Dennis Springer and Ann Prickett

Dennis Springer and Ann Prickett

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We are preparing to publish a book preserving the lineages of over 16,000 18,000 19,200 20,200 identified descendants (and their spouses) of the above couple.
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Who are they?

Dennis Springer and Ann Prickett married 29 November 1736 in Burlington Co., New Jersey. By 1753 the family was living on Back Creek which was then in Frederick County, Virginia. Back Creek is now located in Berkeley County, West Virginia. Dennis Springer's Will is located in Will Book One of Frederick County. The Will was present 8 August 1760 and does name all of his eleven children.

During the following decade his children attained adulthood, married and started families. These Springers moved onto the western frontier. They located first in western Virginia, present day Fayette Co., Pennsylvania and what are now the counties of Monongalia and Marion in West Virginia. In the years that followed the Springers continued into Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and ever westward.

Dennis Springer had the following children. Our Springer family research group has been collecting, and correcting, data for nearly 20 years now on these individuals, and all their descendants.

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Children of Dennis Springer and Ann Prickett:

  1. Josiah Springer married Ann Jenkins (Small*)
    Josiah born 28 Dec 1737

  2. Hannah Springer married 1) James Jolliffe,
    2) Charles Harryman, 3) John Tyler
    Hannah born 6 Nov 1739

  3. Zadock Springer married Mary _________
    Zadock born 30 March 1742

  4. Levi Springer married 1) Ann Gaddis,
    2) Sarah Shepherd (Duke*)
    Levi born 4 May 1744

  5. Drusilla Springer married Zackquill Morgan
    (his second wife)
    Drusilla born 9 May 1745

  6. Dennis Springer married Elizabeth Small
    Dennis born 23 June 1748

  7. Jacob Springer born 9 July 1750

  8. Nathan Springer married 1) Hannah McDaniel,
    2) Lydia (Watson*), 3) Mary (Rice*)
    Nathan born 2 Dec 1752

  9. Uriah Springer married Sarah Crawford (Harrison*)
    Uriah born 18 Nov 1754

  10. John Springer married Bashaba Merrifield
    John born 15 April 1756

  11. Job Springer born 23 April 1758

*denotes the surname from previous marriage.

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My name is Kathleen Rizer. I serve as the family archivist, have published the newsletter, and am preparing the family book. But your help is MUCH NEEDED to get the book ready for publication.

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These are the number of individuals currently in each of the family files. These numbers represent descendants born or married prior to 1910:








2,567 > 3,143



1,841 > 2,280



4,018 > 5,000



2,140 >2,500



1,977 > 2,200



1,073 > 1,350



3,320 > 3,640





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