Tetley Links in the USA

updated: 2nd Jan 2004

There are many Tetley descendants in the US.

Edmund Tetley (1842-1899) founded one branch in New Hampshire. He married Ella F Merrill in 1868.

John Tetley (1801-1872) from Halifax, England, married Francis Crowther, and emigrated to the States in the 1820s.

Frederick Ingman Tetley (1836-1919) was born in Derby, England. He settled in Missouri, and married Elizabeth Jane Bland.

George Tetley  married Martha Elizabeth Ridenout on the 22nd of April 1872. They had a son Samuel G Tetley (1873- 1952) who married Elsie Jane Caskey.

William Raymond Tetley, who died in 1972 in Jefferson Co., married Florence Augusta Boon.

Albert Leonard Tetley (1875-1910) founded one branch, which is, in parts, well documented.

John T Tetley was born in New Jersey in 1848. We don't know who his parents were though! Are you a descendant?

William E Tetley (1861-) was born in England, but married in Maine before 1894, because his wife, Aldana, gave birth to Ruby in 1894.

George Thomas Tetley (1844-) emigrated to the USA from Thornton England, along with all his family. 

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