Cowdrey/Cowdry/Cowdery Genealogy
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Soundex # C360

London, ENG> N'Hampton, Accomack Co, VA > Sussex, Kent Co., DE > Abbeyville, Edgefield Dist., SC > Marion and Boone Cos., AR
GA > OK > TX > CA > NV

The first four generations of this tree have been revised.  They're not complete nor totally accurate; however,
it is closer to the truth than the genealogy published in the Mehling work of 1911, "tenth family not connected to William the Emmigrant Ancestor". 
This family does not stem from Wm. and Mrs. Mary [nee: Robbins] {Savage} Cowdrey as stated by
Mary Bryant Alverson Mehling.
The Mehling work does not mention Benjamin, the emmigrant ancestor of this Cowdrey line, and his children
nor their connection with Sussex Co., Delaware and the property owned by Benjamin and willed to his daughter Fances
 and her children, Henry and Samuell.  Also the property in N'Hampton Co., VA willed by Benjamin to his two sons Thomas and Benjamin.

The first four generations of this tree are a working template.  Much work is needed.

The difficulty, at this time, is the 2nd 3rd, and 4th  generations.
Not sure which Thomas the line continues through.
Is the father of John Cowdrey in the fifth generation in fact Savage Cowdrey?
According to Wm. Drayton Cowdrey, in the 5th gen., in a letter he referred to his grandfather having a brother named Savage.

We are asking for input and help from anyone who is interested in this Southern COWDREY line.

NOTE: All underlined words and names are links to pictures and/or further information and/or lateral trees.

NOTE:  The volumes of Northampton County records covered by the "Index to Deeds, 1632 - 1732", and the "General Index to Wills, 1632 - 1733",               
                 are referred to in the indices by Roman numerals, only,  without any other identification.
First Generation

Benjamin (1) COWDREY, b. ca. 1619 ENGLAND or HOLLAND; d. 1684 Northampton Co., VA

NOTE:     According to an article by Ralph T. Whitelaw in  " The  BULLETIN ",  Benjamin's will was probated on 1 Dec 1684.  Benjamin left 250 acres
                  to his sons Thomas and Benjamin:  150 acres to the former and 100 acres to the latter.  Benjamin later sold his share to Thomas.  He lived near the                       town of  Machipongo in middle Northampton Co. Virginia.  N'hampton and Accomack Counties are known as the "Eastern Shore".  
                  Listed in 1676 - Individual Patents and Owners of N'hampton County.
    Will of Benjamin Cowdrey
  +Frances (1) UNKNOWN, b. 1615
NOTE:  Frances' birthdate was verified in 1669 [ "Colonial Residents of Virginia Whose Ages Were Proved Before Court Officials of Accomack and Northampton Counties" ]
        Children of Benjamin and Frances:
           1.   William Cowdrey, b. Abt. 1634
                    (1) +Unnamed SAVAGE, b. Abt. 1640; d. Abt. 1660;  d/o  Capt. John and Ann [ELKINGTON] SAVAGE
                    (2) +Mrs. Mary [nee: ROBBINS] SAVAGE, widow of Capt. John SAVAGE of N'hampton Co., VA;
                                                     d/o Obedience &  Grace [O'NEILL] ROBBINS, who was the widow of Edward Waters (d. 1628)
                                   Child of William and Mary:
                                      1.   Grace Cowdrey
NOTE:    In the will of Capt. John Savage, John refers to William Cowdrey as his son-in-law. William's wife was the dau/of  Capt. Jn. Savage with his first                     wife Ann [Elkington]This daughter died before the will was made and was not mentioned in the will by name.  She goes unnamed.  
                "To my granddaughter
                Susannah Kendall, the daughter of John and Susannah, the 100 a. plantation whereon William Cowdrey, my son-in-law now dwells, which I have                 given him for life. "  William, now being a widower, marries  his widowed mother-in-law, Mary [nee: Robbins] Savage.
NOTE:    In many sources I have seen, it is said that William Cowdrey was not mentioned in Benjamin's will.  After seeing the will I have to say he is very                         clearly mentioned.  His name was written as "Wm Cowdrey".  It's quite plain.  "I Both will and Bequeath to my son Wm Cowdrey one muskquett                         and one Barrell of Corne which said Corne would have him purchase A(sic) give half for the good of his children."
        2.   Frances (2) Cowdrey, b. Abt. 1636
                  +Captain William Spencer
                        Children of William and Frances:
                            1.  Henry Spencer
                            2.  Samuel Spencer
                            3.  Elizabeth Spencer

        3.   Ann Cowdrey, b. Abt. 1638
        4.   Thomas (1) Cowdrey, b. Abt. 1641 (see next generation)
        5.   Josias (1) Cowdrey, b. abt. 1649, Eastville, Accomack Co., VA;  d. bet 1677-1679, Milford, Sussex, DE
                    +Ann WHITE
Children of Josias and Ann:
                            1. Margaret Cowdrey
                                  + (1)Robert HART, III
                                  + (2) Henry MOLLESTON, m. 13 Mar 1686, Sussex, DE
                            2.  Josias (2) Cowdrey

            NOTE:  Josias Cowdrey (1) died before his father Benjamin's will was made.  He was therefore not mentioned in his father's will.

        6.   Benjamin (2) Cowdrey, b. Abt. 1656
NOTE:  30 Aug 1686, Benjamin, Jr. sold a 100 acres to his brother Thomas.
Second Generation

Thomas (1) Cowdrey, b. abt 1641;  N'hampton Co., 28 Jul 1698, the will of Thomas was filed for probate.
   +Anne NOTTINGHAM, b. Bet. 1649-1654; d/o Richard and Elizabeth [__?__] NOTTINGHAM
        Children of Thomas and Ann:
            1.   Josias Cowdrey, b. Abt. 1680, N'hampton Co., VA
            2.  William Cowdrey, b. Abt. 1684, N'hamton Co., VA
            3.   Elizabeth Cowdrey
            4.   Frances Cowdrey
            5.   Thomas (2) Cowdrey, b. 1694, N'hampton Co., VA  (see next generation)

NOTE:  "Colonial Residents of Virginia's Eastern Shore" subtitle: "Whose Ages Were Proven Before Court Officials of Accomack and N'hampton Counties"
              places the birth of Josias COWDREY at abt. 1680 and his brother, William COWDREY, abt. 1684.
Third Generation

Thomas (2) Cowdrey, b. 1694 N'hampton Co., VA ; d. Abt. 1742. N'hampton Co., VA; m. Abt. 1732
  +Esther SAVAGE, b. ca. 1712 N'hampton, VA d/o Elkington & Winnefred [__?__] SAVAGE;  Elkington was s/o Capt. Jn. SAVAGE.

        Children of Thomas and Esther:
            1.   Savage (1) Cowdrey, Senr., (see next generation)
            2.   Thomas Cowdrey, b. ?, d. 1778; m. 1769; He made a will in N'hampton Co., VA, March 3, 1778; probated June 9, 1778.
                       +Sarah Jacob  d/o  Esau and Elizabeth [HAGGOMAN] JACOB
                                Children of Thomas and Sarah:
                                     1.   William Cowdrey, b. abt.1770
                                     2.   Betsey Cowdrey, b. abt. 1772
                                     3.   Esther Cowdrey, b. abt. 1774
                                     4.   Thomas Cowdrey, III b. abt. 1776

Fourth Generation

Savage (1) Cowdrey, b. Abt. 1735, N'hampton Co., VA; d. 1783, Accomack Co., VA; m. June 15, 1758, N'hampton Co., VA

NOTE:  Two sources and two locations for the marriage of  Savage and Mary Cowdrey. 

NOTE:   Savage's will only names the one son, Henry (Barlow Cowdrey). 

   +Mary BARLOW, dau/of Rev. Henry and Susannah [__?__] BARLOW
        Children of Savage and Mary:
            1.   Thomas Cowdrey, IV, b. abt. 1759; d. ?;  unmarried;  in the West Indies
            2.   Henry Barlow Cowdrey, b. abt. 1762; d. 1800
+Margaret JOYNES, d/o Abel and Ann [nee: ROGERS]{ WAINHOUSE } JOYNES.  Ann's first husband: Francis WAINHOUSE, III
                              Child of Henry and Margaret:
Mahala Cowdrey, b. after his death.  m. Unknown FISHER
            3.   Savage B. Cowdrey
, b. abt. 1764; d. 1809, unmarried.
NOTE:  He was among those who threw tea overboard at the "Boston Tea Party".  He was lost from his own ship, which plied between Norfolk, Va.,
                        and the West Indies.

            5.   Susan Cowdrey
, b. abt. 1765
            6.   Margaret Cowdrey, b. abt. 1767
            7.   Esther Cowdrey, b. abt. 1769; was living in 1827; m. Unknown WALKER
                     Children of Unknown and Esther:
                         1. Thomas Walker
                         2. Henry Walker
                         3. James Walker
                         4. Caroline Walker
Esther gave William Drayton Cowdrey the above list of children.  She married an unknown cousin ______WALKER

         8.   John Cowdrey, b. abt. 1772  (see next generation)
+Ann " ¹Nancy" MOORE , b. abt. 1780, loc. unknown

Fifth Generation

John COWDREY,  b. abt. 1772, VA;  d. Dec 25, 1804, Abbeville, SC; m. Jan 4, 1794,  Edgefield Dist., SC
   +Ann "¹Nancy"  MOORE , b. 1780 loc. unk;  d/o James & Rebecca Ann [Davis] MOORE of Edgefield Dist., SC

    NOTE:  There is a difficulty with the surname of Ann "Nancy" Moore.  Some insist she was a Bostick.  At this time, I do not agree with this assumption.
                   See the  MOORE TREE  w/research notes, submitted by Judy Bennett.  It's a goldmine!
     Children of John and Ann:
        1.  James Moore Cowdrey  (see next generation)
              +Agnes McCUBBIN
        2.  Henry Cowdrey,  b. Feb 4, 1797; d. Jul 15, 1799 loc. unkn.
        3.  Savage (2) Cowdrey, II,  b. Jul 30, 1798; d. Feb 7, 1799
        4.  Harriet Cowdrey,  b. Sep 15, 1800, SC; d. Jan 20, 1867 Early Co., GA; m. Dec 15, 1814, Early Co., GA
              + James SHACKLEFORD,  b. 14 Nov 1786 Georgetown, SC;  d. Dec 26, 1866, Early Co., GA
        5.   William  Drayton Cowdrey,  b. Apr 1, 1803; d. Mar 15, 1865, Early Co., GA; m. Nov 17, 1831, Crawfordsville, GA
              +Selah Gresham JANES, b. Nov 19, 1812 Greene Co, GA; d. Aug 9, 1885, Blakely, Early Co., GA
                                              d/o William and Selah [GRESHAM] JANES

            NOTE:  From a note given me by Rev. Anson Titus of Tufts College, Mass. and written by William Drayton Cowdrey.  He says "I found out in Norfolk, VA.,
                               on my way home from College, in Feb., 1827, that my great grandfather on my father's side was Savage Cowdrey from Eastern Shore Maryland." 
                               It would seem that from the unusual name that this Savage was a son of  William and Mary (Savage) Cowdrey.  Unfortunately, William D. Cowdrey
                               failed to give the name of his grandfather, and I have been unable to find any one who knew anything about him or any record of his birth, marriage or                                       death, but William D. Cowdrey states in his letter that his grandfather had a brother, Savage.  From these few notes I am only
                               able to give the record as follows:"   
Mary B. Alverson Mehling
                              This is a mistake on William D. Cowdrey's part.  His family was in the Eastern Shore but the Eastern Shore of Virginia, (N'hampton  and Accomack                                               Counties) not Maryland.  It's quite possible that he was mistaken in other things, too, in regards to the sketchy knowledge about his family.
        6. Caroline Cowdrey,  b. Feb 4, 1805  Norfolk, VA; d. Oct 13, 1811 loc. unknown

Sixth Generation

James  Moore COWDREY,  b. Aug. 12, 1795 Cambridge, Abbeville, SC d. Jun 5, 1866, ² MCAR
                                                m. Sep 26, 1832, Izard Co, AR,  officiated by: Rev. Thomas LAW.

NOTE:  Dr. Cowdrey was a surgeon for Col. William MITCHELL's Fourteenth AR Infantry.  He left So.  Carolina and emigrated from Charleston, ca. 1825. 
               He became a skillful physician and apparently was quite charming and cultured.  He was ruined financially during the War Between the States, with                his home  and personal property destroyed.
   +Agnes McCUBBIN  b. 26 Apr. 1814, Christian Co., KY, d. Dec 8, 1857, Yellville, MCAR, ³IGI  #GQX9VL
                                            d/o Wm. Pleasant and  ¹Nancy [ADAMS] McCUBBIN,
     Children of James and Agnes:
        1.  (Ann) ² "Nancy" Cowdrey, b. June 25, 1833, July 18, 1833, Fayetteville, AR d. Jul 18, 1833, Fayetteville, AR
        2.  Harriet Henrietta Cowdrey,  b. Oct 4, 1835, Fayetteville, Benton Co., AR, d. TX, m. Dec 28, 1854
                                            Officiated by:  John NOE, Esq.
             + Josiah C. BAWCOM Jr., b. 1835, TN, d. 1905, BurnettCo., TX,  [served in Co. B, 21st Texas Cavalry]
                                           s/o Josiah C. & Priscilla B. [TUTTLE] BAWCOM, Sr.
       3.  James William Cowdrey  b. Nov 5, 1837, Fayetteville, Benton Co., AR,  d. Oct 7, 1893.  (see  J. W. Cowdrey's  family tree)
                                           m/1 Aug 14, 1859, Yelleville, MCAR, m/2 Sep 2, 1869, Yelleville, MCAR
             +Kate V. HASTINGS, b. Abt. 1839, Yelleville, MCAR, d. 1865, Yelleville, MCAR
             +Margaret Clarenda BATTENFIELD, b. Apr 2, 1850, Yelleville, MCAR, d. Jun 4, 1923, Boone Co., AR
      4.  Elizabeth Arkansas "Lizzie"Cowdrey,  b. Apr 3, 1839, Izard Co.;  AR, d. Abt.1893, OK; m. Jul 3, 1858, MCAR
NOTE:   "Lizzie", raised Cornelia "Nellie" after her mother (Agnes) died, due to childbirth complications.
             + Capt. James R. DOWD, b. Jan 1831, GA, Company E, Fifth Regiment, AR  State Troops, Jul 11, 1861,
                                          school teacher, moved to Broken Arrow, OK
                    Children of James and Elizabeth:
                        1.  Jack Dowd, b. Nov 27, 1863, m. 1887
                              +Ida Bell "Lula" PIERSON b. Feb 1871, MCAR
d/o Levi and Elizabeth Agnes [MITCHELL] PIERSON
                                 Children of Jack and Ida Bell:
                                     1. Roy Dowd
                                     2. Robert Dowd
                                     3. Della Dowd
                                     4. Infant Dowd
                                     5. Arthur Dowd
                                     5. Ora Dowd
                        2.  James R. Dowd, Jr. b. Mar 14 1864:  never married
                        3.  Mary E. Dowd, b. Dec 23, 1870
                                +Adolphus DeLorraine ORCUTT
      5.  Henry Washington Cowdrey,   (see next generation)
NOTE:  Henry  enlisted at Yellville, MCAR,  27 Arkansas Infantry, Company "A", CSA.  He mustered in and out as a private.
FHC, Film #M376, roll 6,  Civil War Soldiers and Sailors) CWSS}  }    
               +Martha KING
     6.  Mary Agnes Cowdrey, b. Nov 26, 1843, Yelleville, MC, AR, d. Bef. 1894, loc unkn., m. June 12, 1866
                                         loc unknown.
              +Col. James Arthur WILSON, b. 1840, loc. unkn. d. bef 1894, Harrison, Boone Co., AR
     7.   John  Shackleford Cowdrey,b. Jul 15, 1846, Yelleville, MCAR  d. Jul 5, 1928, Yelleville, MCAR
                                        m. Dec 25, 1872, Yelleville, MCAR  Served inthe First Arkansas Cavalry, CSA
              +Martha Helen BERRY, b. Mar 7, 1857, Yelleville, MCAR, m. Dec 1872, d. 1935, Yelleville, MCAR
                                        dau. of James H. and  Mary Eliza [WILSON] BERRY
     8.  Caroline Phoebe Cowdrey,  b. Jun 23, 1848, Yelleville, MCAR, m. Abt. 1870
             +Richmond Pearson WILSON, b. Oct, 1846, s/o James A. and Temperance [__?__] WILSON.
     9.  Laura Emily Cowdrey,  b. Oct 24, 1850, Yelleville, MCAR
              +Archibald  M. SLOAN, of Boone, Co., AR
   10.  Cornelia Eugenia "Nellie" Cowdrey,  b. Dec 26, 1853, MCAR  m. May 20, 1875, d. April 11, 1935
             + Ambrose Wilson WICKERSHAM, b. Dec 5, 1851, Yellville, MCAR d. Aug 9, 1933
                                       s/o John L. and Elizabeth Albertine [McPHERSON] WICKERSHAM
   11.  Infant  Cowdrey, b. Oct 1, 1857, Yellville, MCAR, d. Oct 1, 1857, Yellville, MCAR

Seventh Generation

Henry  Washington COWDREY, b. Jul 26, 1841, Yelleville, MCAR, m Oct 7,1861 d. Jan 4, 1915, Lawton,Tillman Co, OK
                                        bu. Yellville, MCAR, m. Oct 7, 1861, Served in Co "A" 27th AR infantry, CSA,
                                        ³IGI Records - FHL, Salt Lake City. Batch 7516103, Sheet 02, Source Call No. 884521, type: Film
   +Martha KING, b. Jul 24, 1844, Elizabeth Co, KY, d. Mar 28, 1920, Webb City, Jaspar, MO, ³IGI  #GQX9R3,
                                        d/o Henry H. and Mary [BROCK] KING
     Children of Henry and Martha:
       1. James Henry Cowdrey,  b. Aug 7, 1862 Yelleville, MCAR,  d. 1901 Little Rock AR, m. 1881, Yelleville, MCAR, ³IGI  #GQX9HP
           +Lula  POPE ,  b. NC
                      Children of James and Lula:
                         1. Vincell Cowdrey
                         2. Pearl Cowdrey
                         3. Howard Cowdrey
                         4. Vera Cowdrey
                         5. Eunice Cowdrey
                         6. Clyde Cowdrey {Fem.}
       2.  John Allen Cowdrey (see next generation)
             +Belva Ora ESTES
       3.  William  Henry Cowdrey, b. Sep 2, 1867, Greene County, MO, d. Sep 28, 1929, Yelleville, MCAR
                                        m/1 Oct 27, 1892, Yelleville, MCAR,  m/2 May 30, 1896, ³IGI  #GQX9K2
             + Drusilla E. PERRY, b. Nov 26, 1871, VA, d. Oct 18, 1895, Yelleville, MCAR, m. Oct 27, 1892, d/o W. H. PERRY
                       Child of William and Drucilla:
                          1. Roy Cowdrey, Sr. b. 11 Nov. 1893, Yellville, MCAR
             + Mary GAINES  b. Oct 3, 1874, d. Mar 17, 1930, m. May 30, 1896, officiated by: Monk BASCOM
                       Children of William and Mary:
                          1. Guy Cowdrey, b. 1896, d.1896 two weeks after birth.
                          2. Guyla Cowdrey, b. 1900, m. Bascum TATUM
       4.  Adolphus C. "Doc" Cowdrey, b. Dec 19, 1869, Greene Co., MO, d. 1936 Owasso, Tulsa Co., OK,
                                           bu. Fairview Cemetery, Owasso, OK  Dec 29, 1889, Yelleville, MCAR, ³IGI  #GQX9D6
             + Rebecca BRIGGS b. Sep, 1872, MCAR d. 1936, d/o John Wright and Mary M."Polly" [HURST ] BRIGGS
                      Children of Adolphus and Rebecca:
                          1.  Robert Cowdrey
                          2.  Flossie Cowdrey
                          3.  Lemmon Cowdrey
                          4.  Wright Cowdrey
       5.  Harriet Caroline "Hattie"Cowdrey b  Jan 20, 1872, Green Co., MO d. Sep 21, 1944, Kansas Cty, Jackson Co., MO; ³IGI  #GQXL7

NOTE:  In a letter to Helen [Jefferson] STOREY from Esther [Cowdrey] CARTMILL, Esther spells Harriett's middle name "Corlin". 
               Other sources give middle name as Caroline.  Since the name "Caroline" runs through the family "Corlin" is most likely a typo.
               +T.L. MEDLEY
               +George W. HOWARD
                      Child of Hattie and George:
                         1. Edith Howard, b. Jul 18, 1894, MC,AR; d. Jun 6, 1970, Enid, OK
       6.  Alfred  Mathew "Bud" Cowdrey,  b. Feb 23, 1874 Brookline, Greene Co., MO, d. Jun 02, 1947 Lubbuck,
                                          Lubbuck Co., TX, m. June 16, 1895, Yelleville, MCAR
              +Cora Belle ANDERSON, b. Mar 26, 1878, d. Nov 12, 1904
              +Mae BENNETT
                   Children of Bud and Cora:
                   Child of Bud and Mae:
       7.  Rufus  Preston Cowdrey, b. Apr 11, 1876, Boone Co., AR  d.  Apr 9,  1949, Lubbock, TX,  m. Dec 25, 1898 Yelleville, MCAR,
                                             ³IGI  #GQX9MD
             +Pricilla Jane  BAWCOM , b. Feb 18, 1871, MCAR, d. Aug 17, 1940, Post, TX,
                                            d/o David and Mary Jane [TABOR] BAWCOM
                     Children of "Ruff" and Pricella:
                        1. Viva Martha Cowdrey
                        2. Lola Mary Cowdrey
                        3. David Elmer Cowdrey [twin]
                        4. Henry Delmer Cowdrey [twin]
                        5. Infant Cowdrey, b. 1906, d. 1906
      8.  Mary  Agnes "Mamie" Cowdrey, b. Apr 12, 1878, Prairie Twp., MCAR, d. 14 Dec, 1917, m. Mar 15, 1895, ³IGI   #GQX9NK
             + Arthur HURST, b. 4 Feb. 1875, d. 22 Jul 1946,  s/o Alexander and Margaret Agnes [ADAMS] HURST
                     Children of "Mamie" and Arthur:
                        1. Cam Hurst
                        2. Ralph Hurst
                        3. Thelma Hurst
                        4. Alice Hurst
       9.  Fanny  Gertrude Cowdrey; b. Aug 19, 1880, Prairie Twp. MCAR; m. Jul 6, 1907; ³IGI  #GQX9BT
                                      [m. same day as brother Joseph]
             +Ewell Russell  CARTMILL  Sr.; b. Jun 14, 1870, WV; d. Aug 3, 1917, Webb City, MO;  s/o Jas. Henry and Marcena O. [FINDLAY] CARTMILL
                     Children of Fanny and Ewell:
                        1. Ewell Russell Cartmill Jr. b. 3 May 1908
                        2. Velma Gertrude Cartmill;  b. abt 1910
                        3. Elvin H.  Cartmill;  abt 1911
                        4. James W. Cartmill;  abt 1914
                        5. Martha Katherine Cartmill; abt 1915
     10.  Joseph  Bryan Cowdrey, b. May 25, 1883, Prairie Twp., MCAR, d. 1952 m. May 30, 1903, loc. unkn. ³IGI  #GQK9PQ
                                         [m. same day as sister Fanny]
             +Sally YOUNG,  b. Dec 20, 1881, Everton, Boone Co., AR; d. Aug 13, 1917, Everton, Boone Co., AR;
                                         daughter of Elijah "Eli" and Josephine F. [BROWN] YOUNG
                   Children of Joe and Sally:
                        1. Joseph Dale Cowdrey
                        2. Henry Noble Cowdrey; m. Marie NICHOLSON
                                Children of Henry and Marie:
                                    1.  Wanda Mozelle; d. at 9 months
                                    2.  Billy W.  Cowdrey
                        3. Ernestine Cowdrey
     11.   Robert  M. Cowdrey, b. Jun 7, 1885, Prairie Twp., MCAR; m. 29 Jan 1908 MCAR;  d. 11 Oct, 1955  loc. unkn.
             +Roberta M. "Reba" LACK, b. abt. 1889, Buffalo, MCAR;  d. Unknown [no issue]
     12.   Esther  Cowdrey,  b. Dec 12, 1889, Prairie Twp., MCAR; d. Jan 7, 1976,  Santa Ana, Orange Co., CA
                                           m. Oct 9, 1908 Galena, IL
             +Thomas William CARTMILL , b. Sept 28, 1881, WV, d. Feb 10, 1979, Westminster, Orange Co., CA ;
                                        s/o James Henry and Marcena O.
[Findlay] CARTMILL
                     Child of Esther and Tom:
                        1. Cleve Cartmill

Eighth Generation

  John   Allen COWDREY, b. Green Co., MO, May 1, 1865 d. Jul 1, 1927, MCAR, m. Jul 24, 1887, bu.  Layton Cemetery
    + Belva Ora ESTES, b. Oct 12, 1868 Eros, MCAR, d. May 26, 1933, Home in Yellville, MCAR,
                                           d/o: Benjamin  M.  ESTES   &  Martha "Mattie" JACKSON
       Children of John Allen & Belva Ora:
       1.   Kirby  Thurman Cowdrey,  b. Sep 1, 1888, MCAR d. Oct 3,  1925, Yelleville, MCAR, bu:  Layton Cemetery, MCAR;
                                           m. Apr 27, 1912,Yelleville, MCAR
             + Alsey BERRY , b. Apr 8, 1894, MCAR, d. Oct 25, 1962 at sister's home in Kansas City, MO; resided in Dallas, TX at time of death; m.(2)Thomas LOTT
                                           d/o James Cambell "Cam" and Edna Earle [LAYTON] BERRY
       2.   Troy  Edgar Cowdrey,  b. Mar14, 1891, MCAR d. Apr 17, 1964; bu:  Layton Cemetery, MCAR;
             +Abbie Jane McCARTY, b. Jul 25, 1892 Yelleville, MCAR d. Jan 17, 1982, Harrison, Boone Co., AR; bu:  Layton Cemetery, MCAR;
                                           d/o James Levi and Mary Tennessee [THOMPSON] McCARTY
       3.   Myrtle  May  Cowdrey,  (see next generation)
             + John Albert JEFFERSON
       4.   Cam  Lavette Cowdrey,  b. Jan 2, 1896, Eros, MCAR d. Jul 5, 1970; bu: Layton Cemetery, MCAR; m. Apr 12, 1917, MCAR
             + Ethel Rosalie CAVANESS, b. Jan 11, 1895, Akers, MO, d. May 17, 1961 Rochester, MN; bu: Layton Cemetery, MCAR;
                                          d/oThomas Matthew and Ida Diana [BROWN] CAVANESS
       5.   Allen  Leon Cowdrey, b. Dec 25, 1900, MC, AR, d. Jan 1, 1960
       6.   Eva  Gertrude Cowdrey, b. Apr 11, 1909, Eros. MCAR,  d. Nov. 23, 1997, Harrison, Boone Co., AR; ; bu:  Layton Cemetery, MCAR
                                          m. Jul 29, 1930, Springfield, MO [no issue]
             +Elza Navarre"Ed" KIRBY , b. Jun 1, 1903, Clinton, IL, d. Jan 1, 1991, Boone Co., AR; bu:  Layton Cemetery, MCAR
                                          s/oIrwin Navarre and Sammy Pearl [BYERLY] KIRBY

Ninth Generation

Myrtle  May  Cowdrey, b. May 18, 1894, Eros, AR;  d. Sep 12, 1973, Pasadena, CA; m. Apr 12, 1917,
                                     Yellville, MCAR  (M-A-Y is the correct spelling for Myrtle's middle name - named for the month of May in which she was born.)
     + John Albert JEFFERSON,  S/O Robert Breckenridge and Ida Jane [WOOD] JEFFERSON [See JEFFERSON Tree]

¹ "Nancy" is often a nickname for Ann like "Polly" for Mary and Sally for Sarah
² MCAR = Marion County, Arkansas
³ Family History Center, Salt Lake City, International Genealogical Index, library file number.
d/o = Daughter of:
s/o = Son of:
bu. = buried

If anyone can add, subtract or amend this genealogy, please contact me.


There are over 15 spellings of this surname which is French in origin.  It signifies a hazel tree or hazel grove.  Here are several: Coudry, Coudre, Coudray, Coudrey, Coudrille, Coudrette, Cordrey, Cordery, Cawdrey, Cawdry, Caudry, Caudrey, as well as Cowdry, Cowdrey, Cowdery and, Cowdray.

References: This Cowdrey family is the "Third Family not connected to William the Emigrant Ancestor" according to the "Cowdrey/Cowdery/Cowdray Genealogy"  by: Mary Bryant Alverson Mehling, pp. 385 - 399 
It is being proved to be incorrect in many instances regarding the earlier generations of this family thanks to the work of Ruth Fay [COWDREY] Hill, Judy BENNETT of the MOORE tree aboveand myself, Rhio GILLIS.

~ Many thanks to the following  people and their sources ~

•Family records of Ruth Fay [COWDREY] HILL, desc. from 8th gen. Alfred M. COWDREY and Norman H. COWDREY.
•Family records of Helen [JEFFERSON] STOREY, dau. of John Albert and Myrtle May [
•Letters to Helen [ 
Papers and Bible in possession of Mary [COWDREY] POLK of Harrison, Boone Co., AR
Billy Wayne COWDREY, desc. from 8th gen. Joseph B. COWDREY, son of Henry Washington COWDREY
Donald COWDREY, son of Walter Jefferson COWDREY, desc. from James W. COWDREY 7th generation
Judy BENNETT: submitted the MOORE tree of  SC>GA. Nancy MOORE was wife of John COWDREY, 6th generation.
Jill W. BURTON submitted the WICKERSHAM branch, 7th generation and some of the COWDREY info and photos.
Tanya JOHNSON submitted info on "The Bulletin" in the first generation.  Desc/of  Margaret [ JOYNESCOWDREY
Sutherland McCOLLEY desc of Josias COWDREY in the first generation
Barbara HOLMES submitted land deeds from Delaware
Phil CARTMILLE submitted information on the CARTMILL brothers in the eighth generation.
Family records of Carl McNUTT, desc. from 7th gen. Jas. William COWDREY and Claude Eugene COWDREY
• Kenny C. FOSSITT, info on Josias and William Cowdrey and ancestor William BANUM / BAYNHAM who married d/o Josias COWDREY, II
"Geneologies of Marion Co. Families 1811-1900", Published by the Hist'l and Gen. Soc. of Marion Co., AR
• Bill EVANS, submitted info on Alsey BERRY, wife of Kirby Thurman COWDREY in the eighth generation.
"History of Marion County" by Earl BERRY, published 1977 on loan from Helen [ JEFFERSONSTOREY
Silas Clairborne TURNBO's stories of the Ozarks and it's people.  The Turnbo Manuscripts by S. C. TURNBO 1844-1925
The "Miles Files" created by two cousins from the Eastern Shore, Barry W. MILES and Moody K. MILES of GHOTES (Genealogy & Historie Of The Eastern Shore)

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