident of San Domingo, oldest son of Francois Chaucerel and Marie Magdalene Sarrebourse, and Ursule Marin, oldest daughter of Pierre Julien Narcisse Marin and his wife Marie Anne. Present Francois Denis le Febvre del la Chaussee, Joseph del la Grange witnesses for Mr. Chaucerel; Jean Baptiste Drouillard, Jacques Philipe Rossignol de Grandmont, witnesses, Mlle. Marin and many others. Signed: Boury, pretre. Then in Latin: "I, Matthew Carr, attest to the faithfulness of the instrument above."

CHEW, Henrietta, see CARROLL, Charles

CHITENAY, Charles Louis Mahy, 26 Feb 1801, son of Guido William Mahy Cormere and his wife Theresa Charpentier, and Celeste Vic­toire LeRay, daughter of Peter LeRay and Jeanne Periere Garnier, Catholics; witnesses Mary Magdalen Mahy and Madame "Domina" Rassilly. Signed: Mary Francoise de Rasilly.

CLARK, Bridget, see MC MANUS, Timothy

CLOTTE DE BARRAS, Joseph, 18 Feb 1808, and Mary Louisa Viau (Viar?), Catholics; witnesses Benjamin Viau and John Froussiant (Toussaint). o73

COLIN, John Francis, 13 Feb 1806, and Mary Catharine ---, Catho­lics; witnesses Silvain Valer, John Henry and Charlotte Michel.

COLL, Patrick, Catholic, 4 July 1804, and Margaret Curmickle (Carmichael?), non-Catholic; witnesses John and Anna Fee.

COLLINS, Catharine, see LEDLY, Anthony

COLLINS, William, 1 Dec 1804, and Margaret Brogan, Catholics; witnesses Patrick Brogan, Michael Hanlin, Philip McGuire, Philip Reily, James Dolan, Thomas Connor, etc.

CONBLANT, John, 27 Mar 1808, and Rosanna McEnnulty, Catholics; witnesses William McNemmy, Francic Sanson, Mary Norris, etc.

CONNELLY, Margaret, see DONNELLY, John

CONNELLY, Patrick, 16 June 1800, and Susan McMullen, Catholics; witnesses John McDermot, Thomas Meighan.

CONNOR, Agnes, see BAZELY, Charles

CONNOR, Millicent, see LEBLOIS, Francis

CONNOR, Peter, 26 Apr 1806, and Eleanor Davis, widow, Catholics; witnesses John and Mary Kelly, George and Sarah Dowel.

CONVERY, Henry, 19 Dec 1805, and Margaret Hagathery, Catholics; witnesses Charles Hagarty (perhaps Hagarthy meant), Barry Caney, James McAlister, James Morgan, etc.

CORRIN, James, 6 Jan 1802, and Elizabeth Ash, Catholics; witness­es Thomas Nicholson and Joanna Donnelly.

COSGROVE, Elizabeth, see DUFFEY, Peter

COTTINGER, Mary, see DUGAN, Anthony

COYLE, Henry, 22 June 1800, ratified between Henry Coyle and Bridget McGrotty, having been previously contracted before a civil magistrate on 2 Apr 1800.

COYLE, James, 4 Sep 1808, and Margaret Coyle, Catholics; witness­es William and Catharine Coyle.

COYLE, Margaret, see MOONEY, Cornelius

COYLE, Margaret, see COYLE, James

CRERAN, Margaret, see DUFFEY, George

CROSS, Benjamin, 31 Dec 1808, non-Catholic, and Elizabeth Betagh, Catholic; witnesses Margaret Montgomery, Elizabeth Cross and Margaret Betagh. A note: In these Records may be found many o73 references to the one-time celebrated musician Benjamin Cross, who was in succession to Benjamin Carr, organist and musical director of St. Augustine's church. Benjamin Cross married Mary Hurley, half-sister to Rev. Dr. Hurley, the Augustinian father in care of St. Augustine's, who died in 1837.

CURMICKLE, Margaret, see COLL, Patrick

CURREN, Ann, see DAVANY, Daniel

CURRY, Mary, see HAVLIN, Cornelius

CUSACK, Richard, widower, 2 Jan 1800, and Anna Chatam, widow; witnesses Patrick Maurissy and Catharine Bothrot.

DALE, Hannah, see HOLAHAN, David

DAVANY, Daniel, 2 Apr 1807, and Ann Curren, Catholics; witnesses William Curren, Charles Davany and Margaret O'Donnell.

DAVIS, Eleanor, see CONNOR, Peter

DAVIT, Mary, see MC CAFFERTY, James

DAWERS, Nicholas, 24 Nov 1808, and Mary Sidley, Catholics; wit­nesses Michael Saunders, Michael Hickey and Edward Dawers.

DAWSON, Catharine, see BYRNE, James

DEENY, John, 1 May 1801, ratification of the marriage of John Deeny and Casiam (?) Mary Reilly, Catholics, before a non-Catholic minister.

DE LA HUNT, Richard, 2 May 1807, and Mary McDonald, Catholics; witnesses Walter Doyle and Felix and Elizabeth McDonald.

DENEY, Daniel, 1 May 1808, and Catharine Fagan, Catholics; wit­nesses Augustus (probably Augustine) Fagan and Julia Butler. Note: "Augustus" Fagan, was, in I mistake not, a son of Nicholas Fagan, the architect who drew up the plans and superintended the building of St. Augustine's church in Philadelphia.

DE SAXY, Heremina, see D'HAUTEVAL, John

DEVENNY, Sarah, see KANE, John

DEVER, Michael, 31 Dec 1804, and Eleanor O'Donnel, alias McPha­din, widow, Catholics; witnesses Charles O'Donnel, Bernard Sweeny, James Wilkerson and Anna McPhadin.

DEVIN, William, 30 June 1800, and Sarah Currin, Catholics; wit­nesses Daniel and Mary O'Neal.

DEVIR, Anna, see ABRAM, Peter


D'HAUTEVAL, John Baptist Jules, 4 Aug 1808, and Heremina De Saxy, Catholics; witnesses Irene Laurent DeSaxy and Eliza Corry.

DOGHERTY, Anna, see MC ELROY, Michael

DOGHERTY, Eleanor, see DUFFY, James

DOGHERTY, James, 6 Dec 1805, and Mary Dogherty, Catholics; wit­nesses Jeremiah Sullivan and Timothy Corrin.

DOGHERTY, Margaret, see MC LAUGHLIN, Michael

DOGHERTY, Margaret, see SWEENY, Barney


DOGHERTY, Patric, 15 Aug 1805, and Mary Aston, Catholics; wit­nesses Catharine Colwell and Elizabeth Corry.

DOGHETY, John, 22 Oct 1803, and Susan Seiler; witnesses Matthew Byrne, Esther Thomson, etc.

DOHORTY, Sarah, see BARR, Neal

DONAGHEE, Mary, see MILES, Arthur

DONNELLY, Hugh, Catholic, 20 Jan 1803, and Elizabeth Burk/Burke, alias Sheridan, non-Catholic; witnesses Dennis O'Connor and Tullius Gallagher.

DONNELLY, John, 1 May 1806, and Margaret Connelly, widow, Catho­lics; witnesses Michael Hanlon and Catharine Calaghan.

DOOGAN/DUGAN, Patrick, 17 Mar 1808, and Hannah White, Catholics; witnesses John White, John Lynch and Mary Terry.

DOOLIN, Elizabeth, see TRACY, James

DORAN, Catharine, see CAMMEL, Anthony

DOUGHERTY, Charles, 25 June 1801, and Margaret Gallagher, Catho­lics; witnesses Michael McConomy, Thomas Tailor, Catharine Kelly, Eleanor Davis, etc.

DOUGHERTY, Esther, see MOLLOY, John

DOUGHERTY, John, 19 July 1808, and Martha Hickey, Catholics; witnesses James Doughtery and Elizabeth Clarke.

DOUGHERTY, Patrick, 30 Apr 1801, and Martha Tobin, Catholics; witnesses Charles Dougherty and Barnaby Henry.

DOUNEGHEY, Jeremiah, 10 July 1808, and Mary Renolds, Catholics; witnesses Thomas Renolds, Hugh Turney, James Magil, Francis Linch, Peter Hastings, etc. o73

DOWLING, Mary, see MC CORMICK, Philip

DOWNING, Mary, see HOLAHAN, Amos

DOYLE, John, 27 July 1803, and Dorothy Galvin, Catholics; wit­nesses Daniel McEnnulty and William McMenmey.

DOYLE, Nicholas, 25 Aug 1801, and Margret Duffy, Catholics; witnesses Nicholas Lambert and James Wickam.

DUFFEY, Anna, see MC CULFIT, James

DUFFEY, George, 2 May 1805, and Margaret Creran, otherwise McGer­sel, widow, Catholics; witnesses Stephen Finn, Francis Lambert and Elizabeth Ereghty.

DUFFEY, Peter, 28 June 1806, and Elizabeth Warner, alias Cos­grove, Catholics; witnesses Rev. M. Egan and Richard Sheridan.

DUFFY, James, 26 Sep 1800, and Catharine Freeman, Catholics; witnesses Michael Waters, John Dunleavy and many others.

DUFFY, James, 14 Apr 1805, and Eleanor Dogherty, Catholics; witnesses Michael Guigley, Hugh O'Neale and Neal Dogherty.

DUFFY, Margaret, see DOYLE, Nicholas

DUFFY, Michael, 4 June 1800, and Margery Mugleweey, Catholics; witnesses Edward and Mary Freele.

DUGAN, Anthony, 30 June 1808, and Mary Cottinger/Cottringer, Catholics; witnesses Garret Cottinger, Joseph and Anna Dugan and John Diamond.

DUMOUTET, John Baptist, 20 July 1800, and Elizabeth Kendall, Catholics; witnesses Robert Keating and Mary O'Brien.

DUNCAN, Robert, non-Catholic, 30 Oct 1804, and Susan Galagher, Catholics; witnesses Hugh O'Neale, Edward and Eleanor Boyle and Unity Galagher.

DUNLEVEY, Abigail, see FUREY, Manus

DUNN, Mary, see WHITE, Patrick

EAGAN, Thomas, 10 Apr 1806, and Juliana Smith, Catholics; wit­nesses Mary Maze, Sarah and John Brown and Eliza Eagan.

ECK, Joseph, 1 Feb 1808, and Anna Mary O'Connor, Catholics; witnesses Mary Cottinger (perhaps better Cottringer?), Anna and Anthony Dugan, John Suares (Soares?), etc.

ENDENBOURN, Sarah, see GREADY, Thomas


ENUE/ENEU, James, 12 Feb 1806, and Anna Reese/Reesse, married invalidly before a non-Catholic minister, because of difference in religion; witnesses Rev. M. Egan and Margaret Enue.

ENUE, Margaret, see HAINS, John

EVENS, Hannah, see WARD, Patrick

FAGAN, Catharine, see DENLEY, Daniel

FALIONE, John, widower, 7 Oct 1807, and Mary Ann Manuel, widow of Urban Anthony, Catholics; witnesses Peter Le Barbier Du Plessis, Peter and Anna Reinoudt, Edmund and Joanna Rouvert, etc.

FARMER, Margaret, see SWEENY, Barney

FATIO, Philip, 22 Nov 1800, and Mary Theresa LeMaigre, Catholics; witnesses Rev. George Staunton and Martha Townes.

FITZGERALD, Kearn (Kieran?), 15 Sep 1801, and Elizabeth Linard, Catholics; witnesses Margaret Linard, John McDermot, etc.

FITZPATRICK, Barnabas, 30 May 1801, and Anna Carr, Catholics; witnesses Matthew Flood, Philip McGuire, etc.

FLANIGAN, John, 20 Sep 1807, raitfication of a private marriage without witnesses between John Flanigan and Joanna Platt, Catholic, contracted before a non-Catholic minister, but invalid­ly because of difference of religion. (Apparently between the parties and the said minister.)

FLINN, Robert, 24 Dec 1805, and Mary Reily, alias Tully, widow; Catholics; witnesses William and Margaret Collins and John Park­er.

FLOOD, Hugh, 7 Apr 1801, and Eleanor Moloy, Catholics; witnesses Philip McGuire, Rosa Parkin, etc.

FOY, Elizabeth, see MC BRIDE, Michael

FRAISSINET, John Joseph, 31 July 1803, and Catharine Mages Ber­anrd, Catholics; witnesses Rev. M. Egan and Robert S. Stafford.

FREEMAN, Catharine, see DUFFY, James

FUREY, Manus, widower, 16 Sep 1804, and Abigail Dunlevey, widow, Catholics; witnesses Michael Cugley, John Dunlevey, Catharine Dun(n)levey and Catharine Cugley.

FUREY, Unity, see BRENNA, Neale

GALAGHER, Catharine, see BOYLE, John

GALAGHER, Hannah, see SHERON, Daniel


GALAGHER, Robert, 13 Mar 1805, and Margaret McGinelly, Catholics; witnesses Pat. McCafferty and Daniel Shearer and Hannah Galagher.

GALAGHER, Susan, see DUNCAN, Robert

GALLAGHER, Bernard, 25 Sep 1808, and Anna Hookey, Catholics; witnesses Anthony and Mary Hookey, Lewis Ryan and Mathew King.

GALLAGHER, Eleanor, see BYRNE, Arthur

GALLAGHER, James, 27 Dec 1801, and Sarah Lancaster, Catholics; witnesses Patrick Nowlan and Mary Sently.

GALLAGHER, Margaret, see DOUGHERTY, Charles

GALVIN, Dorothy, see DOYLE, John

GARDETTE, James, 2 Aug 1808, and Mary Zulima Carriere, Catholics; witnesses John Monges, John Dubarry, William Martin, Joanna and Isabella Rowan.

GASKIN, Rebecca, see CANNIN, James

GAUGLIN, Jeremiah, 26 Jan 1801, and Sarah Linard, Catholics; witnesses Alexander Dillon and Robert McCoy.

GEBBONS, Elizabeth, see MC GRILL, Patrick

GERNON, Richard, 3 Oct 1804, and Antoinette Youx/Goux, Catholics; witnesses Joanna Youx, Patrick Gernon, Andrew Curcier and F.L. Faures.

GETINS, Mary, see MC CULL, James

GIBBONS, Anna, see BOYLE, Bernard

GOATISCHIUS, Magdalen, see JOICE, Thomas

GOFF, Mary, see MANDERFIELD, Henry


GREADY, Thomas, Catholic, 7 June 1807, and Sarah Armour, alias Edenbourn, non-Catholic; witnesses Michael and Margaret Hickey, etc.

GREEN, Eleanor, see WRAY, George

GREEN, John Joseph, 5 Jan 1802, ratification of marriage con­tracted before a non-Catholic minister between John Green and Susan Herse, Catholics.

GREEN, Margaret, see BRADY, Charles

GREEN, Mary, see HOLAHAN, Amos o73

GREEN, Sarah, see PREMIR, Jacob

GRIFFIN, Anna, see CARR, Hugh

HA-T/HART?, John, 4 June 1805, and Eleanor Tonner, Catholics; witnesses Daniel and Mary Dogherty, Peter Harkin and Elizabeth Owens.

HAAN, Gerard, 21 June 1801, and Catharine Singerly, Catholics; witnesses Michael and Catharine Ruths.

HAGARTY/HAGERTY, Charles, 13 Feb 1804, and Anna McGinnis, Catho­lics; witnesses Anthony Cammerl and Catharine Henesy.

HAGERTY, Andrew, 31 Dec 1802, and Henna (sic, Hannah or Henriet­ta?) Tully, Catholics; witness John Dunlevy.

HAGATHERY, Margaret, see CONVERY, Henry

HAINS, John, non-Catholic, 7 Dec 1806, and Margaret Enue, Catholics; witnesses James and Margaret Enue, Frederic and Mary Hains, etc.

HARKIN, Edward, 18 July 1805, and Catharine McPhadin/McFadden?, Catholics; witnesses Patrick Gallagher, Neale Barr and Marjory Boyle.

HARKIN, Martin, 14 July 1803, and Rosa McGrooty, Catholics; witnesses Edward and Michael McGrooty, Eleanor Money, etc.

HARKIN, Martin, 18 May 1804, and Hannah Kelly, Catholics; wit­nesses Michael Kenny, Charles McGouly, Edward MeKeone, etc.

HARKINS, Roger, 28 Sep 1800 and Letitia Phinny, Catholics; wit­nesses Rev. George Staunton, Andrew Burke.

HARLEY, Catharine, see MC CLUSKY, Edward

HARVEY, Edward, 16 Nov 1803, and Elizabeth McCafferty, Catholics; witnesses Rev. M. Egan and Anna Dorsey.

HARVEY, James, 23 June 1807, and Eleanor O'Donnel, Catholics; witnesses Father Egan and James Ryan.

HASSON, John, 19 June 1807, and Mary O'Neal, Catholics; witnesses John Smith and Henry and Hannay O'Neal.

HAVLIN, Cornelius, Catholic, 27 July 1808, and Mary Curry, non-Catholic; witnesses Daniel and Mary McFall and Edward Havlin.

HENDERSON, Catharine, see KELLY, John

HENEY, Rose, see MC DAVIT, Daniel


HENNESY, Michael, 10 Jan 1805, and Margaret Rourke, Catholics; witnesses Thomas and Mary Rourke, Elizabeth Dream, Eleanor McPheal and Catharine Overman.

HERSE, Susan, see GREEN, John

HEYLIGER, Louisa, see BARRY, John

HICKENBOTTOM, Phoebe, see O'DONNELL, Charles

HICKEY, Margaret, see HICKEY, Michael

HICKEY, Martha, see DOUGHERTY, Michael

HICKEY, Mary, see TERNAN, John

HICKEY, Michael, 7 Aug 1805, and Margaret Hickey, Catholics; witnesses John Hickey, John Tiernan and Geo. H. Wray.

HIGGINS, Bridget, see CARNEY, Barney

HOLAHAN, Amos, 14 Apr 1801, and Mary Downing, alias Green, Catho­lics; witnesses Hugh Boyle, Mary Fisher, Catharine Renolds and Mary Groves.

HOLAHAN, David, Catholic, 18 Feb 1808, and Hannah Dale, non-Catholic; witnesses John and Jacob Dale, Enmos (or Emos?, but rightly Amos) and Jacob Holahan.

HOOKEY, Anna, see GALLAGHER, Bernard

HOUGHTON, Matthew, 27 Aug 1803, non-Catholic, and Margaret Anne Byrne, Catholic; witnesses John Toole, Joanna Cammel and Bridget Toole.

HOWELL, Abraham, non-Catholic, 10 Dec 1807, and Elizabeth Ros­sett, Catholic; witnesses John and Easter (sic, Esther?) Rossett and Stephen Sicard.

HUGHES, Edward, 25 Jan 1800, and Hannah Waring; witnesses Patrick McCullom and Judith Falby.

HUNEKER, Elizabeth, see BUSHAAR, "Joe"

JACQUIN, Anna Mary, see LOVIAT, Louis

JAMES, Noah H., 19 June 1808, and Margaret T. Short; witnesses Julia Barrabino, Lewis Ds. Belair, Mary Ann Short and Mary Kil­ton.

JOHNSON, Francis, 13 May 1807, and Sarah Mooney, Catholics; witnesses James Mooney, Arthur Maginnis, Catharine Johnson, etc.

JOHNSON, James, 16 Apr 1807, and Catharine Kelly, Catholics; witnesses Eve Walman and Martha Hologhan. o73

JOHNSON, John, 22 Nov 1800, ratification of the marriage before a non-Catholic minister, of John Johnson and Rebecca Kean.

JOICE, Thomas, 13 July 1800, ratified marriage between Thomas Joice and Magdalen Goatischius, alias Morgan, having been previ­ously contracted before a Protestant minister.."magistro."

JONES, Ann, see BRENN(AN), Dennis

KAFFT, Margaret, see BAKER, John

KANE, Frances, see BARRY, William

KANE, Francis, Catholic, 23 Dec 1805, and Sarah Kensely, non-Catholic; witnesses Mary Vinright (perhaps Wainwright?), John Tracy and James Kane.

KANE, John, 28 Feb 1803, and Sarah Devenny, Catholics; witnesses John Boland and Mary Carey.

KEARNY, Anna, see WHELAN, Thomas

KEAN, Rebecca, see JOHNSON, John

KEATMAN, John, 26 Jan 1801, and Mary Mundy, Catholics; witnesses James Hoofman and Hannah Shedack.

KELLENAR, Catharine, see SMITH, Solomon

KELLER, Mary, see SAULNIER, John

KELLY, Anna, see WATERS, John

KELLY, Anna, see MC GINLEY, John

KELLY, Catharine, see LONGAN, Michael

KELLY, Catharine, see JOHNSON, James

KELLY, Elizabeth, see KELLY, Hugh

KELLY, Hannah, see HARKIN, Martin

KELLY, Hugh, 3 July 18000, and Mary McEevey; witnesses Robert Killough and Susan McCue.

KELLY, Hugh, 20 Nov 1807, and Elizabeth Kelly, widow, Catholics; witnesses Father Egan and Elizabeth Schofield.

KELLY, John, 19 July 1800, and Catharine McGlaughlin; witnesses Richard Boyel, Charles McCawley, etc.

KELLY, John, 19 Oct 1803, and Catharine Henderson, Catholics; witnesses Rev. M. Egan and Eleanor McGlaughlin. o73

KELLY, Mary, see SMITH, Alexander

KELTY, Hugh, 16 Apr 1808, and Bridget Laning, Catholics; witness­es Samuel Smith and Charles Boyle.

KENDALL, Elizabeth, see DUMOUTET, John Baptist

KENNY, George, 2 Oct 1807, and Mary Tracy, Catholics; witnesses Hugh, Edward and James Tracy and Paul Dooling.

KENSELY, Sarah, see KANE, Francis

KIRAN, Michael, 21 May 1806, and Mary McCartney, Catholics; witnesses John Francis Saures (Soares?), Rev. M. Egan and Arthur Maginnis.

KIRBY, Edward, 10 Sep 1807, and Joanna Buck, Catholics; witnesses Thomas and Joanna Buck and Bridget Lahee.

KNOX, John, 24 Jan 1803, ratification of marriage before a non-Catholic minister; invalid (sic "invalidum") because of rational (sic) impediment of disparity of Faith, of John Knox, non-Catholic and Hannah Williamson, Catholic.

LAMB, John, Apr, 1804, and Catharine McGloughlin, Catholics; witnesses Rev. M. Egan and John Tracy.


LANE, Patrick, Catholic, 9 Dec 1800, and Jane McCray, alias Livelong, widow, non-Catholic; witnesses Samuel Smith and Mary Seervice.

LANING, Bridget, see KELTY, Hugh

LA PERCHE, John Francis, 23 Aug 1801, and Mary Theresa Papillon, Catholics; witnesses Patrick Nowlan, Josephine Verrier.

LARCAN/LARKIN?, Thomas, 23 July 1801, and Elizabeth Murphy, Catholics; witnesses Michael Fortune and Mary Mitten.

LEA, Margaret, see LYNCH, Dominic, Jr.

LEATHERMAN, Peter, 29 July 1804, ratification of marriage before a non-Catholic minister between Peter Leatherman and Anna Bryson. The same was invalid (sic "invalidum") because contracted with the impediment of disparity of religious belief.

LEBLOIS, Francis, non-Catholic, 6 Jan 1805, and Milicent Connor, Catholic; witnesses John Ronaldson and Margaret Leib.

LE CLAIRE, Charles, 24 Nov 1800: by Rev. A.J.R.M. DeKersauson de Kerjean, Catholic priest, by permission of Rev. M. Carr, pastor of St. Mary's Church, Philadelphia, and vicar general of the o73 bishop of Baltimore, after dispensation from two publications of the banns, I perform the ceremony of marriage between Charles LeClaire, originally of Normandy, native of the province of Fermonville, near Bayeux, France, sixth child of Robert LeClaire and Mary Fouquet, and Jeanne Metayer, daughter of William and Margaret Metayer, of Philadelphia; witnesses signatures: Geo A. Waters Pierre Martin Jean Dubessey Charles LeClaire Fr.A.J.R. de Kersauson de Kerjean, ptre Cth. Rm.

LEDLY, Arthur, 14 Sep 1801, and Catharine Collins, witnesses Patrick McKiernan and John Young.

LE FEBURE, Sophia, see MAZURIE, James

LENNON, Bridget, see O'DONNELL, Dominic

LE RAY, Celeste, see CHITENAY, Charles

LINARD, Elizabeth, see FITZGERALD, Kearn

LINARD, Sarah, see GLAUGHLIN, Jeremiah

LINDSEY, Sarah, see MC GOWEN, Patrick

LINDOR, John Louis, 9 June 1801, and Louisa Rosette, negroes, of San Domingo; witnesses Peter Michel and John King.

LIVELONG, Jane, see LANE, Patrick

LOGUE, Rosa, see UNCLESON, Thomas

LONGAN, Michael, 14 Apr 1801, and Catharine Kelly, alias Sower­walt, Catholics; witnesses Michael Butler and Eva Dewvetter.

LONGSTRETH, William, unbaptized, non-Catholic, 17 Jan 1807, and Mary Ann Rudolph, Catholic, before marriage dispensations ob­tained from the bishop (Carroll) for disparity of worship; wit­nesses Barbara Groves and Mary O'Connor. Note: The abover mentioned William and Mary Ann had previously been married ac­cording to the civil law, or Constitution, of the State of Penn­sylvania. The "William Longstreth" of the entry, was a Quaker, a descendant of Bartholomew Longstreth, of Bucks County, who was a resident there in XVII century. His bride "Mary Ann Rudolph" was a daughter of John Rudolph, at one time owner of the property now held by the Augustinian Fathers at Viallanova, in Pennsylvania, seat of the mother-house of their order in the United States.

LOVIAT, Louis Xavier, 15 June 1804, and Anna Mary Jacquin, Catho­lics; witnesses John Rivals de la Deveye, Peter and Genevieve le Barbier Du Plessis.

LYNCH, Dominic, Jr., 9 June 1808, and Margaret Shippen Lea, non-Catholic; witnesses Dominic Lynch, Esq., Sarah Lea, Anastatia Lynch and Edward Burd, Esq.


LYNCH, Francis, 13 Nov 1800, and Rosanna Boyle, Catholics; wit­nesses Michael Butler, Mary Boyle, etc.

MC ALLEN, Mary, see MC GLAUGHLIN, George

MC BREARTY, Patrick, widower, 11 Feb 1806, and Eleanor McMullen, widow, Catholics; witnesses George Beaty, Charles Kane, Daniel Kelly and Charles McCarnon.

MC BRIDE, Michael, Catholic, 20 Mar 1806, and Elizabeth Floy, widow, non-Catholic; witnesses Anna Fox and Elizabeth Corry.

MC CAFFERTY, Bridget, see O'HARA, James

MC CAFFERTY, Elizabeth, see HARVEY, Edward

MC CAFFERTY, James, 7 Oct 1804, and Mary Davit, Catholics; wit­nesses Patrick Davit, Sarah Bloomfield and Isabella McCafferty.

MC CALLISTER, Margaret, see MARTIN, Henry

MC CARRON, Daniel, 4 Jan 1803, and Mary O'Kane, Catholics; wit­ness Hester McDonald.

MC CARTNEY, Mary, see KIRAN, Michael

MC CARTY, James, 17 Dec 1801, and Grace Brown, Catholics; wit­nesses Daniel McNulty and Timothy McManus.

MC CLOSKEY, Charles, 18 June 1801, and Isabella McLaughlin, Catholics; witnesses John O'Hagan and Patrick Quigley.,

MC CLUSKY, Edward, widower, 10 June 1800, and Catharine Harley, Catholics; witnesses Patrick McClusky, Patrick McClusky., (sic)

MC COLESTER, Margaret, see MC GROOTY, Edward

MC CORMICK, Hugh, 21 Dec 1801, and May Sweeny, Catholics; wit­nesses Archbald McCurdy and Anna McGee.

MC CORMICK, Philip, 4 Dec 1806, and Mary Dowling, Catholics; witnesses Philip Reily, John Follen and Mary Robbin.

MC CRAY, Jane, see LANE, Patrick

MC CRODDEN, Hannah, see MC GINTY, Audeonus

MC CUE, Catharine, see SHERIDAN, Thomas

MC CULFIT, James, 19 Aug 1806, and Anna Duffey, Catholics; wit­nesses Philip Reily and Robert and Susan Duncan.

MC CULL, James, 13 Oct 1803, and Mary Getins, Catholics; witness­es William Coile, John Patten and Eleanor Getins.


MC CUNE, Mary, see MC FALL, David

MC CURDY, Anna, see MAGEE, James

MC DAVID, Charles, 2 Feb 1804, and Mary McGlaughlin, Catholics; witnesses John Tracy, Sarah Tracy, etc.

MC DAVIT, Daniel, 22 May 1804, and Rose Heney, Catholics; wit­nesses Patrick McDavit, Thomas Heney, etc.

MC DAVIT, Patrick, 6 Sep 1808, and Eleanor Mooney, Catholics; witnesses James Mooney, Francis Johnson, John Colgan, etc.

MC DERMOTT, Edward, 10 Nov 1808, and Catharine Reily, Catholics; witnesses John and Thomas Maitland, Barth Brady and Ann Kernan.

MC DONALD, Mary, see DE LA HUNT, Richard

MC DONNEL, Catharine, see CALLAGHAN, Samuel

MC DONNEL, Dennis, 8 Nov 1801, ratification of marriage between a non-Catholic minister, between Dennis McDonnel and Hanna (Hannah) Rhodebugh/Rhodenbaugh?

MC EEVEY, Mary, see KELLY, Hugh

MC ELROY, Michael, 6 Mar 1805, and Anna Dogherty, Catholics; witnesses James Moore, Hugh and Lavinia Dogherty.

MC ENNULTY, Rosanna, see CONBLANT, John

MC ENTIRE, Margaret, see MOONEY, Cornelius

MC ENTIRE, Michael, 26 Dec 1803, and Catharine Orr, Catholics; witnesses Robert and James Orr, etc.

MC FALL, David, entry dated 5 Jan, but should be 5 Feb 1807, Catholic, and Mary McCune (McEwen), non-Catholic; witnesses Bernard Gallagher and John Smith.

MC GAURAN, James, 6 June 1800, and Eleanor Carr, Catholics; witnesses James Cavenagh and William Russell, etc.

MC GEEHEN, John, 25 Feb 1805, and Eleanor McGuire, Catholics; wintesses Rev. M. Egan and Elizabeth Corry.

MC GERSEL, Margaret, see DUFFEY, George

MC GILL, James, 13 Feb 1804, and Mary Boyle, Catholics; witnesses Michael Butler and Francis Lynch.

MC GINELLY, Margaret, see GALAGHER, Robert

MC GINLEY, Dennis, 27 Dec 1799, and Anna McPhadin (McFadden?); witnesses Cornelius McGinley and Patrick Maurisy (Morrisy?). o73

MC GINLEY, John, 8 May 1803, and Anna Kelly, Catholics; witnesses John Barry, Charles O'Donnel, and Catharine McFadin, etc.

MC GINTY, "Audeonus" (sic, but probably Audonus. i.e. Owen), 30 Dec 1801, and Hannah McCrodden; witnesses Patrick Gelaspy and George Bartly.

MC GLAGHLIN, John, Catholic, 14 Oct 1804, and Sarah Anderson, non-Catholic; witnesses Patrick McGlaghlin and Anna Dogherty.

MC GLAUGHLIN, "Barny", 17 May 1804, Catholic, and "Sally" Blair, non-Catholic, witnesses Patrick Finny and Margaret Hagarthy.

MC GLAUGHLIN, Catharine, see KELLY, John

MC GLAUGHLIN, George, 19 June 1806, and Mary McAllen/McCallen?, Catholics; witnesses Patrick Boogan, Timothy McManus and Margaret Carigan.

MC GLAUGHLIN, James, 22 Dec 1805, and Catharine Sargesson, Catho­lics; witnesses John and Mary Folling and ---.

MC GLAUGHLIN, Mary, see MC DAVID, Charles

MC GLOSKY, Hugh, 25 June 1805, and Rose McLaughlin, Catholics; witnesses John Tierny, Coral McCawley, John Lamb, and Charles McGlosky.

MC GLOSKY, Patric, 3 Oct 1800, and Isabella Milligan, Catholics; witnesses Charles Calahan, Jane Milligan, etc.

MC GLOUGHLIN, Catharine, see LAMB, John

MC GOLDRICK, John, 12 Nov 1801, and Jane Carenton, Catholics; witnesses Patrick Nowlan and Hannah Rebel.

MC GONIGAL, Mary, see REILY, Daniel

MC GOUGH, Thomas, 28 Nov 1803, and Margaret Birt, Catholics; witnesses Rev. M. Egan and Martin Corry.

MC GOWEN, Patrick, 15 May 1806, Catholic, and Sarah Lindsey, non-Catholic; witnesses William Forgrive, Robert Withendale, Martha Lindsey and Elizabeth Henery. Note: With a son of these parties, George McGowen, no dead, I was well acquainted. He was a good Catholic and member of St. Augustine's parish, near St. Joseph's. He had a sister named "Lydia", also dead. I believe, as good a Catholic as her brother. They spelled their family name, "McGowan." Their mother "Sarah Lindsey" a Quakeress, I think, was a convert to the Catholic faith.

MC GRILL, Patrick, Catholic, 4 Oct 1804, and Elizabeth Gibbons, non-Catholic; witnesses James McConkey, Mary Ash, John Cameron, and Elizabeth McGlaghlin. o73

MC GROOTY, Edward, 21 June 1807, and Margaret Martin, alias McColester, Catholics; witnesses John and Catharine Colgan and John Logue.

MC GROTTY, Bridget, see COYLE, Henry

MC GUIRE, Eleanor, see MC GEEHAN, John

MC GUIRE, Margaret, see CARROLL, Patrick

MC HANERICK, Anna, see WIMS, Thomas

MC KENNY, Hanah, see BYRNE, John

MC LAUGHLIN, Isabella, see MC CLOSKEY, Charles

MC LAUGHLIN, Jeremiah, 21 Aug 1807, and Mary Muckleroy, Catho­lics; witnesses William Sweeny and Cionstantine O'Donnel.

MC LAUGHLIN, Margaret, see MC LAUGHLIN, Patrick

MC LAUGHLIN, Mary, see CAIN, John

MC LAUGHLIN, Michael, 4 Aug 1805, and Margaret Dogherty, Catho­lics; witnesses John Havelin, John Travey, William Miley and John Lamb.

MC LAUGHLIN, Patrick, 12 Nov 1801, and Margaret McLaughlin, Catholics; witnesses Patrick Gorman, Michael Shannon.


MC LAUGHLIN, William, 14 Oct 1800, and Cecilia Patton, Catholics; witnesses Michael McLaughlin, Thomas Patton, and others.

MC MAHON, Joanna, see SMITH, Samuel

MC MAHON, Philip, 1 Nov 1806, and Eleanor Ross, Catholics; wit­nesses Philip Reily and Margaret West.

MC MANUS, Timothy, 4 Nov 1804, and Bridget Clark, Catholics; witnesses Cornelius McManus, James Coyle and Anna Kelly.

MC MENOMY, Charles, 5 Jan 1801, and Sarah Strane.

MC MULLEN, Eleanor, see MC BREARTY, Patrick

MC MULLEN, Joanna, see BOYLE, Hugh

MC MULLEN, Susan, see CONNELLY, Patrick

MC NAMY, John, 16 Mar 1804, Catholic, and Catharine Westar (Wistar?), non-Catholic; witnesses Henry Westar and James Kane.


MC NULTY, Anna, see MC PHADIN, Dominick

MC PHADIN, Anna, see MC GINLEY, Dennis

MC PHADIN, Catharine, see HARKIN, Edward

MC PHADIN, Dominick, 6 Apr 1801, and Anna McNulty, Catholics; witnesses Edward and Philip Boyle, Anna Kelly, etc.

MC SHERRY, Henry, 20 Jan 1807, and Mary Ann Pierce, already baptized; witnesses Jeremiah Sullivan and James McSherry. Note: The above mentioned Henry and Mary Ann had been previously mar­ried, though invalidly (sic), before a civil magistrate, as they held different beliefs. Marriage before a civil magistrate was not invalid, but merely unlawful.

MC SHERRY, Mary, see CAMMEL, Felix

MACK, Joanna, see SMITH, Samuel

MAGEE, James, 28 July 1800, and Anna McCurdy, Catholics, witness­es Hugh Short, Hugh McCormick, Mary Sweeny.

MAGINIS, Anna, see HAGERTY, Charles

MAGINIS, John, 21 Feb 1804, and Isabella Maginnis, Catholics; witnesses John Tearnan and Rev. M. Egan.

MAGINNIS, Isabella, see MAGINIS, John

MAHONEY, Michael, 4 Nov 1804, and Bridget Nooney, Catholics; witnesses William Morison, Thomas Rossel, William Nooney, Mary Grissem, etc.

MAIZE, James, 8 Sep 1801, and Mary Eagan; witnesses Thomas Eagan and William Moore.

MANDERFIELD, Henry, 15 Dec 1808, and Mary Goff, Catholics; wit­nesses Elizabeth Goff, Edward Davis and Rachel Kauffman.

MANUEL, Mary Ann, see FALIONE, John

MARIN, Ursule, see CHAUCEREL, Francois

MARSHALL, Alexander, widower, date worn away, but found in with 1800 marriages, and Elizabeth Bernadeau, Catholics; witnesses signatures: St. Dauneu Rouneau Maurice J.L. Merz

MARTIN, Francis, 20 Apr 1807, and Abigail Mary Shrouds (sic Shourds?), Catholics; witnesses Richard and Nancy See and Mary McCurdy.

MARTIN, Henry, 8 Dec 1801, and Margaret McCallister, Catholics; witnesses Matthew King, John McGenly and James Mells.


MARTIN, Margaret, see MC GROOTY, Edward

MARTH, Mary, see TRITTO, George


MAY, Eleanor, see CARLILE, Patrick

MAZURIE, James John P., 27 May 1801, and Sophia LeFebure (sic Lefebvre?), Catholics; witnesses Joseph Donath and his wife Rosalie.

MEANY, James, 7 July 1806, and Mary Mulcahy, Catholics; witnesses Rev. M. Egan and Andrew Mulcahy.

METAYER, Jeanne, see LE CLAIRE, Robert

MICHEL, Susan, see BASTIAN, John

MILES, Arthur, 9 Oct 1804, and Mary Donaghee, Catholics; witness­es Rev. M. Egan and Mary Sheedy.

MILLER, Silvia, see AZOR, Cesar

MILLIGAN, Isabella, see MC GLOSKY, Patrick

MOLLOY, John, 1 June 1800, and Esther Dougherty, Catholics; witnesses Jacob Moony and John Dougherty.

MOLOY, Eleanor, see FLOOD, Hugh

MONAGHAN, Margaret, see WADE, Thomas

MONTGOMERY, Charles, 18 July 1801, non-Catholic, and Margaret Blanchard alias Beaty, Catholic; witnesses Patrick and Mary Nowland and Sarah Barr.

MOONEY, Cornelius, 25 Dec 1804, and Margaret Coyle, alias McEn­tire, widow, Catholics; witnesses William and Mary Dogherty.

MOONEY, Eleanor, see MC DAVIT, Patrick

MOONEY, Sarah, see JOHNSON, Francis

MOORE, Anna, see SMITH, Philip

MORGAN, Magdalen, see JOICE, Thomas

MORIN, Pierre, 16 Dec 1799: by Rev. Mathew Carr, pastor of St. Mary's and vicar general of the bishop of Baltimore, after one publication of the banns, Pierre Morin, of San Domingo, native of the parish of St. Nicholas, at Nantes in France, oldest son of Pierre Morin and his wife Anne Aubert, and Marie Anna Victoire Armaignac, eldest daughter of Brier (Pierre?) Armaignac and his wife Jeanne Genevieve Armand, of the parish of St. Peter of o73 Lareahaye in the western part of San Domingo; in the presence of Denis Lothon and Joseph E.G.N. de la Grange. Signed: D. Lothon G. dela Grange Armaignac D'Espinosa D. Cottineau M. Carr, Pastuer et Vic, Genl Barbaroux "aine", (Senior) Rouneau Pierre Morin Armaignac Morin.

MORRIS, Mary, see QUIGLEY, James

MOUNTAIN, William, 5 Jan 1802, and Elizabeth Woolf (perhaps meant for Wolff?), non-Catholic; witnesses Cornelius and Mary McManus.

MUCKLEROY, Patrick, 27 Mar 1808, and Martha Tailor, ratification of a marriage contracted before a civil magistrate, invalid by reason of difference in religion; witnesses Joseph Byrne and Elizabeth Corry; the above mentioned Martha Tailor was previously baptized.

MUCKLEROY, Mary, see MC LAUGHLIN, Jeremiah

MUGLEWEEY, Margery, see DUFFY, Michael

MULCAHY, Margaret, see BRADY, Charles

MULCAHY, Mary, see MEANY, James

MULHOLLON, Rosanna, see ATKINSON, John

MUNDY, Mary, see KEATMAN, John

MURPHY, Catharine, see POWEL, Peter

MURPHY, Elizabeth, see LARCAN, Thomas

MURPHY, Michael, 21 Sep 1801, and Catharine Ryan, Catholics; witnesses William and Anna Ryan.

MURRAY, Bridget, see O'BRIEN, Lawrence

MURRAY, Edmund, 18 Dec 1805, and Bridget Bruton, Catholics; witnesses Thomas McClaine, Patrick and Honora Lahee (Leahey?), Thomas Connelly and Patrick Bruton.

MYERS, William, Catholic, 15 Oct 1807, and Margaret Tiers, non-Catholic; witnesses Margaret and Cornelius Tiers, Rachael Myers and Joseph Snyder.

NOONEY, Bridget, see MAHONEY, Michael

NORTH, Rachael, see ARAN, John

NOWLAN, Patrick, 7 June 1801, and Anna Rogers, Catholics; wit­nesses Michael Shannon, Patrick Conway, John and Letitia Galla­gher.

NUGENT, Catharine, see WALSH, William o73

O'BRIEN, Lawrence, 17 Dec 1806, and Bridget Murray, alias Bruton, Catholics; witnesses James and Mary Meany.

O'BRIEN, William, 21 Jan 1800 and Elizabeth Stall; witnesses Francis O'Brien and William Mooney.

O'CONNOR, Eleanor, see WICKAM, James

O'CONNOR, Mary, see POWEL, Dennis

O'CONNOR, Mary, see ECK, Joseph

O'DONNEL, Eleanor, see HARVEY, James

O'DONNELL, Charles, 27 Feb 1805, and Phoebe (or Pheme, i.e. Euphemia) Hickenbottom/Higginbottom?, Catholics; witnesses Alex­ander Pupil, Anthony O'Donnell and Dorothy Gallagher.

O'DONNELL, Dominic, 26 Sep 1808, and Bridget Lennon, Catholics; witnesses Samuel Smith, Charles Boyle, James and Mary Quigley, etc.

O'DONNELL, Eleanor, see DEVER, Michael

O'HARA, James, 12 June 1805, and Bridget McCafferty, Catholics; witnesses Mary Egan and Martin Carry (Corry).

O'HARA, Margaret, see BYRNE, James

O'KANE, Mary, see MC CARRON, Daniel

O'NEAL, Mary, see HASSON, John

ORR, Catharine, see MC ENTIRE, Michael

OWENS, Juliana, see TILTON, William


PATTON, Cecilia, see MC LAUGHLIN, William

PHINNY, Letitia, see HARKINS, Roger

PIERCE, Mary Ann, see MC SHERRY, Henry

PINTARD, Henry, 4 Aug 1807, and Mary de Maupertius, Catholics; witnesses Mary Pintard, Joseph Mathieu, Elias Dumas and Peter Le Barbier Duplessis.

PLATT, Joanna, see FLANIGAN, John

POTTER, Catharine, see STRAHEN, Joseph

POWEL, Dennis, 31 May 1804, and Mary O'Connor, Catholics; wit­ o73 nesses Patrick Grogan and Dennis O'Connor.

POWEL, Peter, 11 July 1807, and Catharine Murphy, Catholics; witnesses John Begley and Martin Corry.

PREMIR, Jacob, Catholic, 9 Oct 1807, and Sarah Green, non-Catholic; witnesses Joseph Basten (Bastien?), Mary Premir and Hester Green.

QUIGLEY, James, 31 Mar 1807, and Mary Morris, Catholics; witness­es James Morris, Hugh O'Neale, Mary Johnson, etc.

REESE, Anna, see ENUE, James

REILY, Casiam, see DEENY, John

REILY, Catharine, see MC DERMOTT, Edward

REILY, Daniel, 17 July 1807, and Mary McGonigal, Catholics; witnesses Nicholas Cassady and Joseph Carrell.

REILY, Mary, see FLINN, Robert

RENOLDS, Mary, see DOUNEGHEY, Jeremiah

RENOLDS/REYNOLDS?, Peter, 21 Dec 1800 and Charlotte Roberts; blessing of the marriage (previously contracted) before a non-Catholic minister.

REVEL, Anna, see SNIDER, John

REYLEY, Mary, see TULLY, Patrick

RHODEBUGH, Hanna, see MC DONNEL, Dennis

ROBERTS, Charlotte, see RENOLDS, Peter

RODDEN, James, 1 May 1808, and Anna Brannon, Catholics; witnesses James, Edward and Elizabeth Tracy.

ROGERS, Ann, see NOWLAN, Patrick

ROGERS, Michael, 20 Jan 1807, Catholic, and Mary Best, non-Catholic; witnesses Francis Day, Hannah Best and Anna Rogers.

ROSE, Mary Ann, see WILLIAMS, Alexander

ROSETTE, Louisa, see LINDOR, John

ROSS, Eleanor, see MC MAHON, Philip

ROSS, Samuel, 16 Apr 1801, and Margaret Brown; witnesses John Taggart, John Brown, Mary Byrn, etc.

ROSSETT, Elizabeth, see HOWELL, Abraham o73

ROUSSET, Claude Francois, 16 Feb 1801, son of Joseph Marie Rous­set and Marie Claudine Morin, native of Lyons, Department of Rhone et Loire, in France, and Marie Rose Pierre Francoise Julie Chambon, daughter of Emilie (Emile) Marc Antoine Chambon de la Croze, and his wife Anne Marie Boissoniere, native of Port au Prince, in San Domingo; present; signed: Claude Francois Rousset Julie Chambon Rousset Ls. Salles C. Agniel Adele Drouillard Madey Salles D. Gerin-Barbaroux "aine" D. Gerin Pierre Morin Kersauson de Kerjean, ptre.

RUDOLPH, Mary Ann, see LONGSTRETH, William

RYAN, Catharine, see MURPHY, Michael

SARGESSON, Catharine, see MC GLAUGHLIN, James

SARMIENTO, Julia, see BARRY, Edward

SAULNIER, John, 18 Feb 1808, and Mary Keeler, Catholics; witness­es John Nisberg (Nisbbez?), Thomas Burk and William Johnson.

SCOT, Mary, see SMITH, Alexander

SEILER, Susan, see DOGHETY, John

SHERIDAN, Elizabeth, see DONNELLY, Hugh

SHERIDAN, Thomas, 8 June 1801, and Catharine McCue, Catholics; witnesses John McSorley and Isabella Elliot.

SHERON, Daniel, 27 Sep 1804, and Hannah Galagher, Catholics; witnesses Patrick McPhadin, John Colwel, Charles Galagher, Charles O'Donnel and others.

SHORT, Margaret, see JAMES, Noah

SHORTLE, Mary, see DAVIS, Thomas

SHROUDS, Abigail, see MARTIN, Francis

SIDLEY, Mary, see DAWERS, Nicholas

SINGER, Susan, see BOYLE, "Nigellus"

SINGERLY, Catharine, see HAAN, Gerard

SMITH, Alexander, 13 Apr 1801, and Mary Kelly, alias Scott, Catholics; witnesses Michael Longan, Catharine and Margaret Kelly.

SMITH, Juliana, see EAGAN, Thomas

SMITH, Patrick, 21 Feb 1801, and Elizabeth Brown, ratification of a marriage before a non-Catholic minister. o73

SMITH, Philip, 11 Oct 1801, and Anna Moore, Catholics; witnesses George Davis and Mary Henderson.

SMITH, Samuel, 11 Feb 1802, and Joanna McMahon, alias Mack; witnesses Maible (sic Mabel) Davit and Bridget McGlaughlan.

SMITH, Solomon, 17 Dec 1807, and Catharine Kellenar, Catholics; witnesses Patrick Farrell, James Redmond and Susan Reed.

SNIDER, Mary Anna, see BRIEN, Peter

SNIDER/SNYDER/SCHNEIDER?, John, 8 June 1806, and Anna Revel, Catholics; witnesses Mary Egan and Elizabeth Corry.

SOWERWALT, Catharine, see LONGAN, Michael

STALL, Elziabeth, see O'BRIEN, William

STRAHEN, Joseph, 20 Sep 1807, and Catharine Potter; ratification of a private marriage contracted before a non-Catholic minister, and invalidly because of difference in religion. (Apparently between the parties and said minister.)

STRANE, Sarah, see MC MENOMY, Charles

SWEENY, Barney, 27 Aug 1806, and Margaret Farmer, alias Dogherty, widow, Catholics; witnesses Father Egan and Michael Siese.

SWEENY, Mary, see MC CORMICK, Hugh

TAILOR, Martha, see MUCKLEROY, Patrick

TERNAN, John, 13 July 1800, and Mary Hickey; witnesses John Hickey and Sarah Edenborne.

THISBEE, Clementine, see BELIZER, Joseph

TIERS, Margaret, see MYERS, William

TILTON, William, widower, 14 Aug 1800, and Juliana Owens, blessed by Rev. M. Carr, contracted before a non-Catholic minister of 4 Feb 1800; witnesses Rev. George Staunton (OSA) and Anna Owens.

TOBIN, Martha, see DOUGHTERY, Patrick

TONNER, Eleanor, see HA-T, John

TRACY, Edward, Catholic, 6 Sep 1807, and Ann Cean, non-Catholic; witnesses Hugh Tracy and Catharine Kilner.

TRACY, James, 19 Oct 1806, and Elizabeth Doolin, Catholics; witnesses Paul and Andrew Doolin, Hugh Tracy, etc.

TRACY, Mary, see KENNY, George o73

TRITTO, George Clement, 19 June 1806, and Mary Marth, Catholics; witnesses John Brisee, Mary Francis, etc.

TROUVE, Mary Josephine, see ARDLEY, Robert

TULLY, Henna, see HAGERTY, Andrew

TULLY, Mary, see FLINN, Robert

TULLY, Patrick, 18 Jan 1800, and Mary Reyley; witnesses Philip McGuire, Thomas McClean, Elizabeth Trenan, Margaret Cole, etc.

UNCLESON, Thomas, 16 June 1801, and Rosa Logue, Catholics; wit­nesses James Logue and Hannah Rebbel.

URVIN, Eleanor, see BURN, Joseph

VALLEDIEU (VILLEDIEU more correct), Jean Marie Raphael Villedieu-Torcy: 16 June 1801, by Rev. M. Carr, Pastor of St. Mary's and vicar general of the bishop of Baltimore, Jean Marie Raphael Villedieu-Torcy, one time councilor of the Parliament of Dijon and Councillor at the Court of the Czar of all the Russias, native of the Parish of St. Medard of the city of Dijon, in France; oldest son of the late Matthias Leonard Raphael Ville­dieu-Torcy, Dean of the Councillors of the Parliament of Dijon, and Madame Nicole Seguin la Motte, and the Demoiselle Marie Julie Antoinette Lefebvre-Graffard of Sarceaux, eldest daughter of Pierre Lefebvre-Graffard, one time captain of the carabiniers of France, and Chevalier of St. Louis, and the Madame Marie Renee Gervaise Guerouse-Boisclaireau, native of the parish of Sarceaux, in the province of Normandy; in the presence of Guillaume Jean Rene Guerouse-Boisclaireau, one time major in the service of France, Chevalier of St. Louis, maternal uncle of the bride, and Charles Balthasar Feriet-Foulette St. Memin, one time officer of the regiment of French Guards. Signed: Pierre lefebvre Graffard J.M.R. Villedieu-Torcy Dr. Cottineau M.J.A. Lefebvre Graffard of Sarceaux A.B. Bayard Gueroust-Boisclaireau C.B. F.F. St. Memin P Montagu M. Carr, Pasteur et Vicaire Gen'l.

VIAU, Mary Louisa, see CLOTTE DE BARRAS, Joseph

WADE, Thomas, 26 Oct 1800, Catholic, and Margaret Monaghan, not baptized, having been married before a non-Catholic minister, are newly joined in marriage by Rev. J. Rosseter. (Margaret having first been baptized.)

WALSH, William, 11 Dec 1802, and Catharine Nugent, Catholics; witnesses Michael Hayly, Elizabeth Calaghan, Edward Connolly, etc.

WARD, John, 26 Dec 1808, and Rebecca Ward, Catholics; witnesses Peter Harkin, Francis Lynch and Bernard McCready.

WARD, Hugh, 25 Aug 1801, and Rosa Carr, Catholics; wintesses John o73 Harold, Nicholas Cassidy.

WARD, Patrick, 28 May 1801, Catholic, and Hannah Wise, alias Evens, non-Catholic; witnesses Michael Phegan, Bartholomew Le­lande and Sarah May.

WARD, Rebecca, see WARD, John

WARING, Hannah, see HUGHES, Edward

WARNER, Elizabeth, see DUFFEY, Peter

WATERS, John, 9 Aug 1801, and Anna Kelly, Catholics; witnesses Patrick and William Kelly, Eleanor Keary, etc.

WEBB, Robert, 14 Oct 1807, and Sabina Willcox (in the text, but wrongly "Wilcox", ratification before Rev. Michael Egan and Peter Scravendike, as witnesses, a dispensation to that effect having been obtained and exhibited, the marriage of Robert Webb and Sabina Willcox, contracted previously before a non-Catholic minister, invalid therefore because of difference in Faith.

WESTAR, Catharine, see MC NAMY, John

WHELAN, Catharine, see WHELAN, William

WHELAN, Thomas, 26 Oct 1800, and Anna Kearny, Catholics; witness­es Maurice Whelan, Thaddeus Kearny and others.

WHELAN, William, 29 Oct 1807, and Catharine Whelan, Catholics; witnesses John Black, "Mrs." Black and Michael Colebert.

WHITE, Hannah, see DOOGAN, Patrick

WHITE, Patrick, 22 Feb 1805, and Mary Dunn; witnesses Philip Reily, Anna and John McClaury, Isabella Rigler and Mary Duff.

WICKAM, James, 10 Jan 1802, and Eleanor O'Connor, Catholics; witnesses Thomas Kehoe, Rev. George Staunton and Christ. O'Con­nor.

WILLCOX, Sabina, see WEBB, Robert

WILLIAMS, Alexander, 4 Apr 1807, non-Catholic, and Mary Ann Susan Rose, Catholic; witnesses Lemuel and Mary Williams, John and Jane Rose, etc.

WILLIAMSON, Hannah, see KNOX, John

WIMS, Thomas, 20 Jan 1801, and Anna McHanerick, Catholics; wit­nesses Patrick McLaughlin, etc.

WISE, Hannah, see WARD, Patrick

WOOLF, Elizabeth, see MOUNTAIN, William o73

WRAY, George A., 31 Dec 1805, and Eleanor Green, Catholics; witnesses John Deniston, William Mulchai.

YOUX, Antoinette, see GERNON, Richard