Who is the older couple?


The two boys are (left to right) Edwin Rickenbach's grandsons Howard F. Rickenbach (1906-1961) and J. Russell Rickenbach (1904-1965). The photo was taken around 1914. Howard is my grandfather. Doesn't he look like his great-Aunt Lizzie?

Who is the couple behind them? My grandmother labeled this photograph as "Daddy's grandparents" (where "Daddy" is my grandfather Howard F. Rickenbach Sr. (1906-1961). They may be HFRSr.'s maternal grandparents. They may also be his grandmother Catharine Rickenbach Hoover and her second husband Franklin Bagenstose (whom she married following the death in 1894 of her husband Edwin).

Because of this man's resemblance to photographs of James Rickenbach's sons (Curtin and Wilson). I hypothesize that it is one of Edwin's brothers, probably Wilson Rickenbach and his third wife Annie Rubright, and their respective wives. Go back to compare them with what may be their photos from 30 years earlier. This woman does resemble Wilson's wife Annie Rubright.

If you know who they are or have an opinion, drop me a line.