63. George RENEAU (1)(2) was born on 1 Sep 1751 in Prince William, VA. He died on 7 Apr 1834 in Vevay, Switzerland Co, Indiana. He has Ancestral File number 56CQ-23. George Reno moved from Prince City, VA to Pittsburg PA, to NC (lived there 6 yrs, with his brother John and Elizabeth Debolt there at the same time), to Kentucky in 1793 where he lived 3 years, then to Ohio (20 yrs), and last lived in Indiana for 19 years in Dearborn County and finally Switzerland County for 18 months(Switzerland Co. Probate Book A, p. 429, dated Apr. 7, 1834). He said in the Probate Book record that he was stationed in 1776 at Catfish Camp (now Washington, PA), and in 1777 was drafted at Chartiers Creek near Pittsburg. He served in the Pennsylvania Rangers during the Revolutionary War 1776-1779, 2 months each year. Also served in Captain Turner's Company, Jefferson Co., TN.
The 1820 census for Hardinburgh Twnshp., Dearborn Co., IN p. 104 has a listing for George Reno and his son George W.: 1 male born before 1775; 1 male born 1775-1794; 1 female born before 1775; and 1 female born 1795-1804. Also listed are James and William Reno. Later on the same page as George there are entries for families of Benjamin Reno and Elijah D. Reno. E.R. and G.T. McCoy, in their book on the descendents of George Reno b. 1751, have George's wife as Jane Baylis, but this seems to be incorrect, especially given that one of his children has a middle name of Duggan.

He was married to Jean or June REED. George RENEAU and Jean or June REED had the following children:

child142 i. Benjamin RENEAU(1) (2) was born in 1784.

He was married to Margaret Or Peggy DEBOLT about 1773 in , , VA. He was married to Margaret Or Peggy DEBOLT. Margaret Or Peggy DEBOLT(6) (1)(2) has Ancestral File number 17PW-G78.

He was married to Margaret (Peggie) DUGAN on 20 Feb 1785 in Fauquier, VA. George RENEAU and Margaret (Peggie) DUGAN had the following children:

child143 i. Lavina RENEAU(1) (2) was born in 1771.
child144 ii. Elijah Dugan RENEAU(1) (2) was born in 1780. He died in 1844.
child145 iii. Presley RENEAU(1) (2) was born on 19 Oct 1782 in Pennsylvania. He died on 28 Dec 1862 in Switzerland Co., IN.
child146 iv. Martin RENEAU(1) (2) was born about 1783.
child147 v. George W RENEAU(1) (2) was born on 28 Feb 1785 in Pennsylvania. He died on 3 Aug 1857 in Boone Co., IN.
child148 vi. Margaret RENEAU(1) (2) was born in 1786.
child149 vii. Benjamin RENEAU(1) (2) was born in 1787 in Pennsylvania. He died in 1850 in White Co., IN.
child150 viii. Mary RENEAU(1) (2) was born about 1788.
child151 ix. Susan RENEAU(1) (2) was born about 1790.
child152 x. Hester RENEAU(1) (2) was born on 18 Oct 1794. She died on 8 Sep 1828.