Merry Christmas
From the Zamora Family
William, Renee, Philip, Garrett &
Marie (Conlon)

Bill's big news was he retired from CBI Security this year.  This has been a time of adjustment as he tries to move into the role of full time artist. He did get to visit California for the first time this year when we went out to help Marie move. Bill, Renee & Philip have been reading the scriptures together each evening and this has become a wonderful experience for all of them.

Renee is still working part-time at home for RootsMagic, a genealogy software company. She continues to author "Renee's Genealogy Blog" and attend genealogy conferences. In August Renee went by train to visit Marie in California. She really enjoyed going through the Sierra Mountains and listening to the tour guide tell about the Donner Party and coming of the railroads through the pass. She stayed with Marie for over a month. One of the highlights while there was visiting the beautiful San Diego Temple. Renee had a really bad tachycardia episode this year, where it was necessary to stop and restart her heart. She will have surgery December 29th to resolve these issues. Please keep her in your prayers.

Philip was finally able to have surgery for his Achalasia this year. The surgery came just in time as he had zero motility in his esophagus and he was unable to swallow his own saliva. He was painfully thin, but has been making up for all the lost time eating. His condition was so traumatizing he had become housebound. He is now able to return back to church and even teach in the Elders' Quorum. He is scheduled to begin working with Vocational Rehab for help in retraining for employment. This coming year looks very promising for Phil.

Garrett is still working for OfficeMax full-time. The company merged with Office Depot and the OfficeMax he worked at was closed in American Fork. He worked at the Office Depot for a short time before moving to the OfficeMax in Midvale. He still works part-time at the Salt Lake City & County building as the City Council Master-at-Arms. Garrett took the big leap and moved out of our home this year and is living in his own apartment in Pleasant Grove. He and his girlfriend Chayla made a fire-pit in our backyard so they still have dates here. We really enjoy seeing them together.

Marie was living in California most of this year. When Garrett's old room became available at our house, she decided to move back home to stay with us. Her fur-baby Maddy is still trying to adjust to sharing the house with our old cat Charlie. Marie works for Legacy Publishing in Orem as a graphic designer. She is excited to be working in the career she loves again. She is still doing her photography on the side.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May the gift of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ's birth
bring peace and joy into your life.
He is the greatest Gift ever given.

To remember family that has gone before us,
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