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There a quite a lot of Tetleys and Tetlows in Canada, not all descended from the same immigrants. However, a sizeable number can trace their ancestry to Joshua Tetley, the founder of the famous Leeds brewery.
Original Immigrants that we're aware of include :-
Albert Leonard Tetley (1875-?)
Samuel Henry Douglas Tetley (1878-1976)
Leslie Francis William Tetley (1888-1982)
Reginald William Edward Tetley (1889-1978)
Ernest Tetley (1895-1957)
Robert John Tetlow (1897-1971)
Annette Kate Tetley (1903-?)
John Sherwood Tetley (1911-1962)
Francis William Tetley (1882-1974)

Some of the daughters of Arthur Joshua Tetley: Daisy Tetley (1879-1949) who married George A. Bampfield in 1908 at Pine Lake, Alberta
Isabella Muriel Tetley (1884-1969) who married John Lindeman Saxby, also in 1908, and also at Pine Lake, Alberta (at Holy Trinity Church there, now a provincial Historic Site).
The third daughter, Ada (1882-1969) came to Alberta in 1909 or l910.

There are Atkinson connections to the descendants of William Tetley of Heaton. Bradford.

If any of these sound familiar, or if I have omitted anyone who should appear here, please get in touch!

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