Thomas Gerrans REMFRY/Mary EDWARDS

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Husband: Thomas Gerrans REMFRY

Born: 26 Jan 1772      at: St Michael Penkevil, Truro, Cornwall  
Married: 24 Dec 1799      at: St Clement, Cornwall  
   Died: 27 Jun 1848      at: Kenwyn, Cornwall  
 Father:Richard REMFRY
 Mother:Mary GERRANS
        Other Spouses: Isabella RICHARDS  

Wife: Mary EDWARDS

Born: 25 Nov 1777      at: St Clement, Cornwall  
   Died: 26 Mar 1836      at: Kenwyn, Cornwall  
        Other Spouses: 


Name: Thomas Edwards REMFRY
   Born: 15 Dec 1799      at: Kenwyn, Truro, Cornwall  
Married: 6 Mar 1827       at:   
   Died: 14 Nov 1872      at: Newlyn East  
Spouses: Mary FARRELL  

Name: Richard REMFRY
   Born: 25 May 1801      at: Kenwyn, Truro, Cornwall  
Married: 14 Oct 1827      at:   
   Died:                  at: Truro, Cornwall  
Spouses: Mary Ann LEGG  

Name: Emblyn Edwards REMFRY
   Born: 23 Feb 1803      at: Kea, Cornwall  
Married: 23 Jun 1819      at: Calcutta, India  
   Died: 7 Mar 1875       at:   
Spouses: James MIDDLETON  Alexander ROGERS  

Name: John REMFRY
   Born: 16 Jun 1804      at: Kenwyn, Cornwall  
Married: 2 Jun 1845       at: Brunswick Chapel, Milton St. Marylebone, Middx. England  
   Died: 27 Dec 1884      at: Clapham, London  
Spouses: Sarah Isabella YOUNG  

Name: William REMFRY
   Born: 9 Aug 1807       at: Kenwyn, Cornwall  
Married: Nov 1838         at: Calcutta, India  
   Died: 5 Apr 1879       at:   
Spouses: Mary Ann DRAPER  

Name: Mary Richards REMFRY
   Born: 9 May 1808       at: Kenwyn, Cornwall  
Married: 11 Nov 1826      at: Calcutta, India  
   Died: 11 Nov 1828      at:   
Spouses: George THORPE  

Name: Sarah Edwards REMFRY
   Born: 8 Oct 1811       at: Kenwyn, Cornwall  
Married: 4 Feb 1832       at: Calcutta, India  
   Died: 4 Sep 1833       at: Calcutta, India  
Spouses: Richard BIRD  

Name: George Farrell REMFRY
   Born: 17 Nov 1811      at: Kenwyn, Cornwall  
Married: 21 Oct 1844      at: Calcutta, India  
   Died: 15 Feb 1882      at:   
Spouses: Charlotte HIGGINS  

Name: Edwin Gerrans REMFRY
   Born: 19 Jun 1813      at:   
Married:                  at:   
   Died: 9 Mar 1835       at: Truro, Cornwall  

Name: Charles REMFRY
   Born: 1 Apr 1814       at:   
Married:                  at:   
   Died: 11 May 1841      at: Calcutta, India  

Name: Joseph REMFRY
   Born: 11 Feb 1816      at: Kenwyn, Cornwall  
Married: 13 Nov 1841      at: Calcutta, India  
   Died:                  at:   
Spouses: Mary Ann Esther HARVARD  

Name: Henry Oliver REMFRY
   Born: 24 May 1818      at:   
Married: 1843             at: Calcutta, India  
   Died:                  at:   
Spouses: Jamesina CLAPPERTON  Eliza HAMILTON  

Name: Jane Ann REMFRY
   Born: 8 Feb 1822       at: Kenwyn, Cornwall  
Married:                  at:   
   Died: 1860             at: Truro, Cornwall