Southold, Suffolk Co, Long Island, New York

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Town of Southold
Suffolk Co
Long Island, New York 

Founders Sketches

Southold, LI Census of 1698: A Study of Identities

Errata, Myths, Mysteries and Discoveries in Southold Genealogy

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A Study of the Paines of Eastern Long Island, New York

Time-Line History of Southold

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Southold, Long Island Surname Pages
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Time-Line History of Southold
c 1640 - First English Settlers - Under the jurisdiction of the New Haven Colony.

1650 - Records of Southold begin... earlier records, if they existed, are lost.

1662 - The Connecticut Colony proclaims eastern Long Island, including Southold to be a part of the Connecticut Colony and the New Haven colony apparently passes out of existence. This from a new and liberal charter that John Winthrop, Jr had been able to secure from the Crown. 32 citizens sign a letter dated Oct 4, 1662 responding favorably to being "annexed" by Connecticut.  26 citizens of Southold were proclaimed freemen of Connecticut on Oct 9, 1662.

Aug 1664 - Long Island proclaimed to be a part of the holdings of the Duke of York, brother of the King, commensurate with the seizure of New Amsterdam from the Dutch by the English navy. This action not only "took" Long Island from Connecticut, but some of the eastern portion of Connecticut, including what is today Westchester Co, New York. This was not popular with Long Islanders, and New York was widely not recognized as their authority.

1673 - The Dutch temporarily retake New York, including Long Island. Local resistance and non-recognition to the Dutch is strong, although the Long Islanders do not engage in any battles. Resistance would be, in "modern terms": civil disobedience.

Feb 19, 1673 - Peace treaty with the Dutch involved giving Long Island back to the Duke of York and from this day forward, Long Island has been considered a part of New York.

1686 - First census of Southold - 108 families

1698 - Second census of Southold - close to 1,000 souls counted.

Historical Notes from the Vail Genealogy:

Meats: Mainly pork, fish and game (hogs were the prime livestock, and sheep were raised, but primarily for their wool, not meat.) If not fresh, was salted.

Vegetables: Indian corn. Also turnips, beans, peas, and squashes. The "Irish" potato didn't become popular in America till 1812.

Eating utensils: The fork didn't become popular in England till after 1650.. the earliest Puritans probably didn't use forks.

Money: The "local" economy of Puritan New England was "glued" together via a confusing array of forms of items used for money, consisting of:

Bartering of services
Bartering of goods, especially crops
Open accounts for services & goods
Hodge-podge of coins, English & foreign
Probably brought in by sailors and others, probably procured by merchants in probably places close to the sea.
Wampum - See Wampum Web Site
Anything having gold or silver in it - from a goblet to a spoon.
Personal promissory notes
See the History of Money in America web site for more.

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