Merry Christmas
From the Zamora Family
William, Renee, Philip, Marie & Garrett

The highlight of the year 2010 for the Zamora family was a visit from Grandpa Harris. He brought his new bride, our Grandma Pauline for us to meet. She is a wonderful lady and a perfect companion for Grandpa.

Bill is still working for CBI Security at the City and County building in Salt Lake. He has been real busy in his spare time working on his model airplanes. He also has a new passion, the computer. He enjoys Facebook, Netflix, YouTube and Googling on a wide range of subjects.

Renee changed her employment this year. In May she left, an online genealogy company and started working for RootsMagic, a genealogy software company. A huge plus is being able to work from home. She does not miss driving during the I-15 reconstruction. Her health has been good as long as she takes long naps and takes her vitamins. She is busy working on her genealogy and writing her blog, which celebrated its 5 year anniversary this September.

Philip was a full-time college student at Utah Valley University this year. Next year he plans on taking less of a class load. He has struggled trying to find his major. This week he's feeling good about going into social work or becoming a counselor. We all think that would be a perfect fit for him. He still has his nose into movies, it's a hobby that will never fade.

Marie moved A LOT this year. We are all very tired of renting the moving van. Marie is engaged to Josh, who lives in Brazil. She is planning a wedding and mother is just numb about it. It won't hit her that Marie is getting married until she see's Marie boarding the plane for Brazil. Marie also changed employment this year and is working for Office Max doing graphic design and printing.

Garrett is still working for Office Max full-time. He was also engaged this year, we were surprised by both the announcement and the cancellation of the wedding plans. Garrett completed a major long-term project this year. After tinkering on the BMW, that's been sitting in the yard for 4 years, it is now up and running!! It's been a great learning experience for him. He is becoming quite the mechanic.

The whole family was saddened and shocked by the fire that destroyed the Provo Tabernacle, Dec 17, 2010. William and Renee were tour guides there when they first moved to Utah. Renee's graduation ceremony from Provo College was held there. What a lovely building that can never be replaced. It has gladdened our hearts to see the "Christmas Miracle" of the picture of the Savior saved in the fire.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Fire Devastates Historic Provo Tabernacle
A Christmas Story about the Provo Tabernacle
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The Reason for the Season
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