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Soundex #E232

(pronounced es-tis)

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Generation  1

Moses  Estes

Generation  2

Gallant  Estes,  b. abt. 1770/80

NOTE:  See letter submitted by: James Young on Archibald Young and  Gallant Estes

             Children of Gallant and Unknown are:
               1.  Edward Estes
               2.  David Estes
       +(2)Margaret BARNHILL, m. 1802, Greenville Co., SC
             Children of Gallant and Margaret are:
               3.   John Moses Estes, b. Apr 28, 1804, SC; d. 1857, Flippin, ¹ MCAR, [see next generation]
               4.   Bethany E. Estes, b. Feb 27, 1806, SC; m. Andy McCABE
               5.   Malinda  Estes, b. Mar 2, 1812, TN; m. William B. THOMAS
               6.   Landa Estes, b. Sep 10, 1813; m. Malachiah CORNINGS

Generation  3

John Moses Estes, b. Apr 28, 1804, SC; d. 1857, Flippin, MCAR.  From 1866 to 1868, treasurer of  MCARd. Jan 9, 1908 Flippin, MCAR
         +Charlotte ELKINS, b. Mar 9, 1809, Buncombe Co., NC; m.1829 in Cannon Co., TN
                                                 d/o Gabriel and Stacy [DILLARD] ELKINS
            Children of John and Charlotte are:
              1.  Edward Estes, b. Sep 4, 1826, Cannon Co., TN; d. May 13, 1862
                    +Mary Ann PARKER
              2.  Margaret  Ann "Manda" Estes, b. Aug 9, 1828, Cannon Co., TN.; d. 1909  [see family tree]
                    +Gideon THOMPSON.
              3.  John G. Estes, b. Jan 7, 1830, Cannon Co., TN; d. Feb 14, 1873, MCAR
                    +Missouri WOOD
              4.  Elizabeth Caroline Estes, b. Jul 25, 1833, Warrensburg, TN; d. May 2, 1915, Yellville, MCAR
                    +Hiram R. HUTCHINSON
              5.  Mary Catherine "Kate" Estes, b. Mar 12, 1835, Woodbury, Cannon Co, TN d. Mar 25, 1920, MCAR
                    +Ambrose Sevier WOOD
              6.  James C. Estes, b. Jul 10, 1839, Cannon Co., TN; d. Apr 1900, MCAR
                    +Mira M. MOORE
              7.  Paralee Estes, b. Jun 30, 1842; d. Feb 24, 1843
              8.  Benjamin  Mason Estes, b. Sep 23, 1844, Woodbury, TN; d. Aug 13, 1934, ² BCAR [see next generation]
              9.  Nathaniel "Nat" Estes, b. Nov 8, 1847, Cannon Co., TN; d. 1915
                   +Lydia CANTRELL ca. 1868, d/o William and Elizabeth [PAYNE] CANTRELL
            10.  William "Bill" Estes, b. Feb 10, 1850, MCAR; d. 1940, Marion Co., AR;  bu. Layton Cem., Yellville, Marion Co., AR
                    +Julia COVINGTON
            11.  Thomas  Jerome Estes, b. Feb 17, 1852, MCAR ; d. Sep18, 1938, Olvey, AR
                   + Martha J. __?__
                   +Mary Margaret BELL, b. Jul 10, 1854, Jefferson, AL; d. Jun 7, 1923, Lubbock,TX; m. Oct 3, 1878 in Bruno, AR
           12.  Silas Estes, b. Jan 26, 1854; d. July 11, 1857

Generation 4

Benjamin  Mason Estes, b. Sep 23, 1844 in Woodbury, TN, d. Aug 13, 1934 BCAR ³bu: Speers Cemetery, Capps area, BCAR

NOTE: Ben was 16 years old when the War Between the States was declared.  He joined the Confederate side - Herrell 's  batallion.
Harrell's Cavalry Battalion was organized in late 1863 and was placed in Cabell's Brigade, Trans-Mississippi Department.  It saw light duty in the Camden area, then was involved in Price's Missouri operations.  The unit disbanded during the spring of 1865.  Lieutenant Colonel John M. Harrell and Major J. W. Bishop were in command.  (source:  Civil War Soldiers and Sailors {CWSS} ]  He mustered out with the rank of lieutenant.  He was in charge of one section of courier line from Mississippi to Trans Mississippi Department, participating  in the engagements of Poison Springs, Marks Mill and others.  His military marker in the Speer Cemetery, Boone Co., AR reads:
Ben M. Estes
Lieut. Co. C  Ark Cav
Confederate States Army
Sep. 23, 1844    Aug. 13, 1934
(click on Benjamin's name to view family portrait, military marker, headstone and short bio.)
He was a carpenter, farmer, tradesman, nurseryman, and other trades.  Strong Democrat.  Bought, built and sold several homes finally settling on a farm in the Capps area of Boone Co., AR.  He was married three times being widowed twice.
+ (1) Martha JACKSON, b. Oct. 25, 1847, Taney Co., MO; m. Jan 11, 1866; d. Jan 17, 1903, Harrison, BCAR
            d/o David and Phinina BROWN] JACKSON of pioneers of Taney Co., MO bu: Speers Cemetery, BCAR
+ (2) Widow, Mrs. Ellen [LAYTON] HART,  m. Ben, Jan 26, 1903; b. May 16, 1849; d. June 6, 1924, BCAR
           bu Speer Cem. BCAR; widow of Dr. David Gilbert Hart of Mountain Home, AR ; b. 28 Aug 1826, TN ;  d. 17 Oct 1893, BCAR
+ (3) Widow, Mrs. Emeline "Emma" Jane [nee: SECREST] STODDARD, m. Benjamin Estes on Sep 23, 1925, BCAR
            bu. Capps Cemetery, BCAR, next to first husband Henry W.  STODDARD;  b. 25 Jan 1854, VT;  d. 4 Feb 1914, BCAR
         Children of Benjamin and Martha are:
               i.  Mahulda "Hulda" Estes, b. Dec 11, 1866; d. Feb 18, 1906, BCAR; bu. Speer Cemetery, BCAR
                         +(1)Eugene SPEER; bu.  Speer Cemetery, Capps area of BCAR.  Died a few short years after they married.
                         +(2)Aquilla ALBRIGHT; b. Mar 8, 1966; d. Feb. 8, 1923;  bu. Speer Cem., Capps, BCAR
                                           s/o William Mosier and Elizabeth Idella [ MOORE}Albright.
                             Child of Hulda and Aquilla is:
                                    1.  Mattie Albright, b. August 17, 1901;
                                            m.(1) James William TERRY, Jr.; 
                                            m.(2) John Conrad Nixon

             ii.   Belva  Ora Estes  [see next generation]
                         + John  Allen  COWDREY

            iii.   Alice C. Estes, b. Dec 31, 1869, MCAR; d. 1947, BCAR; bu. Denning Cemetery, BCAR
                         +Jess G. PILLOW; bu: Denning Cemetery, BCAR
                              Children of Alice and Jeff are:
1. Otto Pillow, m. Walsie TERRY
                                    2. Ernest Pillow; m. Alta EEUAUS
                                    3.  Jessie Pillow; m. Foster FILLINGHAM
                                    4. Troy Ross Pillow
           iv.  Iva  Nora Estes, b. Nov 4, 1871, MCAR; d. Mar 11, 1916, Boone Co., AR; bu. Speer Cemetery, Capps area of BCAR
                         +Bishop Lafayette "Fate" ELAM,  M.D.,  Dr. ELAM was the s/o: George and Rachel [McENTIRE] ELAM
                              Child of Iva and Fate is:
                                    1.   Kelly Elam, b. Unknown.
           v.   Isa  Dora Estes, b. Jan 1, 1874, MCAR; d. 1956
                         +W. T. TERRY
                              Children of Isa  and W. T. are:
                                   1.   Virgil  Terry
                                   2.   Clay  Terry, b. Feb 26, 1910; d. Jan 1974; m. Thelma JEFFERSON
           vi.   Martin Oliver Estes, b. Feb 19, 1876, Flippin, MCAR; d. May 23, 1960, Capps area, BCAR; bu. Speer Cemetery, BCAR
                        +Martha Jane WHITE, b. Sep 20, 1880, BCAR; d. Feb 7, 1974 Harrison, BCAR; bu: Speer Cemetery, BCAR
                                                            d/o Hugh L. and Eveline [CREEL] WHITE
                            Children of Martin and Martha are:
                                  1. Benjamin Pierce Estes, b. Jan 10, 1902, Capps area, BCAR; d. Feb 17, 1983, BCARSee Family Tree
                                                   bu: Speer Cemetery, BCAR; m. Oct 10, 1928, Capps area, BCAR
                                          +Theo Dora WILSON, b. Dec 4, 1912, Stillwell, OK; d. Feb 22, 1980, Boone Co. AR
                                                             bu: Speer Cemetery, BCAR; dau/of Darious Iven and Essie [Mullen] Wilson
                                 2.   Vernon Olta Estes, b. May 19, 1904, Boone Co.,  AR;  d. Feb 29, 2004, Harrison, BCAR
                                                             bu. Plumlee Cemetery, Mar 4, 2004.
                                            +Roy M. ALFORD, b. March 6, 1899, Carroll Co., AR;
m. Feb 26, 1928; d. Aug 23, 1989, BCAR 
                                 3.   Infant Son Estes, b. Feb 8, 1906, BCAR; d. Feb 8, 1906, BCAR; bu.  Speer Cemetery, BCAR
                                 4.   Avis Inez Estes, b. Oct 8, 1912; d. May 9, 1922, BCAR;  bu. Speer Cemetery, BCAR
                                                             Note:  Fell from a hayloft, suffered a concussion, and died a few hours later
                                 5.   Don Oliver Estes b. Dec 4, 1914; d. Oct 11, 2002 Branson, MO;  bu. Speer Cemetery, BCAR
                                            +Pearl Sue WILSON  b. Jun 24, 1918;  d. Feb. 17, 2008;  bu. Speer Cemetery, BCAR
d/o Luther Burton and Ethel [ROSS] WILSON

                                 6.   Leo McRae Estes, b. Aug 9, 1921, Capps, BCAR; d. Jul 6, 1954; m. Lorene DIXON
           vii.   Essie  Estes, b. Dec 29, 1879 Gaither Mtn., BCAR, d. 1934; bu: Denning Cemetery, BCAR
                        +B. John STALKUP,  b.1877, BCAR; d. 1954; bu: Denning Cemtery, BCAR
                           Children of Essie and John are:
                                 1.   Earl Stalkup, m. Erma SLAGLE.
                                 2.   Eleanor Stalkup, m. E. C. COOK.
                                 3.   Marie Stalkup, m. Oscar GROGAN
          viii.   Nettie   Myrtle Estes, b. Mar 13, 1884, Bear Creek, MCAR; d. 1922; m  Sep 8, 1901
                       +Joseph Wackel McLEAN,  son of:  W. and Margaret [NORTON] McLEAN
                           Children of Nettie and Joe are:
                                 1.  Ruby Dexter McLean; b. Sep 12, 1903, Eros, MCAR; d. Nov 14, 1988, Richmond, Henrico Co., VA
                                        +Lonnie Earl NANCE, b. Feb 17, 1901, Checotah, ( Ind. Terr. ) OK; d, May 24, 1956, Kansas Cty, Wyandotte Co., KS
                                 2.  Ralph Roland McLean; b. Mar 21, 1908, Eros, MCAR; d. Feb 05, 1965, Holdenville, Hughes Co.,OK
                                        +Evelyn Juanita TUCKER

Generation 5

Belva  Ora Estes, b. Oct 12, 1868, MCAR; m. Jul 24, 1887, Eros, MCAR; d. May 26, 1933, MCAR bu. Layton Cemetery, Yellville, MCAR
       +John Allen COWDREY
b. May 1, 1865, Green Co., MO, d. Jul 1, 1927 of peritonitis enroute to Hosp. from Yellville, MCAR to
                                                Springfield, MO;  bu: Layton Cemetery, Yellville, MCAR;[ see Cowdrey Family Tree]
             Children of John and Ora are:
                   1.  Kirby  Thurman Cowdrey, b.  Sep 1, 1888, MCAR; d. Oct 3, 1925, Yellville, MCAR; m. 27 Apr 1912; Yellville, MCAR; bu: Layton Cemetery, MCAR
                                     +Alsey Layton  BERRY  1894 MCAR;  d. Oct 25, 1962; d/o James Cambell and Edna Earle [LAYTON] BERRY
                   2.   Troy  Edgar Cowdrey, b. Mar 14, 1891, MCAR; d. Apr 17, 1964,Yellville, MCAR; m. 09 Feb 1918, MCAR; bu: Layton Cemetery, MCAR; bu:  Layton Cemetery, MCAR;
                                    +Abbie Jane McCARTY  b. Jul 25, 1892 Yellville,MCAR; ; d. Jan 17, 1982, Harrison, BCAR;
                                               m. Apr 27, 1912, Yellville, MCARd/o James Levi and Mary Tennessee [nee: THOMPSON] McCARTY
                   3.   Myrtle  May Cowdrey [see next generation]
                                     + John  Albert  JEFFERSON
                   4.   Cam  Lavette Cowdrey, b. Jan 2, 1896, Eros, MCAR d. Jul 5, 1970; bu: Layton Cemetery, MCAR;  m. Apr 12, 1917, MCAR
                                    +Ethel Rosalie CAVANESS b. Jan 11, 1895, Akers, MO, d. May 17, 1961, Rochester, MN; bu: Layton Cemetery, MCAR
                                                Dau. of:  Thomas Mathew and Ida Diana [BROWN] CAVENESS
                   5.   Allen  Leon Cowdrey, b. Dec 25, 1900, MCAR, d. Jan 1, 1960.  Never married.
                   6.   Eva  Gertrude Cowdrey, b. Apr 11, 1909, Eros. MCAR, d. Nov. 23, 1997, Harrison, BCAR; bu: Layton Cemetery ,MCAR
                                                m. Jul 29, 1930, Springfield, MO [no issue]
                                    +Elza Navarre "Ed" KIRBY b. Jun 1, 1903, Clinton, IL; d. Jan 1, 1991, Harrison, BCAR; bu: Layton Cemetery ,MCAR
                                                son of Irwin Navarre and Sammy Pearl [BYERLY] KIRBY

Generation 6

Myrtle  May Cowdrey, b. May 18, 1894, Eros, MCAR; d. Sep 12, 1973, Pasadena, CA; m. 08 May 1912, MCAR; bu: Rose Hill Cemetery, Whittier CA
   + John  Albert  JEFFERSON  b. Sep 5, 1890, Yelleville, MCAR; d. Aug 23, 1976, Temple City, CA; bu: Rose Hill Cem., Whittier CA
                                                            Son of:  Robert Breckenridge and Ida Jane [WOOD] JEFFERSON (see Jefferson Tree)
           Children of John and Myrtle are:
                   1.   Letha  May Jefferson, b. May 30, 1913, Yellville, MCAR; m. Nov 4, 1934;
                                                            d. Jul 27, 1936, Mt. Vernon, MO
                                    +Ernest  TRASK  b. Jan 23, 1911, MO d. Nov 8, 1993; [no issue]
                   2.   Mable  Helen Jefferson, b. Feb 13,1915, Yellville, MCAR; m 1939, Joplin, MO;
                                                            d. May 31,1966 Pasadena, CA; bu:  Rose Hill Cemetery, Whittier, CA
                                    +(1) Michael  FLUHARTY  b. ?;  d. 1945, Philippine Islands;  bu. Manila, Philippine Islands; [one son]
                                    +(2) Richard D. COOK b. Aug 23, 1906, El Paso, TX, d. Oct 1980, Burbank, CA; no issue
                  3.   Mamie  Eva Jefferson, b. Jun 30, 1917 Yellville, MCAR, d. Dec 1, 1936, Springfield, MO; [no issue]
                  4.   Johnnie  Lou Jefferson, (f) b. Mar 1, 1920, Springfield, MO, d. Sep 1, 1994, Lucadia, CA; bu: Rose Hill Cem., Whittier, CA
                                    +(1) Wayne HERIFORD , b. Jan 25, 1923, Springfield, MO;  d. Mar 1985, Clarkston, WA, [no issue]
                                    +(2) Ellis GRAY , b. Jun 2, 1904, d. Aug 1977, PA; [no issue]
                                    +(3) Euclid Thomas LaBLANC    [Private], [no issue]
                  5.   Othel  Louise Jefferson, b. Nov 9, 1921, Springfield, MO, d. Mar 26, 1962 Fontana, CA; bu: Rose Hill Cem., Whittier, CA
                                    +(1) John TALLEY, b. Mar 14, 1909;  d. Feb 16, 1947; [no issue]
                                    +(2) Fred George MILLER , b Mar 18, 1913, Salt Lake City, UT, d Aug 23, 1994, Orange Co. CA; [2 sons and 1 daughter]
                                                            Son of: Julius and Mary [STERZER] MILLER
                  6.   Helen  Marie Jefferson [Private]
                                    +Jack Weston STOREY , b. Jun 27, 1922, Los Angeles, CA; d. Nov 10, 1990, Arcadia,CA; [ 1 daughter and 1 son]
                  7.   Ida  Bell Jefferson; a.k.a. Idabelle [Private] [2 daughters and 3 sons]
                                    +Michael Paul MORRONE   b. Aug 3, 1916, Pueblo,CO; m. Nov 8, 1942, Las Vegas, NV; d. Feb 15, 2003, Burbank,CA;
                                                                                       bu. Feb 20, 2003, San Fernando Mission Cem.; Mission Hills, CA;
                                                                                       s/o Veto Pasquale and Angela Marie [Rovito] Morrone
of Trento, Cosenza, Calabria, IT

                  8.   William  Seldon Jefferson  [Private]
                                    +(1) Beverly KROENER  [Private] [2 daughters and 1 son]
                                    +(2)Mrs. Catherine [nee:BLACKMAN] Hammel [Private]; [no issue]
NOTE:     ¹ MCAR = Marion County, AR
                 ²  BCAR = Boone County, AR
                 ³  bu. = buried

No later generations will be added for  privacy reasons.

Many thanks to the following people for supplying some of the data in this tree:
Roberta Lee [ESTES] HALL   (Robert Lee
1;  Benjamin Pierce2; Martin Oliver3; Benjamin Mason4; John Moses5; Gallant6; Moses7)
Robert Lee ESTES, ( Benjamin Pierce1;  Martin Oliver2; Benjamin Mason3 ; John Moses4; Gallant5; Moses6) fourth Generation
David THOMAS, desc.  of Malinda ESTES in the first generation
Peggy ESTES, desc.  of James C.  ESTES in the second generation
Mary HAMLIN:  desc of Thomas Jerome Estes third generation
Cindy LOUTH, desc. of Charlotte Elkins, in the third generation
Richard Earl NANCE, desc. of  Nettie Myrtle Estes, in the fourth generation
James M. YOUNG, desc. of  Archibald Young,  friend of Gallant  Estes

Some Sources
"Genealogies of Marion County Families 1811-1900", published by:
The Historical and Genealogical  Society of Marion Co., AR
"Mountain Echo" newspaper of Marion Co.,AR
"The Boone Banner" newspaper of Boone Co., AR; M. H. Trimble, Editor
Boone County, AR, Will Book "B" p. 166 index  1869 - 1942
AR Federal Lands Record Vol. 2370; p. 14; document #905; Land Office of Harrison
Marion County 1850 census #355
Arkansas Research - Ark. CSA soldiers index:   1911 Census of Confederate Veterans:  by: Desmond Walls Allen 

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