Martin Rizer of Maryland and (West) Virginia,
his descendants

My Rizer family has been a very difficult line to research.

In my childhood, sitting near the large oak table in my grandparent's kitchen, I heard about the Rizers being from Cumberland, Maryland. After college graduation I made my first trip to Cumberland, Allegany Co, Maryland. But it would be a decade or so later, after having gained much experience as a genealogical researcher, that the details were found that began to piece together this family.

I am Kathleen Rizer. I serve as the family archivist, have published the newsletter, and am preparing the family book.          

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6 different and unrelated lines using Rizer, Riser, Rizor, Risor.

Time has shown that there are actually about six different and unrelated lines, which at times, in various locations, used the spelling RIZER. (This researcher is quite aware of the variations in surname spellings normally found prior to the 20th century.) 

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book4.gif (8692 bytes) Hoping to publish a book on my Rizer families.

Having done so much research on my entire Rizer family and having written extensively about them it seems possible that a book could be done. The groundwork is in place as over 3100 3700 individuals representing 875 1023 families have now been documented. I have done much research as I've traveled and worked on location. The help and participation of the members of the Rizer Research group is also much appreciated. They have added wonderful details and completed the work on their lines.

If you are a descendant and want to join our group and do a data exchange -- Please email me.

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  But more help is needed to complete the research and publish the Martin Rizer family book. Here is what you can do to help - Open the gate.

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Below are location where descendants of Martin Rizer are found. You can check and see if your Rizer line is listed. (If not listed then you are probably not a descendant of this line.) If you are a descendant and want to join our group and do a data exchange -- Please email me.  

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       bullet13.gif (1074 bytes)  First generations in West Virginia and Maryland

       bullet13.gif (1074 bytes)  Kentucky locations

       bullet13.gif (1074 bytes) Pennsylvania locations of the family

       bullet13.gif (1074 bytes)  Kansas location

       bullet13.gif (1074 bytes)  Indiana locations

       bullet13.gif (1074 bytes)  From Indiana to Wisconsin

       bullet13.gif (1074 bytes)  Illinois family, Bloomington, McLean Co.

       bullet13.gif (1074 bytes)  Missouri locations

       bullet13.gif (1074 bytes)  To Oregon, from Indiana and from Kansas

       bullet13.gif (1074 bytes)  To Ohio, from Maryland

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Please remember that for those of us with very large databases it is almost impossible to do a relationship check for someone without having the following: a location, and some dates - birth, death or marriage. The name of the spouse usually helps also.

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