Tetleys in Leeds England

There have been Tetleys in Leeds and the environs for a long time.

In particular, the family and descendants of the brewer, Joshua Tetley, have a long association with Leeds and particularly the Armley area. Of course the brewery has had a major influence on the social life of Leeds, but the family have strong ties to the military, educational and local government aspects of Leeds. They also played their part in the two world wars.

Charles Francis Tetley (1848-1934), son of Francis William, was Lord Mayor of Leeds in 1897, a magistrate for more than 50 years, a councillor and alderman from 1895-1927.
Brigadier James Noel Tetley (1898-1971) was Pro-Chancellor of Leeds University from 1956-1965, and his cousin Colonel Charles Harold Tetley (1877-1959) was Pro-Chancellor from 1926 to 1946. Both were conferred with LL.D. Colonel Charles Harold Tetley and his brother Colonel Francis Eric Tetley (1878-1966) were honoured with the Distinguished Service Order (DSO) for service in the 1914-1918 war. Francis Eric was also Lord Mayor of Leeds in 1951. Brigadier James Noel Tetley was awarded the DSO for service in the second world war.

The family's military tradition has existed since the Leeds Volunteers were revived in 1859. The first 'A' company was manned entirely by employees of the brewery.