57. Reverend William RENEAU (5)(1) (2) was born on 9 Feb 1739 in Prince William, VA. He died in 1798 in Sevier, TN. He has Ancestral File number 56CP-V3. He was a Baptist Minister. From Guy Reno ms.: "The old baptist minister". Eldest son of John and Susannah, he moved to Chartiers Creek southwest of Pittsburg with his parents and became a baptist minister (History of Alleghany County, PA by Creigh, p. 37). He sold his land in late 1782 along with his father and brother Benjamin, to Hugh Henry Breckenridge, and moved to Carter Co., TN. "A register of members of Sinking Creek Church, Book I to 1791" lists church members as Garrett Reasoner, Keziah Reasoner, Charles Reno, Elizabeth Tipton, Samuel Tipton, Catherine Reno, William Reno, and John Reno. William Reno is listed as a "clerk in behalf of the church" in a document dated July 5, 1785 in "Papers relating to Sinking Creek Church 1783-1875". No Renos are mentioned in church records after 1796. About 1796, William left the Sinking Creek Baptist Church near Elizabethton, TN and went to Cooke Co., TN where he organized several churches. In a document dated December 6, 1787 on page 2D of "The Old Church Book" of Cocke Co., members of the Baptist Society of Big Pigeon River constitute the principles of the church, "constituted by Eldership of Isaac Burton and Will Reno...". He was killed by indians on his way home from the Massacre of Pigeon Creek, Sevier County, TN in October 1787.
A letter dated July 21, 1798 (appendix to Guy Reno ms.) from Catherine Reno, widow of William Reno, to the Sinking Creek Baptist Church in Carter Co., TN mentions her daughter Mary Reno and Mary's husband Thomas Hudeburk in her plea to have a bond of 100 pounds taken by S. D. Hudeburk returned to her and Mary.
From Sue Damewood's files: Tradition says that William was at the Massacre of Pigeon River in 1798. He saved many settlers but on his way home he was slain by the Indians in Sevier County, Tennessee. However, there was a William Reno who was surety for the marriage of Elizabeth Shoults to William Gourley on January 19, 1799, in Carter Co., TN. Also William Reno was surety for Jonathan Reno to Sarah Rodgers marriage on December 27, 1800, in Carter County. [I don't believe he could have died in 1798 and been surety on a marriage in 1800!] William moved to a settlement on Chartiers Creek, a few miles southwest of Pittsburgh, Pa., with his parents and entered his career in the Baptist ministry. He was called "The Old Baptist Minister."
The history of Yohoganis County, Virginia (presently Allegheny County, PA) sttes that on August 28, 1778, William Reno, a minister of the gospel, came to court and gave the required oaths of loyalty to and support of the colonies in the Revolutionary War. William sold his land at about the time his father and brother Benjamin sold theirs (late 1782). He was in Shenandoah County, Virginia, in 1783. He came to Washington County, Tennessee (formerly Burke County, Morgan District, North Carolina) which later became Carter County, Tennessee, where he was actively engaged as a traveling minister.
Tradition again says that William, brother Charles, and a John Reno organized the Sinking Creek Baptist Church in Carter County, Tennessee. However, in the book, "Sketch of Sinking Creek Baptist Church" by Fred F. Hinkle, Church Historian, it says "Matthew Talbot is believed to have been the founder of Sinking Creek Church. The first four ministers in this church were Talbot, Jonathan Mulkey, Joshua Kelley, and James Chambers." In the list of pastors of the Sinking Creek Church, no Reno is ever listed. When the Big Pidgeon Baptist Church was organized on December 6, 1787, in Cocke County, Tennessee, "Will Reno" is shown as one of the elders. According to the book, "Over the Misty Blue Hills - The Story of Cocke County, Tennessee" by Ruth Webb Odell, he and Jonathan Mulkey preached there in 1785 and 1786: p. 152, "About the year 1785 and 1786, at the settlement of French Broad and Big Pigeon Rivers in which settlements were found a few people distinguished by the name of Baptist. It pleased the Lord in the course of his divine providence to visit us by his ministers, namely, Jonathan Mulkey and William Reno, who labored in the word and doctrine among us." On page 154 of the same book, it says, "...following excerpts are from the Minutes of Big Pigeon Church; on page 3 of Record Book D." "On February 28, 1789 at the home of Samuel Job on Big Pigeon River. Elder William Reno preached. Jonas Cane received into the Church. Elder Reno, moderator..."

He was married to Catherine BUTLER on 27 May 1760 in Prince William, , VA. Catherine BUTLER(5) (6)(1) (2) was born in 1742 in Of, , Virginia. She died in 1798 in , Sevier Co., TN. She has Ancestral File number D117-QB. Reverend William RENEAU and Catherine BUTLER had the following children:

child+110 i. Margaret RENO.
child+111 ii. Mary RENO.
child+112 iii. John Harris RENO.
child+113 iv. Susanna RENO.
child114 v. Jane RENO(5) (6)(1) (2) was born on 6 Apr 1770 in , Primce William, VA. She has Ancestral File number GJNC-MF.
child+115 vi. Samuel RENO.
child116 vii. Lewis RENO(5) (6)(1) (2) was born on 3 Oct 1782 in , Primce William, VA. He died in 1854. He has Ancestral File number GJNC-PR.