Remfry and variants Surname Origin


Remfry and variants Surname Origin

I have heard a number of ideas on the origin of this name. Most are agreed that its background is Norman French. After 1066 a knight REINFRID was in the entourage of William de Percy. He may have come from a village in Normandy called Le-Mesnil-Rainfray. "TheDictionary of British Surnames " [Reaney, 1958.]  says that the names [all the different spellings noted on my homepage as variants] were of Teutonic origin, probably derived from Anglo Saxon.

   Suggested  ancient forms are:

   Reinfrid or Reginfrid, Rainfridus..Lincolnshire landowner, Domesday book 1086.

   Reinfridus.. Danelaw charters [Lincoln 12th century]

   Gilebertus filius Reimfridi filius Reynfrey, [Curia Regis  rolls, Cumberland 1213.]

   Raganfrid [  as above, 1221, Somerset]

   Roger Remfrey, [Great Rolls of the Pipe, Henry 3rd, Lancashire 1230]

   Renfrye, Renffry [sixteenth century]

   Renfry, Renfrie, Renfrye, Remfrie, Remphie [seventeenth century, family
    centred around Falmouth, Cornwall from mid. 17th century]

   Remphry, Remfrye, Rentfree, Rendfree, Renfrey, Renfree [eighteenth century]


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