You will find included in this site is an Index from Book Two: The Rice Family - The Immigrants; Rosemary E. Bachelor, Editor. As more of her books become available, their indicies will be added.

This will be a work in progress, so please be patient with me.

My Rice family descends from three of Edmund's son's; Benjamin, Edward and Thomas. As I have been searching for everything I can find on them, I came to realize just how many different 'Rice Families' there are. In my ignorance I believed that all the Rices descended from Edmund of Sudbury. Shows you how wrong a person can be!

I only started researching my families in 1999, so I am still very new at it and always learning something. One of the first things that I learned was the three D's: DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT AND DOCUMENT. The more sources I have, the better I feel.

This is what led me to volunteer to help Rosemary Bachelor. I'll be collecting data for "all those Rices" that, at some point, were located in New York. For many, this was just a stopping off place on their way westward, this is what makes it so difficult to trace some families. My Rice family ended up in Michigan, so I'm very interested in any Michigan Rices and hope to someday research them to see if there is any connections to my line.

Rice Data Entry Index: The following Rice surname index tries to identify family members with at least one date, place and, if possible, link to an earlier generation. As future books in this series are published, these data entries will be saved and combined. The last book in the series will be a cumulative index of these entries, providing a research data base which will go on the internet.

(The number at the end of each entry signifies page that person(s) can be found on.)

"Book Two: The Rice Family - THE IMMIGRANTS" Index

Rice,A - Rice, B - Rice, C - Rice, D - Rice, E - Rice, F - Rice,G - Rice, H - Rice, I -

Rice, J - Rice, K - Rice, L - Rice, M - Rice, N - Rice, O - Rice, P - Rice, Q & R - Rice, S

Rice, T - Rice, U & V - Rice, W - Rice, Z

Alternate Spellings of the Rice Surname

Samuel Rice Jr., 'Alias' King

A Few Rice Soldiers Noted in Michigan D.A.R. Records

Berrien County, MI

Freeman Rice-Gratiot Co., MI

Questions or comments, please send to Rice Families in America.