Herbein Farm

This farmhouse was built by Reuben Herbein probably in the early 1800s. The Herbein farm bordered that of Jacob Rickenbach. The Herbein house, shown below, still stands.




The Herbein farmhouse and other buildings may be seen in the top center of this aerial photograph (from www.mapquest.com). The farm is located where the railroad tracks pass closest to the Schuylkill River. Later, this farm was purchased by James's son Adam. The family of Adam's daugher Ellen and husband Lincoln Reber lived there until the big flood of 1972.

A small railroad bridge can be seen in the upper left corner, under which flows the small "crick" mentioned so often in the memoir. By following the railroad track to the south, you can see the Jacob Rickenbach stone house, just east of where the tracks intersect Cross Keys Road.