Riegel/Riggle Freundschaft Association
Riegel/Riggle Freundschaft Association
The Riegel/Riggle Freundschaft Association was established to promote genealogical research and education about the descendants of Michael Riegel and Magdalena Wittmer, who lived in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Michael Riegel died in 1809, and Magdalena Wittmer Riegel died in 1814. Three of Michael Riegel's children migrated to Ohio, David Riegel and Magdalena Riegel Otto to Clark County and Martin Riggle to Stark County. Subsequent generations have moved on to Illinois, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Texas, Missouri, and Washington. Some of the descendants of John, Christian, and Henry remained in Pennsylvania.

The Riegel/Riggle Freundschaft Association participates in the Riegel Surname DNA Project. Please consider submitting a DNA sample to confirm your connection to this family.

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