The English in Texas
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   The English Family for which these words are written, settled in New River, Virginia and established a   settlement  known as English's Ferry.   James ENGLISH and Elizabeth DENTON ENGLISH was one of these families.  There were frequent attacks by Indians in which homes were burned, household, furniture, and legal papers were destroyed.  Settlers were captured or killed outright.  In spite of these problems the English families grew and prospered.  New homes, road and bridges were  built and more land was cleared.  With large head of cattle, which needed more land, the Family began to migrate to adjoining states.  Some even farther away.    After 1800, James and Elizabeth English with their eight sons and a daughter, started for Texas where large tracts of land were available.  On their trek to the southwest and upon arrival in the State of Tennessee, it is believed that James English became ill.  For this reason they remained in the Tennessee area. Records indicate that he died in Tennessee and was buried.  His burial place and the cause of his death are unknown, but he was probably buried at a church cemetery and his marker has been lost with time. Between 1824 and 1830 various members of the Family continued to make their way to Texas while some remained in Tennessee.  It is understood that by the mid 1830's all had arrived in Shelby County, Texas. 

According to family tradition, Family Bible records, Legal papers found in The Texas General Land Office, Books in the Texas Archives Library and memories of older family members the following is recorded:


   JAMES ENGLISH, was born between 1760 and 1770.  He married ELIZABETH DENTON in 1787.   According to Texas Census records she was born in 1771.  In the Family Bible, a record of their child JOHN ENGLISH was born July 5, 1793 at English's Ferry, New River, Virginia.  The bible records that William, James were older and they were born at English's Ferry as all the other children except JOSHUA ENGLISH and ARCHIBALD H. ENGLISH were born in Tennessee. 

The children of James ENGLISH and Elizabeth DENTON ENGLISH:


                    astar.gif (1702 bytes)William English   1786/1787

                    astar.gif (1702 bytes)James English, Jr.   1788

                    astar.gif (1702 bytes)Abraham English    1790

                    astar.gif (1702 bytes)Thomas English    1791

                    astar.gif (1702 bytes)John English    1793

                    astar.gif (1702 bytes)Hannah English 1797

                    astar.gif (1702 bytes)Joseph English    1798    

                    astar.gif (1702 bytes)Jonas English    1801

                    astar.gif (1702 bytes)Stephen English    1808

                    astar.gif (1702 bytes)Joshua English    1808

                    astar.gif (1702 bytes)Archibald English   1811

astar.gif (1702 bytes)Visit the English Cemetery located in Houston County Texas



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