NameFrances Josephine (Fanny) KEATES , F
Birthabout 1840
Death1929, Probably Auckland, New Zealand
Burial1929, Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland, New Zealand
1John Henry (Henry) DEASON , GGG Grandson, M
Baptism11 October 1836, Haypol Hill Chapel, St Mary’s, Bible Christian (Methodist), Isles Of Scilly, Cornwall, England
Birth12 July 1834, Probably St Mary’s Parish Anglican, St Mary’s, Isles Of Scilly, Cornwall, England
Burial1907, Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland, New Zealand
Death1907, Probably Auckland, New Zealand
FatherJohn DEASON , M (~1801-~1877)
MotherAmelia (Mayble?) BARR , F (~1810-~1888)
Marriagebefore 1875
ChildrenHenry Albert (Harry) , M (1875-1927)
 Frederick Thomas (Fred) , M (1877-1947)
 Charles William , M (1880-1947)
 Paul , M (1883-1954)
Notes for John Henry (Henry) (Spouse 1)
John Henry DEASON
Sex:  M
Christening:  11 Oct 1836
Bible Christian, Scilly Islands Parish, Cornwall, England
Father:  John DEASON
Mother:  Amelia BAR

Source Information:

Batch number: Dates Source Call No. Type Printout Call No. Type
C045721 1822-1837 0590674 (RG4 111) Film 0933480 Film

The 1841 Census recorded:
May Pole, St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly, Cornwall:
John Deason, age: 35 years, occupation: agricultural labourer, born: Cornwall
Amelia Deason, age: 30 years, born: Cornwall
William Deason, age: 10 years, born: Cornwall
Amelia Deason, age: 8 years, born: Cornwall
John Deason, age: 6 years, born: Cornwall
Thomas Deason, age: 3 years, born: Cornwall
Harriet Deason, age: 9 months, born : Cornwall
Sarah Deason, age: 25 years, occupation: dressmaker, born: Cornwall
Zacharias Ellis, age: 1 month, born: Cornwall

Note: Sarah Deason is John Deason’s sister. The relationship of Zacharias Ellis is not known. He could be a child of Sarah Deason prior to her later marriage to Arthur Colton (further research required).

On 14 September 1850 John Henry joined the crew of the Chieftain as an apprentice. Crewlist records noted his ticket (i.e. certificate) as #419544, age: 17, born: Scilly, no previous ship, indentured: Scilly, trade: foreign (i.e. to foreign ports).

In 1862 John Henry was most likely the crewman on the Romulus, referred to as Henry Deason, when it sailed to New Zealand. This trip appears to have been cut short when he appeared before the magistrate in Auckland, Monday, 27 November 1862:

Before Thos Beckham, Esq, R M


Henry Deason, a seaman of the ship ‘Romulus’, was charged with assaulting Jacob Schmidt, steward of the same vessel, by knocking him down with a broomstick, and striking him repeatedly with his clenched fist.

Complainant sworn, deposed: On Friday last, when going from the pantry to the galley, defendant came out of the forecastle, and said, “you have had something to drink”. I said, “I have not”. He then said, “give me none of your talk”. Then he followed me, and struck me with his fist on the chest, and afterwards pulled me on my back to the deck. The carpenter and boatswain told him to leave me alone. Half an hour afterwards he came to the second cabin and pantry, and threatened to strike me with a stick he had in his hand. I ran to the poop, and he followed me, and I ran down to the pantry again. Some time afterwards I went to the galley, when he struck me with a broomstick. In the pantry he again struck me with a stick in the face. He caught me by the hair of the head and punched me in the face.

William Lord, master of the ship ‘Romulus’, deposed: I know complainant and defendant. They both belong to the ‘Romulus’. On Friday morning last, the steward was in the pantry, and the sailor at the pantry door. Complainant complained to me of defendant’s conduct. I did not witness anything. I ordered defendant away. He had no business there.

Defendant was found guilty, and ordered to pay a fine of 60 s. [shillings] and costs, or be imprisoned for one month.

The 1881 New Zealand Electoral Roll noted Henry Deeson’s [sic] occupation as: mechanic, and residence: Drake St, Auckland North. (Details current: October 1881).

In 1886, Sir George Grey, Governor of New Zealand, was presented with a list of New Zealand residents which included a “Henry Deason, arriving 1860”.

Henry is likely to be the “Deeson” [sic] re-elected to the committee of the Auckland Total Abstinence Society at its Annual Meeting held Auckland, 10 October 1888.

Post Office records indicate that in 1890 Henry was living at Vernon St, Auckland and in 1892 at Napier St, Auckland. The Electoral Roll for 1893 records a move to Union St, Auckland as well as noting Henry’s occupation as mechanic and Francis [sic] as home duties. Post Office records for 1894-1898 also record Union St, Auckland and from 1900 onwards, Grattan St, Auckland. Francis [sic] was still living at Grattan St in 1915.

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