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Welcome to the Richie Family Home page. We are the family of Roy and Mary Richie, originally from Herkimer, NY and now living in New York, Georgia, Florida, New Mexico, Colorado and England. The latest family count is 30 folks based on the five siblings, their spouses and "children" (whose ages range from 10 to 33 years old) plus the latest crop of youngun's.

Important Dates to Remember These are birthdates and anniversary dates so far. To see this month and next, click here The Richie Calendar

Updated Sep 17, 2000 - Newest Family Records Online

Dave Foster sent in two photos of a recent boating excursion down a scenic Colorado river. Look closely at the pictures and see if the bow is up or down. The previous edition showed Laura is right behind Dave Foster in having fun and enjoying Colorado Living.NOTE: You can ALWAYS RETURN TO THE HOME PAGE by using the "back" and "forward" arrows or the links at the bottom of each page.

Also added for your viewing pleasure is a link to the revised Thompson family page. It's actually part of The Big East part of Attala County, MS, a site for the pioneer families. Look left of here under Genealogy and Linage. Click on the "Thompson, 1935-1820" link and see the latest.

There are many things that could be written about our past, present and future. For example, we can have a section that highlights life in The Adirondack & Mohawk Valley Region, The Southern States of Florida and Georgia, The Western States of Colorado and New Mexico, or All Other Places that we find to be of interest. We could also chronical our Canadian and /or Hungarian heritage. As new items are written, they'll be posted here for all to enjoy, then gradually be moved over to the "Archives Section."

But, it takes someone like you to write it down and send them in to be incorporated into the Family Page. The blank spaces in the left colum are for future updates to our site, As you send stories, tales, history, etc, I'll add them to the others.

Lastly, let's keep in touch with each other. We can post and read messages on the Richie Family Bulletin Board Each person can read the others messages, and respond to any one of them. Let me know if you like this feature.

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Updated Sept 17, 2000, Richie Family History
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