66. Reverand Francis RENEAU (5)(1) (2) was born on 7 Feb 1758 in Allegheny, PA. He died on 12 Aug 1836 in Rochester, PA. He has Ancestral File number 56CQ-4F. He was a Minister. Francis Reno was the youngest of seven sons, and grew up in eastern Virginia with his parents. One of the old histories of Beaver Co. PA said that he was born in Richmond, VA, but it is more likely that he was born in Frederick Co. which is where his parents lived, as there is no indication his parents ever lived in Richmond. In 1767 his family moved to Washington Co., Pennsylvania, where Francis attended the McWilliams Latin School which was held in a log cabin. When it came time for him to become a minister, he traveled to Philadelphia where he was ordained as a priest in the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States on October 28, 1792 by William White, Bishop of the church. After his marriage to Lydia Saviers in 1784, he set out about 1799 with his wife and six children and all their household goods in an ox cart and blazed a trail to a spot near present-day Rochester, PA where they built a house. The Reno family were the first recorded settlers at Rochester. He was the first Episcopal minister west of the mountains, and preached in log cabins, barns, and groves all over the county. He lived to be 80 years old, spending much of his live in a house on the upland on Deer Lane, near what is known as "Stile's property". He had long, white hair, was venerable in appearance, and loved little children (from article entitled "The Pioneers" on Beaver Co. history).
Francis Reno served in the Virginia Militia, as documented in records of what is now Yohagania Co., VA: "March 26, 1778 - Francis Reno produced a commission from his Excellency the Governor appointing him Lieutenant of the Militia which being read the said Francis came into the Court and swore into said Commission" (Virginia Court Records in Southwestern Pennsylvania, 1974, by Boyd Crumrine). "June 24, 1778 - Court of Yohahania County, Ordered that Francis Reno be recommended to his Excellency the Governor as a Proper Person to serve as a Captain in the Militia in the Room of Wiliam Lee now in the Continental Service."
He is listed in the 1790 census for Allegheny Co., PA: 2 males under 16, 3 males >= 16 yrs., and 2 females. The listing for Francis Reno in the 1800 census for Beaver Co. is 32010-21010. His name appears in the Daughters of the American Revolution Patriot Index, which says he was a private from Pennsylvania and that his wife's name was spelled Lydia Savers. In the 1840 census for Beaver Co. following Francis' death, Lidia Reno is the head of household age 70-79, with 1 male 15-19 and 1 female 15-19.
His obituary appears in an old newspaper at the Beaver Falls, PA Historical Society: "Departed this life, on the 12th inst., the Rev. FRANCIS RENO, aged about eighty years, who has since the year 1798 been a resident near the town of Beaver. This venerable patriot and devoted laborer in teh Vineyard of his great Redeemer, early emigrated with a respectable connexion of relatives from Virginia, to the neighborhood of Pittsburg, on the waters of Chartiers, at a time when it was necessary to carry arms for defence against the ruthless savage, the dangers and toils of which he bore his part. Having received an education for the Gospel ministry, and studied Divinity, in part under the instruction of the late Dr. McMillin, D.D. about the year 1790 or '91, he attached himself to the Episcopal Protestant Church, and soon after became a licentiate in that body, and on the 28th October 1792, was canonically ordained by the Protestant Episcopal Church, by the Rev. Bishop White of Philadephia. From that time he devoted himself assiduously to his pastoral labours; he being for a long period the only clerical gentleman in western Pennsylvania, in the branch of the church to which he belonged. His duties were arduous and his efforts indefatigable, in the building up of churches in various places in the country around where he lived. He continued his labors until within a few years, when he being severely afflicted with Rheumatic affections, and the decline of strength natural to old age, was forced to abandon them. This devoted follower of the Divine master, after a long life spent within the circle of an extensive connection of relatives and acquaintances, by whom he was beloved and esteemed, and a large family of children and a beloved and amiable wife, sunk into the arms of death, without a sign or a groan, by whom it may have been emphatically said, "O, death, where is thy sting! O, grave, where is thy victory?". Rev. Francis and Lydia are buried in the Old Beaver cemetery.

He was married to Lydia Dorthy (Dolly) SEVIER (daughter of John SEVIER and Bell JANE) on 15 Jun 1784 in Allegheny, PA. Lydia Dorthy (Dolly) SEVIER (5)(6) (1)(2) was born on 16 Dec 1764 in , Beaver, PA. She died on 23 Mar 1842 in , Beaver, PA. She has Ancestral File number D117-W6. Reverand Francis RENEAU and Lydia Dorthy (Dolly) SEVIER had the following children:

child167 i. John RENO(5) (6)(1) (2) was born on 20 Mar 1785 in Beaver Co., PA. He died on 10 Apr 1862 in Rochester, Beaver Co., PN. He has Ancestral File number ZLLZ-03.
child+168 ii. Elizabeth RENO.
child169 iii. Charles Saviers RENO(5) (6)(1) (2) was born on 14 May 1789 in Beaver Co., PA. He died on 19 Jul 1847 in Beaver Co., PA. He has Ancestral File number ZLLZ-2F.
child170 iv. Lewis RENO(5) (6)(1) (2) was born on 30 Oct 1791 in Chartiers Creek, Alleghany Co., PA. He died on 31 Jul 1870 in Beaver Co., PA. He has Ancestral File number ZLLZ-3L.
child171 v. William RENO(5) (6)(1) (2) was born on 9 Oct 1793 in Beaver Co., PA. He died on 6 Mar 1860 in Rochester, Beaver Co., PN. He has Ancestral File number ZLLZ-4R.
child172 vi. Nancy RENEAU(6) (1)(2) was born on 26 Dec 1795 in Beaver Co., PA. She died on 20 Oct 1822.
child+173 vii. Jane RENO.
child174 viii. Thomas Thornton RENO(5) (6)(1) (2) was born on 28 Jun 1800 in Beaver Co., PA. He died on 18 Jul 1873 in Arvada, CO. He has Ancestral File number ZLLZ-79.
child175 ix. Francis J. RENO(5) (6)(1) (2) was born on 25 Mar 1802 in Beaver Co., PA. He died on 3 Sep 1864 in Youngstown, OH. He has Ancestral File number ZLLZ-8G.
child176 x. Susanna RENO(5) (6)(1) (2) was born on 26 Apr 1804 in Beaver Co., PA. She died on 20 Feb 1807. She has Ancestral File number ZLLZ-9M.
child177 xi. Jesse RENO(5) (6)(1) (2) was born on 27 Feb 1804 in Beaver Co., PA. He died on 27 Dec 1880 in Mercer Co., PA. He has Ancestral File number ZLLZ-BS.