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south australia

South Australia is a state of south-central Australia, occupying one of the dryest, most barren parts of the continent.

It is bounded by Western Australia on the west, Northern Territory on the north, Queensland on the north and east, and New South Wales and Victoria on the east.

On the south it fronts the Great Australian Bight of the Antarctica Ocean.

The capital is Adelaide.

South Australia occupies about one-eighth of Australia's total land area, it is fourth in size among the nation's eight states and territories. Its people make up less than 10 percent of the Australian population, ranking fifth among the populations of the states and territories.

Although isolation and its distinctive British origins as an experiment in planned settlement have produced a sense of local pride and identity, South Australia's commercial links are strongest with Melbourne and Sydney.

The settled parts of the state form the western end of a crescent of closely settled and productive land in southeastern Australia that is the economic heartland of the nation.

Area 379,900 square miles (984,000 square km). Pop. (1996) 1,427,936

The South Australian

The clipper ship 'South Australian', typified of the commercial clippers
that sailed the Atalantic from England to Australia.

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South Australian Flag