Canal boat near James Rickenbach's house


This canal boat was likely built at James Rickenbach's drydock and operated by his sons. The boat is perhaps parked in front of James Rickenbach's house, along Cross Keys Road (note the carriage ruts in the road), in the mid or late 1880s. The trees and lumber scraps are very similar to what can be seen in a photograph in front of James' house. If so, the view is to the southeast looking across the canal. The identity of the man on the left near the tree is not known, but the other three men and the woman are very likely some of James Rickenbach's children. The man in the foreground with mustache and dog may be Adam Rickenbach. The men in the boat and next to it with the saw are, based on similarities to other photographs, either Curtin or Wilson (especially the one with the saw), or Edwin or James Jr. Edwin specialized in building canal boat cabins, so maybe he was posing next to the cabin on the boat. Possibilities for the woman on the right are their sisters Becky, Lizzie, or maybe Kate, guessing that she is between 20 and 30 years old.