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------Genealogy Books ------


Fitz Randolph - Pangburn Book

New The Photo's from the above book , May22/04

The Pangburn Letters  (  Researchers , Web Sites & Headstones )  Completed April 19 , 2004

The Ancestry and Descendants of Jonathan Pollard



1865 Tax List Page 1 (Searchable)

1865 Tax List Page 2 (Searchable)

McKeesport Tax List Images  (Full Text)

McKeesport Research Link

McKeesport Highschool ,Rosters and photos 

Alumni List 1884 to 1926 all who received diplomas ( Dec29/04 )

( Class of 1921 , posting Completed ( Oct. 9/05 )

Now posting the Class of 1922 about 1/2 complete Nov./05

Miscellaneous Class Photo's McKeesport 

Lookups > McKeesport High School year books  For calculating correct year , generally add 17 to 18 years to the birth year , then keep your fingers crossed . Please check the lists for your ancestor first here . If any one else out there has any McKeesport yearbooks and would be willing to do look ups please contact me and I would be happy to add them to this list !   " Rick "

Available books 1920 , 21, 22, 24 ,25 , 26 ,27 - 30 & 1931

History Set Right " The McKeesport Coal Trade "


---------Special Personal Project's -----------

Do you know any of these People ?? are you related to any of them ?

My Grandfathers Funeral Book ( Pittsburgh 1950 )

The link above takes you to a funeral book for Herbert Spencer Pollard

Born Dec. 11 , 1893 at McKeesport PA.The burial took place in March 1950



Yale British Columbia Pioneer Cemetery 

--------- Steamboats --------

Steamboats of the Greater Pittsburgh Area . Boats , Captains , Masters & Boatmen in Pittsburgh's History ( A small List , some photo's and links )

E-Book The story of a McKeesport steamboat Captain During The Civil War

Elisabeth Marine Way's  "J. Mohney's web site "

Historic Sternwheel Preservation Society 

Rick's Favorite Research Links 

History Set Right ( McKeesport Related )

-------- Pollard -------- 

THE OLD CHURCH HOTEL  { Pollard Related}

Early Years Researched and written by Janet Minshull

Pollard Genealogy and History Book

Pollard Web site Documents page 

The Ancestry and Descendants of Jonathan Pollard

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