From the Zamora Family
William, Renee, Philip, Garrett
(Marie & Jon Conlon)

Bill is still working for CBI Security at the City and County building in Salt Lake. His artwork was spotlighted again this year on Fox13 "Uniquely Utah". Interest in his artwork is growing, and we are hopeful it will provide some extra income when he retires in a few years. Bill and Garrett made a trip out to Massachusetts to see his mother Lucienne and sister Dorothy. It was a wonderful time and great memories were made.

Renee is still working part-time at home for RootsMagic, a genealogy software company. She is the author of Renee's Genealogy Blog and has enjoyed attending genealogy conferences in exchange for blogging about the events. Salt Lake Community College offered to let her audit their Genealogy Course for free if she would blog weekly about it. She has learned a lot from this experience and looks forward to more classes this coming year.

Philip's been attending Utah Valley University part-time. This year while working to get Phil on Medicaid, so he could be treated for his Achalasia, we finally had a chance to have him tested for Asperger. The results came back that he didn't have Asperger but actually Autism. This was something he had been tested for years ago as a child, but was incorrectly diagnosed. Getting this diagnoses has been great news for all of us. It's answered a lot of questions we have had over the years. For Philip its been very freeing to understand why he sees things so differently. Philip is on a six month break from college now and hopes to have surgery on his Achalasia during this time frame.

Garrett is still working for Office Max full-time. He works part-time at the Salt Lake City & County building as the City Council Master-at-Arms. During training he volunteered to be pepper-sprayed. We have some great video footage of it. Last year we mentioned that Garrett had a little girl that made us grandparents. We were all shocked this month by the DNA results that confirmed Garrett was not the father. Thankfully the little girl's family had given us a hard time about seeing her, so we did not become so emotionally attached, otherwise this news would have been heart-breaking. We feel the Lord's hand in protecting us during this trial. Garrett is now working on getting his pilot license and furthering his education.

Marie is still living in California. She married Jonathan Conlon this past July. He is in the US Marine Corps, stationed in Okinawa, Japan. He was just promoted to Corporal. Marie is still waiting for the paperwork to be completed so she can join him there. They have adopted a fur baby, Maddy. She is a tuxedo cat and extremely smart. Marie started to learn to sew and quilt this year. She has also been doing a bit of traveling and rode a camel for the first time at the Washington Zoo. She said it was awesome!!!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Lucienne & Garrett Zamora, 2013

Jonathan & Marie Conlon, July 2013
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