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Eckington Bastardy Records 1835 directory

These are extracts from the Kelly's/Whites/Piggot Directories of Derbyshire, pertaining to Ridgeway

Last updated 9 June, 2007

1900 directory

POP 2188

John Rowland, Resident Constable
Jabez Jennings, Headmaster
Miss Lewney, Infants Mistress
William Andrews, Charnock Hall
Miss Broomhead
Rev Mark Gamwell Hubback MA Vicarage
John Jeremy Hutton, Newlands
Mrs Hutton, The Lawn
Miss Smith
Mrs walker, Oak House
William Allison, Shopkeeper, High Lane
William Andrews, Farmer Charnock Hall
Samuel Atkin, Grocer
Henry Barker, Beer Retailer
Bolsover Bros, Carpenters & Wheelwright, High Lane
Charles Bolsover, Grocer, High Lane
William Arthur Bolsover, Queens Head
William Carnall, Farmer High Lane
Frederick Fidler, Butcher
James Fidler, Stonemason, High Lane
Margaret Fidler Mrs, Farmer
Edward Field, Farmer
James Fisher, Scythe Manufacturer & Farmer, Birley Hey
William Fox, & Sons,Sickle & Reaping hook Manufacturer
Hannah Fox Mrs, Draper
Emma J Fox, Shopkeeper
Lewin Fussell Fox, Butcher
William Fox Farmer
Duncan Forbes Gardiner MB CM , Surgeon & Medical officer & Public Vaccinater, Beighton District, Chesterfield union & Treeton District, Rotherham Union & Beighton
John Haslam & Sons, Sickle Manufacturer
Arthur Haslam Farmer, Camm house Farm
Isaiah Haywood, farmer, Geer Lane
Hutton & Co, Scythe & Sickle manufacturer
John William Lucas, Farmer, Church Farm
Arthur Marsh Farmer, High Lane
Henry Marsh, Farmer, Geer Lane
Jonathon Marsh, Farmer & Carrier
Hannah Marsh Mrs, Farmer, Carter Hall
Angus Moorcroft, Shopkeeper
Frederick Moore, Farmer, Carter Lodge
Margaret Nicholson, Shopkeeper & Carrier
John Rhodes, farmer , white Lane
Lacy Rodgers, Beer Retailer High Lane
Mary Rodgers Mrs, White Swan
Joseph Rodgers, Blacksmith & Edge Tools
Joseph savage, Boot Maker
Walter Seaton, Farmer
James Stables, Farmer, Litfield Farm
Mark turner, Farmer
Andrew Vardy, Colliery Owner, High Lane
Henry David Wall, table knife blade forger
William Wall, Shopkeeper & Farmer
Thomas Walton, Old Harrow, white Lane
William Whitehead, Beer Retailer
James Whittaker, Shopkeeper
John Wingfield, farmer, Sloade Lane
Wooley Bros, farmers, High Lane

1891 directory

Atkin Samuel, grocer
Bell Jarvis, Queen's Head P.H
Belfit Fred, farmer
Bolsover Bros. wheelwrights, High la
Bolsover Thomas & Sons, sickle manufacturers, High lane
Bolsover Chas. Edwn. grocer, High lane
Carnall Henry, farmer, High lane
Drury Jas. Old Harrow P.H. White lane
Dunston William, farmer, Geer lane
Fiddler Frederick, butcher
Fidler James, stone mason, High lane
Fidler Margaret (Mrs.), farmer
Fisher Jas. scythe mfr. & frmr. Birley hey
Fox William & Sons, sickle reaping hook manufacturers
Fox Emma J. (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Fox George, draper
Fox Lewin Fussell, butcher
Goodliffe Charles, boot & shoe maker & shopkeeper, High lane
Green George, farmer, Ford
Green Herbert, draper
Hartley John Joseph, Phoenix inn
Haslam John & Sons, sickle manufrs
Haslam Arth. farmer, Camm Ho. farm
Havenhand Sam, beer retailer, High la
Haywood Jarvis, farmer, Geer lane
Helliwell Henry, farmer
Hutton & Co. scythe, sickle & hook manufacturers, High lane
Hutton John Jermyn, farmer, Newlands
Kirkby Thomas, farmer, High lane
Lemons William, farmer, Carter Hole la
Lucas Jn. Wm. farmer, Church farm
Marsh John, farmer, High lane
Marsh Jonathan, farmer & carrier
Marsh Samuel, farmer, Carter hill
Moorcroft Angus, shopkeeper
Moore Frederick, farmer, The Ford
Morton William, farmer, Charnock hall
Nicholson John, shopkeeper & carrier, Post office
Rhodes John, farmer, White lane
Rodgers Lacy, shopkeeper
Rodgers Mary (Mrs.), White Swan
Rodgers Thomas Hattersley, blacksmith & edge tool manufacturer
Savage Joseph, boot maker
Staniforth John, farmer, Litfield farm
Sykes Joseph, architect
Vardy Andrew, colliery propr. High lane
Wall Hy. David, table knife blade forgr
Wall Joseph, Bridge inn
Wall William, shopkeeper & farmer
Wall William, jun. farmer
Walton Thos. market gardener, High la
Watmough John, farmer, Carter lodge
Whittaker John, tailor

1881 Directory

Population of Ridgeway 1871 1,906

Post Office John Nicholson
Board School William Berrill Master
Jonathon Marsh Tues-Thurs-Sat
John Broomhead {Ford}Tues-Thurs-Sat

Principal Landowners
Rev E H Bucknall-Estcourt
Ma & Lady Sitwell

Francis Adams Farmer
Reuben Adams Tailor
William Burkinshaw Farmer
Charles Bolsover Wheelwright, High Lane
Thomas Bolsover Shopkeeper & Sickle manufacturer, High Lane
William Bolsover Farmer & Market Gardener
Hannah Jane & Fanny Broomhead {Misses} Ladies School
John Broomhead, Carrier
Henry Carnall Farmer
Elizabeth Cartwright {Mrs} School, Ford
William Dunston Farmer, Geer Lane
Thomas Fidler Builder & Farmer, High Lane
James Fisher Scythe Manu & Farmer, Ford
William Fox & Sons Sickle & Reaping hooks
George Fox Draper
Stephen Fox Farmer & Sickle maker
William Greaves Shoemaker & Sexton
Herbert Green Draper
George Hancock Butcher
John Hardwick Farmer
Ezekiel Hartley Farmer
John Haslam & Sons Sicklemakers
Sam Havenhand BeerRetailer
Henry Helliwell Farmer
Hutton & Co Scythe-Sickle & Hook makers, High Lane
Elizabeth Hutton Farmer , Newlands
Elizabeth Inman Farmer Carter Hall
Rowland Inman Farmer, Sloade Lane
Thomas Kirkby Farmer, Geer Lane
William Marples Farmer & Carrier
Jonathon Marsh Farmer & Carrier
John Marsh Farmer, High Lane
Samuel Marsh Phoenix Inn & Farmer
Benjamin Morton Shopkeeper
John Nicholson
Shopkeeper & Postmaster
Elizabeth Plumber {Mrs} Bridge Inn, Ford
George Rhodes & Thomas Williams Farmers Charnock Hall
John Rhodes Farmer & Mine owner, White Lane
Thomas Rhodes Farmer Carterhall Lane
James Rodgers White Swan
Thomas Rodgers Blacksmith & Edge Tools
Samuel Shakespeare Farmer
Percy Newbold Spalton Farmer, Litfield Farm
John Stones Farmer, Ford
John Taylor Grocer
Herbert Turner Shopkeeper & Farmer, Ford
Thomas Turner Joiner & Farmer
William Wall Blade maker
Thomas Walton Market Gardener, High Lane
John Waterhouse Queens Head
Thomas Whitlock Shoemaker, Sloade Lane
John Whittaker Tailor

1870 Directory

Booth Richard Esq Troway
Hubback Rev M.G. MA. Vicar
Hutton J.T.M. Esq
Hutton Mrs Jermyn


Adams Frank, Tailor
Allen John, Beer Retailer & Shoemaker, Troway
Atkinson M, Carpenter
Billam George, Grocer Troway
Bolsover Charles, Carpenter
Bolsover James, Grocer
Bolsover Thomas, Silk Manufacturer
Bolsover Thomas Grocer & Baker
Bolsover William Grocer
Bower, Palace Inn
Burkinshaw William, Miller
Chandler Noah, Blacksmith, Troway
Crooks Charles, Old Harrow inn, Troway
Davenport J, Blackmoor Head Inn
Fidler Bros, Builders
Fisher James Sickle Manufacturer
Fox Mrs Hannah, Draper
Fox Stephen & William Sickle Manufacturer
Glesdale Mrs, Shopkeeper, Troway
Gosling Matthew Shopkeeper, troway
Greaves William, Boot & Shoe maker
Green Mary, Draper
Haslam John, Sickle Manufacturer
Havenhand Elizabeth, Beer Retailer
Helliwell Henry, Phoenix Inn
Henstock John, Wheelwright, Troway
Hindle John, Tailor Troway
Hutton & Co Sickle Manufacturer
Hutton James F.M. Miller, Troway
Kent J, George Inn & Butcher, Troway
Kirkby Thomas, Boot A & Shoe maker
Moorby Thomas, Shopkeeper, Boot & Shoemaker, Troway
Needham Charles, Grocer & Baker
Newton & Lowcock, Coalmerchants, Troway
Nicholson J, Shopkeeper
Nouch Luke, Hare & Hounds, Troway
Ridway William, Beer Retailer, Troway
Rodgers Thomas, Blacksmith
Sawrey Augustine, Butcher
Shaw Charles, Table Blademaker, Troway
Shaw George Table Blademaker, Troway
Smedley Isaac, Table Blademaker, Troway
Snape Ezra, Shopkeeper, Troway
Stones J, Scythe Manufacturer
Taylor James, White Swann Inn
Taylor John, Table Blademaker, Troway
Thickett Thomas, Beer Retailer, Troway
Turner Sidney, Wheelwright, Troway
Turner Thomas, Carpenter & Wheelwright
Ward William, Butcher
Walton Thomas,Market Gardener
Wells Joseph & George, Coal merchants, Troway
Whittaker John, Tailor
Archer Jonathon
Ashling Thomas, Troway
Brammall Joseph, Shady Hall
Broster M
Coe William, Troway
Crapper William, Troway
Fanshawe Charles, Troway
Fox H
Gosling Matthew,Troway
Hartley John, Troway
Helliwell George
Helliwell John
Helliwell Mrs Rebecca
Hibberd George Ward, Great Folds, Troway
Inman Edwin, Carter Hall
Jebson John, Troway
Jebson Richard, Troway
Kirkby Thomas
Leak William, Troway
Lister John, Troway
Longden George, Troway
Marples William,
Marsden George
Marsden Sidney,Troway
Marsh Mr
Moore Samuel, Troway
Rhodes George
Rhodes Joseph
Rhodes Thomas, Charnock Hall
Rotherham Thomas, Troway
Thaw John, Troway
Tagg George, Troway
Thomson William, Troway
Towndrow William, Troway
Walker Mr
Webster Joseph, Troway
White John Cooper, Carter Lodge


1 Bole Hill 6 Marsh Lane
2 Bramley 7 Ridgeway
3 Carter Lane 8 Sloade Lane
4 Ford 9 Troway
5 High Lane 10 White Lane

7 Adams Francis Tailor
9 Allen James Beer Retailer
9 Allen John Shoemaker
4 Allen Joseph Farmer
6 Archer George Farmer
Archer John Farmer
8 Archer Jonathon Farmer
6 Baxter John Farmer
6 Billam Charles Grocer
2 Boaler Sarah Farmer
5 Bolsover Charles Joiner & Wheelwright
5 Bolsover Mark Grocer
7 Bolsover Thomas Scythe & Sicklemaker
7 Booker Wiliam Schoolmaster
6 Booth Joseph Blacksmith
6 Booth Sarah Grocer
7 Broomhead Hannah & Fanny Ladies School
7 Broomhead John Farmer
8 Burkinshaw William Farmer
4 Clayton Samuel Farmer
10 Crookes Charles Phoenix Inn
9 Crookes Thomas Jnr Farmer
8 Davenport Robert Blackamoor Head Inn
Dunstone William Farmer
6 Fanshawe Charles Quarry Owner
5 Fidler Benjamin Stonemason
Field John Scythe & Sicklemaker
Fisher John Scythe & Sicklemaker
4 Fox William Scythe & Sicklemaker
5 Greaves George Gardener
5 Greaves William Shoemaker & Gardener
2 Green Edward Farmer
9 Gosling Matthew Farmer
7 Hartley John Farmer
7 Haslam John Farmer
5 Havenhand Elizabeth Beer Retailer
7 Havenhand Joshua Tailor
Helliwell John Farmer
2 Hibbart George Shoemaker
6 Hinde John Tailor
3 Hobson Thomas Farmer
5 Hutton & Newton Scythe & Sicklemakers
7 Hutton James Farmer
Hutton John Jermyn Farmer
Inman Edwin Steel Refiner & Farmer
10 Jackson Samuel Farmer
9 Jebson George Farmer
6 Kay George Farmer
5 Kirby Thomas Brickmaker & Farmer
Leak John Jnr Farmer
Marsden George Butcher & Farmer
9 Marsden Sidney Farmer
7 Marsh George Farmer
7 Marsh Hannah Grocer
5 Marsh John Farmer
7 Moorby Thomas Shoemaker
2 Moore William Farmer
6 Morton Thomas Farmer
1 Morton William Farmer
6 Naylor James & Thomas farmers
6 Naylor Thomas Snr Farmer
10 Needham george Earthenware dealer
10 Needham henry Table Blade maker
7 Needham William Farmer
Newton Edward Farmer
5 Pearson Thomas Farmer
9 Pendleton Samuel Farmer
Rhodes Joseph Farmer
Rhodes Thomas Farmer
4 Rippon George Farmer & Grocer
7 Rodgers Thomas Blacksmith
10 Rose Thomas Old Harrow Inn
9 Rotherham Jane Farmer
9 Rotherham Mary Farmer
9 Rotherham Thomas Farmer
7 Sawley William Butcher
2 Shaw Henry Table Blade maker
8 Smith John Stonemason
6 Spencer George Farmer
9 Staniforth Aaron Farmer & Scythe & Sicklemaker
6 Staniforth Joseph George Inn
4 Stones John Farmer & Scythe & Sicklemaker
1 Swift George Farmer
7 Taylor James White Swan Inn
2 Taylor Mark Farmer
9 Thorpe Henry Farmer
9 Turner Robert Joiner & Wheelwright
9 Turner Sidney Joiner & Wheelwright
7 Turner Thomas Joiner & Wheelwright
5 Walker Thomas Farmer
4 Wall William Farmer
10 Ward Henry Bridge Inn
2 Webster Joseph Farmer
7 Whittaker Thomas Tailor
8 Whittock Thomas Shoemaker
6 Wilson William Plumber & Glazier

1835 Directory

Gentry & Clergy
Rev Alexander Crawford Bromehead
Mr Mark Ellis
Mr Joseph Hutton
Mr Thomas Hutton
Thomas Hattersley
Grocers & Sundrie dealers
John Whittaker
Robert Turner
Scythe & Sickle Makers
William Broomhead
Thomas Burrows
Mark Webster

White Swan Wm T Tudsbury

ECKINGTON Bastardy records
Q2/75 Mary FINNEY single, male. Samuel MAlKIN, Chesterfield grate maker. 1816
Q2/95 Ann SNAPE Eckington, pregnant John HORNER nail maker, Eckington. 1817
Q2/111 Sarah TICKHILL Eckington pregnant Thomas EBLOCK Aston WRY. labourer. 1817
Q2/210 Mary Ann CROFTS Eckington, single Isaac MOSS Macclesfield 1822
Q2/211 Sarah WEBSTER Eckington Wm ROTHERHAM Eckington 1822
Q2/258 Ann CROFTS Eckington, single, male John HARDWICK Conisborough, Yks sicklesmith. 1824
Q2/275 Elizabeth STATON Eckington, single William WHITE Eckington, stone mason. 1824
Q2/277 Elizabeth GREGORY Eckington, single Joseph STONE Mansfield fwk. Apr 1824
Q2/285 Elizabeth GREGORY Eckington, single Joseph STONE Mansfield. Jan 1824
Q2/307 Elizabeth STATON Eckington William WHITE Eckington, mason. Jan 1825
Q2/374 Ann CROOKS Eckington, single Joseph BURTON Hucknall Torkard fwk. Jan 1826
Q2/389 Ann CROOKS Eckington, single Joseph BURTON child dead. Apr 1826
Q2/479 Emma WALLER Eckington, single male 12 Jun. John KIRKBY shoe maker. 1836