Saint Patricks Cemetery Map, Richland Co., WI  
              Saint Patrick's - Melancthon Creek Cemetery

                                 Henrietta Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA
                                                                  Cemetery Map        N + S

                                        Highway 80

Use the corresponding Section Letter listed with the record to find the lot.

   Example Henry E. Barreau is  C48, so click on the second Section C below
           and them look at the larger section map to locate Lot 48.

                Click on links below to to get enlarged Section Map

Section A Full Size Map  (Lots 1 to 60)

Section B Full Size Map  (Lots 1 to 60)

Section C Full Size Map  (Lots  1-14 and 25-40 and 56-65)
Section C Full Size Map  (Lots 15-24 and 41-55)

Section D Full Size Map  (Lots 1 to 84)

Section E Full Size Map  (Lots 1 to 79 Plus SECorner)


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