Family Pictures

Family Pictures

The pictures below are descendants of  Larkin A. Womack and Mary Catherine Taylor.

Descendants of Charles A. Womack

Generation No. 1

Charles A.7 Womack (Larkin A.6, William5, Francis4, Thomas3, Abraham2, William1) was born 1854 in Buckingham Co., Virginia. He married Matilda January 20, 1883.

Children of Charles Womack and Matilda are:

+ 2 i. Clay Howard8 Womack, born December 20, 1892.

3 ii. Jenny Womack, born Abt. 1895. She married Albert Alt.


Generation No. 2

2. Clay Howard8 Womack (Charles A.7, Larkin A.6, William5, Francis4, Thomas3, Abraham2, William1) was born December 20, 1892. He married Grace Cook.

Child of Clay Womack and Grace Cook is:

4 i. Virginia Lee9 Womack, born 1918.


Clay Howard Womack


ClayWomack, from about 1902 in the first one, the second one that says 1902, I believe was actually from 1907 (the year that is noted on the back of the first picture where he is youngest).


The next picture is of Clay on the trolley he operated in Detroit, Michigan around 1918.

Matilda Womack and the last two are of Virginia Lee Womack (One says Grandma Ross, but Ross was her married name).


Clay Womack is 5th over from the left in the top row. His wife, Grace Cook, is kneeling down if front of him wearing a black dress with a white lace collar. Their daughter (my grandmother who I grew up with) is sitting in front and center with a ukelele (sp?). Matilda Womack, Clay's mother, is 7th over from the left in the top row. All of the other people, I have no idea who they are, but I know they are related because some of them are in other family photographs. (Kelly)

Clay's wife, Grace Cook, is 2nd from the left in the top row. Clay is 3rd from the left in the top row and Matilda is seated in the middle row, 3rd from the left. Again, the rest of the people, I don't know. (Kelly)


(A very special thanks to Kelly, the grandaughter of Virginia Lee Womack, above for the pics.)

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