R_018: Ephriam Fowler

Ephriam Fowler

1870 Census (Age 9 mo living with Samuel and Rachel)
1880 Census (Age 10 living with Samuel, Rachel and 4 sibling and grandmother Elizabeth Taylor)
1900 Census (Age 31 living with Samuel, Rachel and 4 siblings)
1910 Census (Age 40 living with Emily, 5 children, and mother-in-law Sofia Rundquist)
1940 Census (Age 70 living with son Carl)

Spouse: Emily Elizabeth Rundquist
  1. Carl Samuel Fowler
  2. Irene Fowler
  3. Della Virginia Fowler
  4. Margaret Rundquist Fowler
  5. Ben Fowler
  6. Mary Ann Fowler
  7. Glen Charles Fowler
  8. Gladys Fowler
  9. Clara Fowler
Father: Samuel Fowler
Mother: Rachel Taylor


Ephraim Fowler Samuel Fowler Samuel Fowler Francis Fowler
Ann Lattimore
Ann Wood Hammons Richard Bransom
Sarah Hammons
Rachel Taylor John Taylor John Taylor Weaver
Mary Hill
Elizabeth Pummell Danniel Pummell Weaver
Martha Taylor

Updated on October 17, 2012