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    The Stolebargers originated in Germany.  It is unknown when the family came to America, but it is believed they landed at the port in Philadelphia.  There are no records of them in the 1790 census according to Zina Cochran Wright's records.

    The trek west from the eastern states probably was made across Pennsylvania then into Summit County, Ohio.  In Summit County is the first record, the marriage of Mathias Stolebarger and Catherine Dailey on March 16, 1845.   It is believed that all of the fifteen children were born in Ohio, however there are no records to prove these events.  Only the birth of the twins Mathias and Josiah Stolebarger, born in 1856 in Ohio. Shortly afterwards, in 1861 the family moved to Dekalb County, Indiana where Mathias died.  Moving westward the family settled in Appanoose County, Iowa. 

    In about 1875, the twin, Josiah migrated into Putnam County, Missouri where he met his bride-to-be Sarah Melissa Schnelle.  In Lemmonville (now Lemons), Missouri the family settled and farmed the land.  Josiah often talked of moving on to a more productive part of the country and in 1899 a trip was made to the area of Sharon, Kansas.  In Sharon, Kansas, Josiah purchased 280 acres of fertile valley land one mile west of Sharon.  They returned to Missouri to sell their and property for the move to the new land.

    The information in these writings are taken from  the work of Hershel Stolebarger.  In some instances some of the writing has been condensed.  If errors occur it is due to typographical mistakes or misenterputation of the data.  We truly regret any errors that may appear and welcome any updates or corrections.  Special recognition is given to Clifford and Velda Stolebarger for the above for this introduction to the Stolebarger family

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J. MATHIAS STOLEBARGER was born September 7, 1820.   He married CATHERINE DAILEY on March 18, 1845 in Summit County, Ohio.  Catherine was born on December 9, 1825.  Catherine's father was JACOB DAILEY and mother was ??? STRICKLER. Catherine never leared to read or write and spoke broken English.  She was a Midwife and sort of a pratical nurse.   Mathias died on September 7, 1872.  Catherine died on October 19, 1906.  Both are buried in Livingston  Cemetery, Apponoose County, Iowa.

The children of Mathias and Catherine Dailey Stolebarger:


Index The Children Date of Birth/Notes
A. Jacob Stolebarger 01/13/1846
B. Daughter (unknown) Stolebarger 10/21/1846
C. Addam Stolebarger 01/27/1848
D. Amanda Elizabeth Stolebarger 09/17/1849
E. John William Stolebarger 11/04/1850
F. Susan Stolebarger 11/14/1851
G. George Oliver Stolebarger 03/05/1853
H. Samual D. Stolebarger 11/07/1854
I. Mathias Stolebarger 05/29/1856
J. Josiah Stolebarger 05/29/1856
K. Catherine Ann Stolebarger 02/19/1858
L. Eafy Stolebarger 02/23/1859
M. Emanuel Stolebarger 05/09/1860
N. Jeremiah Stolebarger 07/19/1861
O. Mary Alis Stolebarger 03/13/1863
P. Eva Stolebarger  

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