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Mitchell Clay Land Grant
Page 1
Mitchell Clay Land Grant
Page 2
Mitchell Clay Land Grant
Page 3
john_cooke_baptismal.jpg (170760 bytes) jncpension1.gif (148609 bytes) cookthompsonmarriage.bmp (934728 bytes)
John Cooke
Baptismal Record
John N. Cook
Civil War Pension File (18 pages)
Record of Marriage
tbcookdeath.bmp (934728 bytes) lecookdeath.jpg (382871 bytes) wjlyonsdeath.bmp (934728 bytes)
Thomas Boyd Cook
Record of Death
Louisa Estas Thompson Cook
Record of Death
William Josiah Lyons
Record of Death
Giles1810Census1.gif (223108 bytes)
Giles1810Census2.gif (187877 bytes)
williamlyon1850.jpg (548770 bytes)
John & William Cooke in the
1810 Giles Co. Census
Daniel Lyon in the
1850 Patrick Co. Census
William Lyon in the
1850 Patrick Co. Census
ralph_stewart_pension_1.jpg (246675 bytes) gordonthompson1860.jpg (290656 bytes) Transcript of Ralph Stewart's Revolutinary War Pension File
Capt. Ralph Stewart Revolutionary
War Pension File (27 pages)
Gordon Thompson in the
1860 Mercer Co. Census
Retrieving History: The 18th Century Mortuary
History of the Little Dutch Church, Halifax
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Coming Soon - Civil War Records of other Cook's and Peter Lockman

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