R_277: Byram Bybee
"My great-great grandparents Byram Lee Bybee and Betsy Lane Bybee joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Indiana and moved to Nauvoo, Illinois in 1842. They were living two or three miles south of Nauvoo when one day five armed men rode up to their farmhouse and demanded that Byram move his family to Nauvoo. Betsy was stirring soap in a large iron kettle in the yard. She took the stick she was using and shook it at the leader and said, "We will not leave here until my soap is done." The men laughed among themselves and at their captain and rode away. The next morning Byram was standing in the door yard when a bullet whizzed over his head. They left as soon as possible for Nauvoo." - Jeanette Drake (http://www.drakefamilyfarms.com/soapmaking.html)

Byram Lee Bybee



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Spouse: Elizabeth Ane Lane
  1. Polly Chapman Bybee
  2. Rhoda Byram Bybee
  3. Elizabeth Jane Bybee
  4. Luanna Bird Bybee
  5. John McCann Bybee
  6. Lucene Bird Bybee
  7. David Bowman Bybee
  8. Son Bybee
  9. Jonathan Marion Bybee
  10. Robert Lee Bybee
  11. Son Bybee
  12. Byram Levi Bybee
  13. Son Bybee
Father: John Bybee
Mother: Elizabeth Kelly