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Pierre Robert (b.1655-1656, St. Imier, Switzerland -d.1715, Santee, S.C.), was baptized on Feb. 3, 1656 in the Reformed Evangelical Parish of St. Imier. Pierre Robert is reported to have graduated as a physician at St. Etienne, but proof has not been found. There are some references to him in Swiss records as "Doctor," although this may have been an ecclesiastical title. He studied at the University of Basle in 1674 as a student of philosophy, and was again a student from 1681-1685. It is estimated that Pierre Robert married Jeanne Braye (b.1660,Basle,Switzerland-d.1717,Santee, SC), probably in 1674, as their son, Pierre Robert II was baptized on May 9, 1675. Jeanne Braye was the daughter of Jehu and Suzanne Braye. On Sunday, February 19, 1682, Pierre Robert was ordained in the French Church in Basle, Switzerland, as a minister of the Gospel

Reverend Pierre Robert was the founder and the first Rector of the French congregation at French Santee in St. James Parish. Rev. Pierre Robert served as head minister of the Huguenot Church at French Santee until 1715, when he resigned due to infirmities of age. He left many descendents in South Carolina, Louisiana and Texas. Many of his descendents gather biennially to share fellowship and gather family information.


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