NameJohn DEASON , 5G Grandson, M
Birth1888, Walhalla, Victoria, Australia, (25430)
DeathSeptember 1963, Ashburton, Victoria, Australia, (19021)
Burial13 September 1963, The Necropolis, (Cremated), Springvale, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
FatherThomas DEASON , M (1859-1928)
MotherEsther Eddy POLLARD , F (1856-1910)
Birth1888, Clunes, Victoria, Australia, (19058)
Death1981, Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, (18267)
FatherThomas DAVIES , M (1851-1890)
MotherEliza HARRIS , F (1861-1929)
Marriage23 May 1910, Victoria, Australia, (3298)
ChildrenBeatrice Madge (Madge) (Mim) , F (1911-2007)
 Mildred Irene , F (1914-2002)
 Esther May (Essie) , F (1917-1994)
Notes for John DEASON
More About John DEASON:
Probate: No Probate (Source: Probate indexes.)

The Necropolis, Springvale:
Registratin Number: 281901
Location: Cremated remains scattered.

John was born in 1888 in the gold-mining town of Walhalla in eastern Victoria. By 1903 the family had moved to Creswick and by 1909 to nearby Ullina.

In 1910 John married Catherine Davies. Catherine’s father had died in 1890 as a result of a mining accident.

At the time of the birth of their first child Madge, in 1911, John and Catherine were in New Zealand where they had gone to find work.

By 1914 John and Catherine had moved to Melbourne. The 1914 Commonwealth Electoral Roll noted John’s occupation as: “engine-driver”; Catherine May’s as: “home duties” and their residence: 33 McGregor St, Middle Park, [Melbourne]. They later moved to the nearby suburbs of St Kilda and Balaclava. The 1919 Commonwealth Electoral Roll recorded two entries:
• St Kilda entry – noted John’s occupation as: “engine-driver”; Catherine May’s as: “home duties” and their residence: Mayville, Barkly St, [St Kilda]; and
• Balaclava entry – noted John’s occupation as: “driver”; Catherine May’s as: “home duties” and their residence: 15 Acacia St, [Balaclava] .

John was a keen cricket player and was noted in 1922 and 1924 as playing for the Richmond and District Industrial Association which consisted of two teams: Melbourne Electric Supply Co and Ratcliff Bros,.

By 1924 they had again moved, this time to the Melbourne suburb of Malvern. The 1924 Commonwealth Electoral Roll noted John’s occupation as: “engine-driver”; Catherine May’s as: “home duties” and their residence: 88 Brunel St, Malvern.

And, by 1931 they had again moved. The 1931, 1936, 1937, 1943 and 1949 Commonwealth Electoral Rolls noted John’s occupation as: engine-driver; Catherine May’s as: home duties and their residence: Clynden Ave, (corner Moira St) Malvern East,,,,. Interestingly, 88 Brunel became the home of John’s uncle, James Joseph Deason and his family as noted in the Commonwealth Electoral Rolls of 1931 and 1936,.

John was an engineer and worked at power stations in Richmond, Melbourne (Melbourne Electric Supply Co) and Yallourn (State Electricity Commission), Victoria. During the 1930s he worked on the design and construction of the air-conditioning system new Sydney to Melbourne express train – the Spirit of Progress.

During the 1940s John worked for the State Electricity Commission (SEC) at their ‘Pole Yard’ which was situated opposite their home in Clynden St, Malvern East.

About 1954 they moved to the Melbourne suburb of Ashburton where they remained until their deaths. The 1954 Commonwealth Electoral Roll contains two entries: one noting John’s occupation as: “engine-driver”; Catherine May’s as: “home duties” and their residence: Clynden Ave, Malvern; the other noting no occupation for John [probably indicating he had retired] and Catherine May’s as: “home duties” and their residence: 17 Highgate Grove, Ashburton.

On the occasion of John and Catherine’s Golden Wedding anniversary in 1960, their daughters made for them a small model of the Welcome Stranger nugget which is now (2006) in the possession of their oldest grandson, Bill Storer.

In 1961 John (Jack) and May visited George and Grace Deason at their home in Penzance, Cornwall. George, originally from Kalgoorlie, Australia, was Jack’s cousin. At the time Jack and May were at the time living at 19 Highgate Grove, Ashburton, Melbourne.

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• Janet & Bill Storer, Charlestown, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
• Grace Deason, Morphett Vale, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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Notes for Catherine May (May) (Spouse 1)
Vic BDMs, Father is listed as John on death so am keeping an open mind on this one as I may be wrong.

The following is from Greg Campbell’s tree:
Note: death notice of 16 April 1994, Sydney Morning Herald, for daughter, Esther, indicates that there were two other sisters – Madge and Mildred (i.e. 3 in total.)

Catherine’s father died as a result of a mining accident.
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