Tetley Variations

Listed below, are the possible variations on the name Tetley that are known so far. Also listed are the known transcription errors of the name. These transcription errors are not names that have actually been used by anyone, but are the result of transcribers failing to properly read partially legible records.

It is possible that there are some genuine, distinct surnames among these variants. Only by fully researching all the individual lines, would it be possible to work out which are real variants or not.

Certainly, from looking at the records, the names Tetlaw, Tetlow, Tetlowe and Tetley were used interchangeably by more than one branch. Possibly because the individuals concerned were illiterate and relied on others (e.g. the village parson) to write their name down.


Tatelay, Tatlaw, Tatlawe, Tatler, Tatley, Tatlor, Tatlow, Tatlows, Tattely, Tattler, Tattley, Tattlow, Tattly, Tatulli, Taturley, Taytlow, Teatile, Tebley, Tebotley, Tedler, Tedley, Tedly, Tekilek, Telaye, Telfer, Telley, Teplow, Tetetry, Tetlaw, Tetlawe, Tetlay, Tetlaye, Tetler, Tetley, Tetloe, Tetlor, Tetlow, Tetlowe, Tetly, Tettle, Tettler, Tetterley, Tettley, Tettlow, Tettlowe, Tettly, Tetty, Thetley, Tidley, Tidly, Tilley, Tilly, Titilah, Titlah, Titlar, Titlaw, Titler, Titley, Titlo, Titloe, Titlot, Titlow, Titly, Titteleye, Tittler, Tittley, Tittlow, Tittly, Totlay, Totley, Totly, Tottler, Tottley, Totty, Tutle, Tutler, Tutlet, Tutley, Tutlie, Tutlow, Tuttler, Tuttley, Tuttlo, Tylly, Tytler, Tytley, Tytlir, Tytlott, Tyttelegh,


Transcription errors found

Fetley, Fetlley, Fetlow, Fisley, Futley,  Jelley, Jetley, Jetlow, Jettey, Lakey, Lepley, Lesley, Letley, Lilley, Pelley, Petlaw, Petley, Sckey, Selley, Skelly, T Hey, Tatley, Telley, Tetlan, Tettey, Tetllery, Tilley, Tolley

If anyone knows any more, please email me. Richard Tetley