There are a variety of books on this topic of the migration of German migration, specifically, the Prussian Lutherans to South Australia, which can be sourced from Gould's Bookshop (  As more are discovered that are specific to the Barossa Valley, I'll list them here.
R. Grosser 29/12/00

* BECAUSE OF THEIR BELIEFS: Emigration from Prussia to Australia, 
W. Iwan, Trans. & Ed. D. Schubert 192pp 1995

From the late 1830s to the early 1850s, shiploads of Prussian Lutherans came to Australia (mostly SA) and established villages in Klemzig, the Adelaide Hills, the Barossa and beyond. Many thousands of descendants are now scattered throughout Australia. This book is based on a 1931 work by W. Iwan, largely translated from the German here for the first time, which tells the story of this emigration. Included are lists of theC emigrants (about 1,400 names, with place of origin, ages, and occupations) from Prussian archival sources (many now lost). Iwan's material is here updated and supplemented, and comprehensive indexes are added. Item Code SCU001 -- paperback $16.00

* EMIGRANTS TO HAHNDORF: A Remarkable Voyage 
Capt. Hahn 176pp (1838) 1989 bibliog

At the end of 1838 nearly 200 Prussian refugees arrived in SA on the Zebra. They were to become the first settlers of the village of Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills. This is the story of their remarkable voyage and their first few weeks in SA told by the captain of the ship, D.M. Hahn. Edited and introduced by Martin Buchhorn. Notes and commentary on sources extensively revised and expanded by Lee Kersten. Translated from the German by Lee Kersten. Map of voyage.. Item Code OBP002 -- paperback $30.75 OP - last stock to clear at $28.00

* KAVEL'S PEOPLE: From Prussia to South Australia, 
D. Schubert 206pp 1997 2nd Ed. 
b&w photos, maps, sketches, bibliog, index
This book draws heavily on original journals, letters and other documents to give an account of the emigration, the background in Europe and settlement in South Australia. It deals with people such as McLaren, Angas, Flaxman, Kavel, Menge and others, and places such as Klemzig and Hahndorf. It includes biographical notes on the passengers on the Prince George and the Bengalee as well a notes and passenger lists of the Zebra and the Catharina. An extensive bibliography and index are included. Illus. with maps, photos, plans etc. New edition with corrections. Item Code SCU002 -- paperback $25.00

* THE SEED'S INHERITANCE, C. Thiele 318pp 1991
An authentic and engaging historical novel, from one of Australia's most versatile writers. It tells one family's story from the time they pull up roots in Germany in 1848 until the agony of the First World War. Both joys and disappointments befall these pioneers, as they struggle to establish themselves in the Barossa Valley and prove worthy Australians. Item Code OBP006 -- paperback $15.95 - existing stock to clear at $14.00