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Welcome to our family history website.

The recent deaths of friends and family have touched us deeply and made us acutely aware of the passage of time. Living in Japan for the last few years has only increased our respect for our ancestors.

 Understanding where we come from, helps us to better understand ourselves. Please enjoy and stay for awhile.

- Rodney & Joyce


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Summer Vacation

On our way back to Wyoming, I had the opportunity to stop in Red Oak, Iowa with my family and search for the grave of great-grandpa Matt Hartshorn. I remember when my parents first migrated to Wyoming, Dad stopped in Red Oak to visit Grandpa Mattís grave.

 Evergreen Cemetery in Red Oak is located in the middle of town on a small series of hills. Just to the left as you enter the park is a brick building. We stopped there to access a touch-screen database which pulled up Mattís information and burial location. We continued up the road and then turned right. About a quarter mile down the road, on the left, and not far from the road, we found great-grandpaís grave:
Hartshorn, Son, Matt P 1889-1926.

 And right next to his headstone was another stone with a pair of inscriptions:
Hartshorn, Father, William 1861-1941
Hartshorn, Mother, Emily C, 1858-1949.

 What a find this was! Prior to this summerís trip, I did not have name's for Mattís parents. Visiting Iowa has opened a whole other area of research into my Fatherís lineage. This was truly a blessing. As was another trip which led me to living relatives on my Motherís Fatherís side in Oklahoma.

- Rodney

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