Morris Noecker (1868-1942) was married to James Rickenbach's youngest daughter Lizzie. Morris is shown here at the drydock along with his brother-in-law Curtin Rickenbach, probably in the mid 1890s. Morris' sister Lizzie Noecker was married to Curtin.


Morris came to Camden in 1902 along with brother in law Wilson Rickenbach. By 1905 they, along with a Mr. Auk, founded the Noecker, Rickenbach and Auk Shipbuilding Company. Later, Morris bought out the interests of his partners, and the company became the Noecker Shipbuilding Company.

Morris and his wife Lizzie (Rickenbach) had a winter home in Miami Florida by the early 1920s. They spent every winter there, and summers in Camden. Morris died in Miami in January, 1942, and is buried there.


Morris owned a stone quarry at some point in his life.