UMAX Data Systems, Inc.Might this be James H. Rickenbach? Until I know better I will guess that it is, but I really don't know. James H. Rickenbach was involved with his father and brothers in the boatbuilding business. He may have been more involved in the sales aspect of the business, according to my grandfather. He was married to Hettie Ogden of Shoemakersville. His father in law John Ogden was first mate aboard James' brother Edwin's ill-fated canal boat "Mars".

James died sometime after 1936, probably in his 70s. It is not known where he lived later in his life. Perhaps he came to Camden N. J. with his brothers Curtin and Wilson, but this is speculation.

Below is an anecdote about James from Colleen Rickenbach Schulze:

"My Dad tells a story about Adam which seems to help me understand why I have a hard time finding information about my past. "Adam's brother James lived in Camden, NJ on a Canal boat. Once a month, one of Adam's children would take him to NJ for a visit. On one of these visits his daughter Ellen and son in-law Link Reber took him. When they reached the boat they saw James sharpening a saw. As they walked up the gang plank James looked at Adam and said "Hi Ad" to which he replied "Hi Jim" James sat and sharpened the saw. for the next 4 hours, not a word was spoken. As they left, James said "Bye Ad" to which Adam replied. " Bye Jim, see you next month." This was told to me by Adam's grandson Clarence Rickenbach (2000)"



This photograph is likely of James, perhaps in the late 1800s in his early 20s. He is standing next to a canal boat in front of his parents’ (James and Eliza) house. 

Photos courtesy of Colleen Rickenbach Schulze