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Saint Patrick's -Melancthon Creek
 Photos by David Thompson

Saint Patrick's - Melancthon Creek Cemetery
Henrietta Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA
Cemetery Photographed September 1999

                                                                                                    (Last Updated December 23, 2017)

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                                                      SAINT PATRICK CEMETERY OF MELANCTHON CREEK

                                                        Henrietta Township of Richland County, Wisconsin

The trustees of Saint Patrick’s Cemetery of Melancthon Creek and Dave Thompson of Richland Center have complied this
cemetery report. St. Patrick’s was a mission of St. Anthony’s of Cazenovia except during the years of about 1872 to 1904.
During that time, St. Patrick’s was a mission of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Richland Center. Dave and the trustees used
courthouse records, obituaries, Richland County as well as other local history books and family members as sources of information.  The Diocese of LaCrosse archivist was also conacted for dates. Burial in the SE (southeast) corner of the cemetery is the unbaptized section.

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