Renfrewshire Surnames List

Renfrewshire Surnames List


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A huge thanks to Johan Lochridge who had maintained this list for many years.  He has turned it over to me (Nathan Zipfel) to continue building upon it.

Renfrewshire is a county located in west of Scotland.


Welcome to the Renfrewshire Surnames List. 

The alphabetical lists and biographical details which are accessible through this page are provided as a source of genealogical surname interest  for Renfrewshire county only.  Through this site, it is hoped that a researcher may establish links with others researching similar surnames from this county.

If you would like to view surname interests or if you have surname interests to submit to this list please follow the navigation links located at the top of this page.  If you would like to add biographical details to one or more of your postings, please follow the appropriate navigation link above.

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Please note a number of defunct email addresses have been removed from the site.  If anyone finds their posting has been removed, please contact me on to have it re-instated.


The General Register Office of Scotland now has searchable databases on-line at   The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has a searchable database on-line which lists all the service men and women from the Commonwealth who died during the First and Second World Wars as well as civilians who died during the Second World War. The database covers all the services. For more information on relevant genealogical records and sources, please see the following pages on GENUKI:

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