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- Archaeoastronomy -
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Akhet Zodiac

Eclipse studies  taken from the location of Al Minya [28º06'N, 30º45'].
This modern Egyptian city on the Nile, is located just north of the historic Akhetaten in Upper Egypt.

- Enriching the study of the Theology of the Sun, known as the "Aten" -


= Eclipse Studies =
Corrected for the precession of the Equinoxes

   TIME : B.C.    :

-  PLACE : Akhetaten (Tell el-Amarna)  -

View of Akhetaten (Tell el-Amarna) excavation site above and from the South-East,
looking across the flood plain, towards the North-West.
Refer to the Maps section for location details.

Plans of the Temple of the Sun and the Royal Palace at Akhetaten,
note the Main Axis in both, is located along ESE to WNW.

The excavation of the Temple of the Sun at Akhetaten (Tell el-Amarna)
with the surrounding mountain rim, behind to the North East.

When reviewing the following Amarna astronomical studies
...imagine that you are standing here.
Taking a half-turn to the right, to look eastwards in the Northern Hemisphere,
towards the rising sun above the mountains of Amarna.

Fig. 1  Amarna: Sunrise, post-Eclipse in April, 1364 BC.  © 2002 CyBerTek

Fig. 2  Amarna: Sunrise, post-Eclipse in 1363 BC.  © 2002 CyBerTek

Fig. 3  Amarna: Sunrise, post-Eclipse in 1359 BC.  © 2002 CyBerTek

Fig. 4  Amarna: Morning, Eclipse May 1357 BC.  © 2002 CyBerTek

Fig. 5 Amarna: Morning, Eclipse March 1355 BC. [1 of 2]  © 2002 CyBerTek

Fig. 6  Amarna: Afternoon, Eclipse October 1355 BC. [2 of 2]  © 2002 CyBerTek

Fig. 7  Amarna: Morning, Eclipse August, 1352 BC.  [Progressed] © 2002 CyBerTek

Fig. 8  Amarna: Morning, Eclipse in September, 1345 BC.  © 2002 CyBerTek


Fig. 9  Amarna: Morning, Eclipse in May, 1338 BC. [Progressed] © 2002 CyBerTek

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