Ridgeway Pictures
Last updated 20.08.08

This cottage at ford was originaly a blacksmiths forge and warehouse operated by the Slaggs, the Slaggs lived in Oak House
And 3 brothers from this family fought in the American Civil War, 2 of them surviving to raise families there.

William Rodgers grinding Sickle blades, Phoenix works
Kindly donated by Joyce Rodgers

Main Rd, the Swan on the left, believed early 40s

Phoenix Works 2007, now Apartments

Phoenix Works

You all remember Eric Bolsover, note Bridge Inn

Whitsuntide singalong

This is how we were
Pete Rotherham,Brenda Robinson, Robert Nicholson,Chris Fowler

3 Village beauties
Josephine Cooper, Pat Conroy,Marion Marsh

Clifford & Chris Robins

Remember this

Eric Bolsover & Grandson

Joyce Rodgers

A fine body of men

Another fine body of men

Happy days
Brenda Robinson,Valery Jones,Cliff Robins,Pete Rotherham,David Bowler

Police mug shot

--?-- Chris Robins,Jamie Plant,Ian Robins, Peter Rotherham

Tony Bird & Robert Brothwell

Pauline Lockwood,Peter Crookes,Geoffrey Lockwood,Andrea Booth, ? .

Fr/row L-R
Unknown,Dennis Whittaker,Geoff Crookes,Fred Clarke,John Fidler.
Standing Right Mr Sharp

Birley Hey Wheelhouse

Birley Hey Wheelhouse

Birley Hey Wheelhouse interior

Birley Hey Weir, frozen

Birley Hey Weir, not frozen

Ridgeway Methodist Chapel 1806

Methodist Chapel graveyard

Happy days
? ,?,Pete Rotherham,?, Robert Brothwell,Neil Boorman

Some of us are still around.
David Bowler,Peter Crookes,Pauline Lockwood,Tony Bird.

David Clarkson

Robert Brothwell, Tony Bird,David Clarkson,Peter Crookes, Barry Plant.
Old Harrow


Joyce Rodgers,Josie Cooper,Pat Conroy

Ridgeway Kids 1953 Coronation,
Any identification welcome

Identification welcome

back l-r David Bradbury,John Evans,Les Ward.Richard Tipler?,Richard Hardy
Front l-r Kathleen Cranfield,Susan Lomas,Jenny Marsh,Anne Lowe,Doreen Twig,Elizabeth Archer,Rosemary Archer

Chapel Sunday school 1950

Back row L-R Lillian Rotherham,Winnie Biggin,Mrs Bacon
middle l-r Mrs Mills Mrs Clarke Mrs Rodgers Mrs Brown
Front l-r Hayden littlewood,Rev Portens, Mr Sketchley?
Ridgeway W.I.? c1950/Mothers Union?
Help with identification would be good

L-R back G Nicholson, C Walker,Horace Hessey,J Pearson, Fred Haslam, Ralph Shaw,F Glossop,-- --? Baden Robins (top), Fred Whitaker(bottom),Hugh Nicholson --?-- Frank Gibbins, Arthur Rodgers,D Seaton,Jack Bolsover.
L-R Middle, Ken Marsh,Eric Fisher, F Robins, A Keeton, Mr Lucas.
L-R front,Fred Nicholson,Frank Rodgers, Charlie Naughton (Swan), Dennis Whitaker
Any help in identifying these men would be welcome

Main Road, Marsh's farm/Craft Centre on left

Main Road 2007

Queens Head 2007
Formerly Huttons workshops

Ridgeway School 2007

Kent House 2007

Kent House

Ridgeway War Memorial 2007

White Swan 2007

Dr Darlings surgery? 2007

Marsh's Farm, Now Craft Centre 2007

Chapel School 2007

Keeton's Workshops 2007

Commonside Refractory 2007

Commonside Refractory 2007

David Renwick's Workshop 2007

The Ford, Sloade Lane 2007

These cottages stood on the site of the above workshop 1960

Ridgeway's sister village, Troway