The Descendants of Reuben Newton

The Descendants of Reuben Newton (1774 - 1833)

and Eunice Manley Newton (1782 - 1836)

of Vermont and Cattaraugus County, New York


over 1300 descendants with more than 190 biographical

sketches may be found through the links below



On this website I attempt to document the descendants of Reuben and Eunice Manley Newton, who migrated from Vermont to central New York State around 1803 and eventually settled in Cattaraugus County, New York around 1823. Reuben and Eunice had eight children: Nathaniel, Betsey, Lyman, Elsa, Jesse, Eunice, Daniel and Sally (see links to the left)


At least eight generations of Reuben and Eunice Newton's descendants have been discovered and documented. This web contains scores of names, biographical sketches, photographs and other documents of interest about those descendants.


Viewers may use the "Descendant Chart", "Index to Biographies, Photo and Descendant Charts by Surname", "Search For Your Relative By Surname", and other links to the left to find information on specific individuals beyond the first generation.


This web is continually being updated and revised as new data is received. Viewers are encouraged to submit corrections or provide additional information for publication.


I hope that this material may be used by those who simply wish to broaden their own genealogical roots, and by those genealogists who desire to share my information with others. There are many biographies and photographs available on this site, but please read the rules below on the reproduction of material.


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Reuben Newton Biography

What's New

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 Eunice Manley Biography

A Brief Description of the Children of Reuben and Eunice

The Ancestry of Reuben

Nathaniel Newton Bio

(Descendant Chart)

The Case of Two Reubens

Betsey Newton (Healy) Bio

(Descendant Chart)

Search For Your Relative By Surname

Lyman Newton Bio

(Descendant Chart)

Index to Biographies, Photos, and Descendant Charts by Surname

Elsa Newton Bio

(Descendant Chart)

Old Cattaraugus County Family Photo Collections - Various Surnames


Jesse Newton Bio

(Descendant Chart)


Eunice Newton (King) Bio

(Descendant Chart)


Daniel Newton Bio

(Descendant Chart)


Sally Newton (Hyde) Bio

(Descendant Chart)

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