This is the patriarch of our clan

John Remfry

          This is the patriarch of my branch of the Remfry clan. Born into a family of thirteen children in 1804 in Truro, Cornwall, UK, his father was a successful building contractor and property owner. His parents were Wesleyan Methodists and when John moved to London in 1828 he became active in the Methodist movement and charities such as the Radnor Street Schools and the early YMCA.

 In 1845 John married the daughter of Rev. Robert Young, an eminent Wesleyan minister.  His profession on the marriage certificate was "clerk". When his daughter was born his profession was "type founder".

 In 1852 he went to Calcutta, India, where he joined many of his brothers and sisters.  A law firm still exists in Calcutta called Remfry and Sagar. John worked for Messrs. Hamilton and Co., and  became an honorary magistrate and Justice of the Peace.

He returned to England in 1873 and lived near Clapham Common in London with his wife and family.

His children were:

 Sarah Adeline Remfry  born 1847, who married John's friend and partner, Clifford James Brookes

Robert Young Remfry 1852-1900 a Major in the Calcutta Rifles

Leonard Remfry 1860-1898 MD and surgeon, died of epilepsy

John Remfry continued his interest in charities and Wesleyan Methodism until his death in 1884. He is buried in the churchyard in Kenwyn, Truro, Cornwall, England.




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