NameJames (Jack) (Jim) DEASON , 5G Grandson, M
Birth1900, Creswick, Victoria, Australia, (2589)
Death17 December 1981, 5 Everton Grove, Surrey Hills, Victoria, Australia, (18702)
Burial22 December 1981, The Necropolis, (Cremated), Springvale, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
FatherThomas DEASON , M (1859-1928)
MotherEsther Eddy POLLARD , F (1856-1910)
Birth1902, Smeaton, Victoria, Australia, (29447)
Burial21 November 1980, The Necropolis, (Cremated), Springvale, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Death19 November 1980, Box Hill, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, (26997)
FatherHenry Conradt MULLER , M
MotherMary HUDSON , F
Marriage1928, Victoria, Australia, (5797)
Children(Private, Male)
 Kenneth Ross , M (<1942-1978)
Notes for James (Jack) (Jim) DEASON
James was born in 1900 at Creswick. The family were still there in 1903 but by 1909 had moved to nearby Ullina. It is likely that James remained with his father, Thomas, after his mother’s death in 1910; after which, Thomas moved to Newbridge (by 1914). Thomas remarried in 1915 and by 1919 had moved to Sunshine, Melbourne. Again, it is likely that James also moved to Sunshine.

In 1928, James married Mary Victoria (Vicki) and by 1931 James and Mary were living in the Melbourne suburb of Surrey Hills. The 1931, 1936, 1937, 1943 and 1954 Commonwealth Electoral Rolls noted James’s occupation as: “electrical fitter”, Mary Victoria’s as: “home duties” and their residence: 5 Everton Grove, Surrey Hills,,,,.

In 1965 Jim [James] and Vicki visited George and Grace Deason at their home in Perth, Western Australia. George, originally from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, was Jim’s cousin. Jim and Vicki were at the time living at 5 Everton Grove, Surrey Hills, Melbourne.

At the time of Vicki’s death in 1980 she was still noted as living at 5 Everton Grove, Surrey Hills.

James’s grave at Springvale, Melbourne is located at “Hakea, Wall Niche, Wall G Niche 147”.

The Necropolis, Springvale:
Reference Number: 466242
Location: Hakea - Wall Niche, Wall G Niche 147.

• Rick Smith, Launceston Tasmania, Australia
• Joyce Tuohey, Quambatook, Victoria, Australia
• Billy Warburton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
• Richard (Dick) Deason, Moliagul, Victoria, Australia
• Grace Deason, Morphett Vale, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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Family trees & history:
• Billy Warburton, 1969, Deason Family Tree (ref – D_Doc_#014 & #015)
• probably Venus Free (nee Deason), c1967, Deason Family Tree (ref – D_Doc_#016)
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Other information:
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• Grace Deason, 2008, Correspondence, including extract from her ‘Visitor’s Book’ for 16 October 1965
Notes for Mary Elizabeth (Vicki) (Spouse 1)
Mary’s name at the registration of her birth was given as Macy Victoria MULLER.

The Necropolis, Springvale:
Reference Number: 455898
Location: Hakea - Wall Niche, Wall G Niche 105
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