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Soundex #

MO, 1920>CA, 1940>NV, 1960 & WA, 1989
VA, 1700>NC, 1800>AR & GA, 1847
  OK, abt 1830>LA, 1930>TX, 19- -.........    ...

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First Generation

David  JEFFERSON, b. Abt. 1718
   +Jochabed  DANIEL  b Jul 14, 1719; d/o Richard and Elizabeth [WORTHAM] DANIEL of Christ Church, Middlesex Co., VA.
           Child of David and Jochabed:
             1. Daniel Jefferson, b. Apr 21, 1746  [only known child]

Second Generation

 Daniel  JEFFERSON, Sr.  b. Apr 21, 1746; d. abt. 1802; m. Oct 19, 1769, Christ Church, Middlesex Co. VA
  + Mary DUNLAVY/ DUNLEAVY  b. Abt. 1748, d. Abt. 1777-78
            Children of Daniel and Mary:
              1. Mary "Polly" Jefferson,  b. Abt. 1770
              2. Daniel Jefferson,Jr.,  b. 1772  (see next generation)
              3. Elizabeth Jefferson,  b. Abt. 1775
              4. David Jefferson,  b. Abt. 1776

  + Pricilla  BARRICK[2nd wife of Daniel Sr.] m. Aug 1, 1779, Christ Church, Middlesex, Co., VA; d/o David and Diana [nee: HILL ] Barrick
         Children of Daniel and Priscilla:
              5. John Jefferson b. Jan 14, 1782
              6. Thomas Hill Jefferson b. Aug 10, 1787
              7. William Jefferson b. Nov 17, 1791
              8. Diana Jefferson b. Jan 29, 1795
              9. Baby Jefferson, baptised:  May 1798

  Note: Much of the information, above this line, can be found in the
CHRIST CHURCH parish register, of Middlesex Co., VA.  
The book, transcribed from the register, was located at the local Family History Center library.

Third Generation

Daniel  JEFFERSON, Jr.  b. 1772 , Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co., Virginia
Elizabeth MOSS;  m. 5 Dec 1793 , Sussex Co., VA
  + Elizabeth JONES,  b. Abt. 1771, m. 1 May 1794, Amelia Co., VA [1st wife of Daniel, Jr. ]
        Children of Daniel, Jr. and Elizabeth:
                1.  William  Jefferson,  b. Abt. 1795, Amelia County, VA; m. Abt. 1826
                       +Unknown wife
                2.  Bazil  Jefferson,  b. Feb 27, 1797, Amelia County, VA; d. Jul 24, 1876, Forsyth Co. GA
                       +Elizabeth DUVAL b. 1807, Iredell Co., NC; d. Dec 1859, Forsyth Co.,GA
                        Children of:  Bazil and Elizabeth of VA, NC and

Note:  I am expanding this branch of the JEFFERSON family, namely, the family of Bazil and Elizabeth Jefferson of  VA, NC and GA.  I welcome any additions you can offer.  You will be credited with your submisssions.  I also ask that you allow your e-mail address to be posted so that others may contact you in the event of  a query or new information found from their research.

  3.  Col. Thomas JEFFERSON, b. June 6, 1799, Amelia Co., VA; d. Feb 14, 1880, ¹MC, AR  [see fourth generation]
                     +Charlotte C. UNKNOWN  [
1st wife of Thomas]

  +Polly BEVIL(LE); b. 22 Aug 1782,  Mecklenburg, VA; m. 18 Nov 1801,  Amelia Co., VA (3rd wife of Daniel Jefferson, Jr.
d/o John Randolf and Laodicea "Dicey" [ BURTON ] BEVIL(LE)
        Children of Daniel and Polly:
                  1. Child Jefferson; b. Abt. 1802
Child Jefferson; b. Abt. 1803
Child Jefferson; b. Abt. 1805
Child Jefferson; b. Abt. 1807
Child Jefferson; b. Abt. 1808
Child Jefferson; b. Abt. 1810

Fourth Generation

Note:  See Jefferson Family Records
submitted by: Robyn Ann Jefferson Wilson.  Transcribed by: Rhio Gillis

 Col. Thomas  J. JEFFERSON b. Jun 6, 1799, Amelia Co., VAd. Feb 14, 1880, MCAR; bu. Jefferson Farm, Yellville, MCAR
   +Charlotte C. UNKNOWN   [1st wife of Col. Thomas]
          Children of Thomas and Charlotte:
   + Mrs. "Nancy" Ann [nee: WATSON ] { PATTON / PATTEN } d/o George and Mary [MILLER] WATSON of Rutherford Co, NC [2nd wife of  Col. Thomas]
          Children  of Thomas and Nancy:
   +Mrs. Elizabeth Jane CANNON [nee: HOLLIS ]b. 7 Aug 1828, Cannon Co., TN; d. 14 Apr, 1899, Union Twp, MCAR; m. 1861,
3rd wife of Col. Thomas] d/o Jesse and Nancy [Duncan] Hollis of Rowan Co, NC>Cannon Co, TN>Ozark Co, MO
          Children of Thomas and Elizabeth Jane:
               1.  Nancy Miller Jefferson, b. Jan 17, 1863, Yelleville, MCAR; d. Jan 3, 1913, Eureka Springs, AR
                      + John SMITH,  m. Mar 28, 1886
                           Children of John and Nancy:
                                 1. Gertrude Smith
                                 2. Neal Smith
                                 3. Lillian Smith
                                 4. Minnie Smith
                                 5. Florence Smith
                                 6. Ewaldus Smith
               2. Robert Breckenridge Jefferson [see next generation]
                    + Ida Jane WOOD
               3. Thomas Beverly Jefferson  b. Jan 27, 1868, MCAR; d. Jan 22, 1941, Claremore, OK;
                    +Grace LOOMIS,  b. Aug 19, 1880 d/o Loran A. and Annie M. [PRESNELL] LOOMIS
                            Children of Thomas and Grace:
                                1. Clema Elizabeth Jefferson, b.  Dec 28, 1904,  ( MCAR?) d. 1942, Claremore, Rogers Co., OK;  m. 1928
                                      +Fred Burton
                                2. Loran Presnell Jefferson
                                      +Delora Elizabeth Russell

Fifth Generation

Robert  Breckenridge JEFFERSON  b. Sep 25, 1865, Morgan Co., MO,  m. Mar 28, 1886, Yellville, MCAR;
                                                     d. Sep 21, 1944 Flippin, MCAR; bu. Layton Cemetery
   +Ida Jane WOOD,  b. Oct 23, 1868, OK Terr.; d. Sep 12, 1939, Flippin, MCAR; d/o ???
        Children of Robert and Ida Jane:
             1.  Arthur  Jefferson b. Dec 27, 1886 Yellville; d. Apr 26, 1976 Hot Springs, AR; m. Oct 19, 1915, Yellville, MCAR
                  + Daisy HORNER b. Oct 19, 1897, MCAR;
                                                            d/o Jesse Franklin and Sarah Alice [CANTRELL] HORNER
            2.  John Albert Jefferson, (twin) [see next generation]
            3.  Thomas Elbert Jefferson,  (twin) b. Sep 5, 1890 Yellville, MCAR; d. Jan 16, 1917, Yellville; m. Mar 29, 1912, Yellville, MCAR
                  +Monta Mae NOWLIN b. Sept 20, 1894; d. Oct 20, 1916, Yellville, MCAR;
                                                            d/o Clemons Clay and Amanda [BOYD] NOWLIN
            4.  William  J. Bryan Jefferson,  b. Mar 10, 1893 Yellville, MCAR; d. Jun 6, 1968, Arvin, CA; m. Sep 28, 1913, Yellville, MCAR
                  + Fay GARRETT  b. June 30, 1895, El Paso, TX;d. Jun 6, 1949, Hot Springs, AR;
                                                            d/o  John G. and Jennie [__?__] GARRETT
            5.  Stephen  Brundige Jefferson, b. Sep 12, 1896 Yellville, MCAR; d. Apr 5, 1958 Hot Springs, m. Jan 20, 1921 Newport, AR
                  +Frieda Lena VOGEL b. May 23, 1893, Johnstown, PA;d. ? possibly Hot Springs, AR;
                                                             d/o Henry and Kathryn [HOCKSTEIN] VOGEL
            6.  Helen Eva Jefferson, b. Apr 4, 1899 Yellville, MCAR; d. April 17, 1991, Hot Springs, m. May 27, 1917, Yellville, MCAR
                  + Ernest H. LAYTON, b. Aug 30, 1890, Marion Co.; d. Mar 11, 1975, Hot Springs, AR;
                                                            s/o George W. and Hulda [HURST] LAYTON
            7.  Mamie  Louise Jefferson,  b. Mar 9, 1901 Yellville, MCAR; d. Dec 28, 1978, Yellville, MCAR; m. Sep 15, 1923, Yellville, MCAR
                  + Raymond Leslie McVEY  b. Apr 4, 1896, Yellville, MCAR; d. Feb 14, 1984, Yellville, MCAR;
                                                            s/o William & Mary [LAYTON] McVEY
            8.  Robert Floyd Jefferson,  b. Jan 10, 1904 Yellville, MCAR; d. Mar 1969, Wilmerding, PA; m. Jan 22, 1926, Hot Springs, AR
                  + Helen REYNOLDS
            9.  Joseph Lee Jefferson, b. Mar 3, 1910 Yellville, MCAR; d. May 9, 1979, Shreveport, LA; m. Apr 21, 1926
                  +Louise PRATT  b. Sep 23, 1911, Yellville, MCAR; d. Feb 2, 1985, Shreveport, LA;
                                                            d/o of Larry and Agnes [GRISHAM] PRATT
          10.  George Everett Jefferson, b. Apr 20, 1913 Yellville; d. Sep 4, 1976 Shreveport, LA; m. Nov 19, 1940 Hot Springs, AR
                  + Ora Mae KENNEDY b. Nov 20, 1919, Rural Glenwood, AR;
                                                            d/o Guilford Oscar and Pearl [GARRETT] KENNEDY

Sixth Generation

John  Albert JEFFERSON b. Sep 5, 1890 Yellville, MCAR; d. Aug 23, 1976, Temple City CA; m. May 8, 1912, Yellville, MCAR
   + Myrtle May COWDREY, b. May 18, 1894, Eros, MCAR; d. Sep 12, 1973, Pasadena, CA
                                                       d/o John Allen  COWDREY and Belva Ora  ESTES
        Children of John and Myrtle:
             1. Leatha  May Jefferson, b. May 30, 1913, Yellville, MCAR; m. Nov 4, 1934, Nixa, MO; d Jul 27, 1936, Mt. Vernon, MO
                   +Ernest TRASK , b. Jan 23, 1911, Springfield, MO; d. Nov 8, 1993, Springfield, Greene, MO
s/o George Ernest  and Iva F. [BOCKMAN] TRASK
             2.  Mable  Helen Jefferson, b. Feb 13,1915, Yellville, MCAR; m 1939, Joplin MO; d. May 31,1966 Pasadena, CA
                   +Michael  FLUHARTY , [aka Forrest Lintz] d. 1945, Philippine Islands; bu. Manila, Philippine Islands; adopted
                        Child of Michael and Mable:
                            1.  Michael  [nee: Fluharty] Cook  [private]
                  +Richard DeWitt COOK,  b. Aug 23, 1906, El Paso, TX; d. Oct 1980, Burbank, CA;  m. 18 Jul 1948, Ensenada, Baja, Mexico
                                                       s/o George Willis and Diamond Bogus [NAILE] COOK of TX
             3.  Mamie  Eva Jefferson, b. Jun 30, 1917 Yellville, MCAR; d. Dec 1, 1936, Springfield, MO
             4.  Johnnie  Lou Jefferson ( f em.) b. Mar 1, 1920, Springfield, MO; d. Sep 1, 1994, Lucadia, CA,  [no issue]
                   + Wayne  HERIFORD , b. Jan 25, 1923, Springfield, Greene Co, MO; d. Mar 16, 1985, Clarkston, Asotin, WA [no issue]
                                                                 s/o  Leland "Lee" and Iona Pauline [LITTLETON] HERIFORD of MO

                   + Ellis GRAY   [no issue]  no information available
                   + Euclid Thomas  LaBLANC   [private[no issue]  s/o Lesson and Lucille [HERBERT] LeBLANC
             5.  Othel  Louise Jefferson, b. Nov 9, 1921, Springfield, MO; d. Mar 26, 1962, Fontana, CA
                   + John TALLEY,  b. Mar 14, 1909; d. Feb 16, 1947
                   + Fred George  MILLER ,  b. Mar 18, 1913, Salt Lake City, UT m. Oct 6, 1949 Las Vegas, NV; d. Aug 23, 1994, Arcadia, Los Angeles Co, CA
                                                                  s/o Julius and Maria Magdalena [STERTZER ] MILLER of Germany
                       Children of Fred and Othel:
                            1. Robert Jay Miller  [private]
                            2. William Fred Miller  [private]                           
                            3. Louise Mae Miller 
             6.  Helen  Jefferson  [private]
                  +Jack Weston  STOREY , b. Jun 27, 1922, Los Angeles, CA d. Nov 10, 1990, Arcadia, CA
                        Children of Jack and Helen:
                            1. Linda Marie Storey, b. Jan 12, 1945 Hollywood, CA; d. Dec 8, 2000, Livermore, CA
                            2. Joseph Jefferson Storey  [private]
             7.  Ida Bell Jefferson a.k.a. Idabelle  [private]   [see next generation]
                  +Michael Paul MORRONE  
             8.  William  Seldon Jefferson  [private]
                  +Beverly  KROENER   [private]
                        Children of Seldon and Beverly:
                            1. Brenda Anne Jefferson  [private]
                            2. Brett Karl Jefferson  [private]
                            3. Barbara Jean Jefferson  [private]
                  + Mrs. Catherine [nee: BLACKMAN] Hammel   [private]

Seventh Generation

Idabelle JEFFERSON [private] {Note: changed the spelling of her given name}
    +Michael Paul  MORRONE   b. Aug 3, 1916, Pueblo,CO; m. Nov 8, 1942, Las Vegas, NV; d. Feb 15, 2003, Burbank,CA; bu. Feb 20, 2003
                                                       San Fernando Mission Cem.; Mission Hills, CA;

                                                       s/o Vito Charles and Angela Marie ("Angelina")
[ROVITO] MORRONE of Trenta, Cosenza, Calabria, IT
  Children of Mike and Ida:

            1. Rhio Reh Morrone
[private]  [NOTE: nee:  Janet Lynn Marrone.  First and middle names were changed at age four.]
2. Roberta H Morrone  [private]
            3. Richard Charles Morrone  [private]         
4. Robert Paul Morrone  [private]
            5. Rhion Russell Morrone [private]

Later generations have been omitted for privacy reasons

The Robert Breckenridge  JEFFERSON  Family Portrait

NOTE:  ¹MCAR = Marion County, Arkansas
Page updated:   14  Jan  2011

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CHRIST CHURCH parish register, of Middlesex Co., VA. - the book
Records and letters of Helen [Jefferson] Storey
Records and letters of Robyn Ann Jefferson Wilson
"Genealogies of Marion County Families 1811-1900" HSGMCA
"History of Marion County" by: Earl Berry
"Jefferson Family Tree and History" by: Dorse Lee Jefferson
Census: 1810 Surry, NC;  1820 Surry, NC;  Iredell County, NC 1820
1840 Rutherford, NC;  1850 Marion Co., AR;  1880 Marion Co., AR;
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by: Clarence W. Griffin, Published by: The Reprint Company, Spartanburg, NC 1982
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